3 Tips to Make Your Small Living Room Functional

Some people prefer to have not a big living room because it doesn’t need a big effort to maintain or because they like to live in minimalism. Another reason is because only have a limited budget. But, whatever the reason is, having a small living room would be as comfortable as having a spacy living room. It depends on how you organize all the stuff and maximizing all existing space. So, here we would like to give inspirations on how to make your small living room would feel so cozy.

Providing the Multi-Functional Coffee Table

Because you only have limit space living room, one thing to do is provide a table that have more than one purpose or one single table for the room. This coffee table sometimes is not only for a thing to put anything on it but, you can do your productive activity on it like doing your job like writing. Another function is you can put some your things inside of shelves that the table have.

If you have a small living room, you can use a multi-functional coffee table. A wooden table that has a storage rack underneath and can be used to work when pulled up will make your living room look perfect.
Having a small table with drawers underneath and can be used as a work table when pulled up is the right choice for your small living room decoration idea.
A multi-functional coffee table is a right choice to complement your small living room decor. You can use a table with storage space underneath and you can use it to store your items so you only need one furniture in your living room.

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Applying Wall Decoration

As its function is to give ornament to the wall so the room will not too clumsy, a wall decoration is also to balancing the wall like you can install some frames with square arrangement. Lighting is not only for bright up the room but, also to give an extra ambience to your room. Choose a unique light so it will give special nuance to your small room. But, make sure to give decoration which in-line with the theme design.

Mounting a wall decoration will provide the perfect focal point in your living room. Hanging some frames in black on the wall will look simple but still interesting.

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To get an attractive small living room decoration you can add some wall decorations. Some paintings in square frames look simple but make perfect focal points.

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You can put some wall hangings in the form of frames in your living room to get a beautiful look. Installing it right above the sofa looks very attractive.

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Small living room decoration with house plants will make your living room look fresher. Putting some square frame on your wall will make your living room more perfect.

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Comfortable Sofa

Even though, organizing a small room need an extra consideration about what furniture that fit in, but sofa is something that you need to add in your list. Because it is a must to have. You can choose the size that fit with your room. Choose the sofa which is not too big but have the same comfortable with the big one. One tips, you can combine small sofa with stools or beanbag. Those cushion are perfect to replace the needs of big sofa.

A letter L sofa is the right choice for your small living room decorating idea because it will save space. Adding a bean bag will provide additional seating in your living room if needed.

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Small soft sofa will provide comfort in your living room. You can add a bench so that it can accommodate more people.

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Equipping your living room with bean bags is a great idea so that it can serve as a seat when you need it. Choose a letter L sofa for decorating your small living room so that it looks simpler.

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Those are some suggestions that you can apply to your living room. Even, it is a small living room, but, you still can have the same feeling as if you have a big space in the living room. Don’t forget to measure first the space of the sofa would-be to make sure you will buy the right size of the sofa. And also make sure that the whole aspects of the room are matching each other and not too much furniture ornament. Remind yourself that you only have a small living room so it would be easy for you to organize and provide stuff on it.


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