Feng Shui Application for Your Perfect Living Room

Whether you are a superstitious person or not, you might have heard about Feng Shui, which is recognized as a combination of art and science of ancient Chinese. It was an old tradition, more than three thousand years in development, and is applied in many aspects of life in Chinese people. The living room is no exception to this tradition. People believe that implementing five elements and colors of nature based on Feng Shui can improve your life. Besides that kind of effect, Feng Shui designed living room modification considerate some aspects that can be beneficial for anyone to apply in their living room.

Elements of Feng Shui in Living Room

Five elements of nature are essential based on Feng Shui, which are earth, fire metal, water, and wood. You can consider adding the room with colors of earth, like light brown or yellow. Plants and fresh flowers can also represent this element. Fire element might be one of the hardest to implement, as not every living room is suitable to accommodate candles or fireplace. It can be substituted with the colors of fire instead, such as light red or pink.

Metal element is neutral, as it is embodied by the color gray or white. Metal ornaments will also work out perfectly. Extravagant ornament such as water fountain can be placed near the living room to create a flow of water, characterizing the element of water. Green and brown colors, along with wooden furniture, will complete the five elements of Feng Shui with the wood addition.

Using wood floors and metal elements on a coffee table will create the perfect fengshui décor. You will present a natural element that is essential to a feng shui style décor. This fire accent on the red carpet gives the perfect look while creating a warm space. The white nuance, complete with greenery and large windows, gives the impression of being airy, bright and fresh so that your room will feel inviting. Wood floors and metal elements from mydomaine.

Earth is one of the most important elements of feng shui decoration. You can apply it to a dark brown wooden floor to complement your living room to make it look perfect. Adding a red carpet with an eye-catching motif will make the room feel warmer and more inviting. This ottoman coffee table and gray sofa and rattan chairs will complement your bedroom décor. The greenery in this vase will give your room a fresh decoration. Earth tone living room feng shui from mydomaine.

You can add earth tones like brown to your feng shui style living room. Try using a wooden floor and complementing it with a metal coffee table to make it look feng shui. Potted green plants and large windows on one wall bring a natural and fresh impression to the room. This wooden wardrobe and shelf storage add a rustic accent to the room. Equipped with carpets and several sofas and footrests to make the room attractive. Brown nuance living oom feng shui from thespruce.

This feng shui living room is furnished with wooden accents on the floor and a small sideboard to give the living room a rustic feel. This potted green plant also brings a fresh impression to the room. Combined with white nuances and a large window on one wall, this will create a bright and airy room. The blue sofa and the stand-alone TV make for the perfect focal point of the room. Feng shui living room from bhg.

IDe decorating a feng shui living room with a touch of natural materials and greenery in a vase will present an interesting room for you to try. Adding a bright orange color to the painting accent, flower vases and pillows will create a fiery vibe in this feng shui living room. Shades of beige and large windows will give the impression of the perfect space and look bright. Abstrac large painting from bhg.

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Feng Shui Furniture Positioning

Another key of Feng Shui design is to make sure that the seats are circular, rather than squared with edges. Putting furniture in squared positions would sometimes create a blocked style making the room feel tight and restricted, as opposed to welcoming and inviting.

The light source is also an important aspect of designing Feng Shui based living room, as the light needs to cover the whole room. Mirrors are also a suitable add-on to the room, establishing an open feel and lighten up darker areas.

Chairs can be placed on an angle to get a circular layout of the furniture so that it will beautify your décor and look more attractive in an easy way. This IDe will create a spacious living room decoration and don’t make you look cramped. The hallmark of this feng shui living room is complemented by accents of green plants and wooden furniture while creating a fresh impression into the room. The large window next to the sofa provides bright lighting and creates a large space. Circular layout living room from hgtv.

Make sure your living room furniture is in the right position. You can place it in a curved position so that it will look better on the feng shui design. With this idea, it will make your room look less cramped so that it creates a minimalist room decoration. This black leather sofa and round white coffee table provide the perfect contrast. Wood elements are present in wood floors, wooden walls and wood cabinets and you can combine them with a large window in one of the walls to create a bright room. Curved position sofa from decoist.

The white living room decoration in the feng shui style looks simple but still comfortable. Try to position your feng shui furniture appropriately to make it look prettier and tidier. using a circular sofa position will present a spacious room and make way for this living room. The light source is also an important aspect in designing a feng shui living room with large windows and greenery that will bring a bright and fresh impression to this living room. Circular sofa position living room feng shui from decoist.

Try to position your furniture in a circular shape by placing a sloping chair so that it will compliment your feng shui decor and will look great. Placing furniture in squares will sometimes create an obstructed style so that space feels cramped and cramped. With this circular placement, it will provide an interesting decoration for you to try. Large window lighting and several chandeliers will add a bright and spacious impression to this feng shui living room. Feng shui living room decor from decoist.

One very good way to decorate your feng shui ideas is to place your furniture in the right position. Try placing it in a circular position to make it look more perfect and keep it simple. Placing furniture in squares will sometimes create an obstructed style, leaving the room feeling cramped. This decoration idea will make your room look spacious with a circular sofa position. Don’t forget to add a feng shui accent with a touch of greenery, wooden furniture and large windows. White linen sofa from decoist.

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Feng Shui mix match can be superstitious, but some of the adjustment have their own considerations for convenience purpose and suitable for just everyone.


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