26 How to Best Decorate a Small Living Room

A small living room is not a big problem nowadays. We know that the growing population can do that. Thus, home designers come up with solutions that can fill your living room without being stuffy. Let’s look at how to decorate a small living room.

1. Add Living Colors

White is a common thing for a small space, but living colors? Living colors are bright, and something bright always reflects light. I don’t want to fill my house with white, but for living colors, I’d say yes.

As the name suggests, they can liven things up, especially when mixed with other colors. Opt for colorful cushions, wall art, and rugs. You can also make those living colors into life by placing some pots of colorful flowers, like daffodils and tulips.

White is one of the neutral color choices that is suitable to be applied in all rooms of the house, including your living room decoration. Right now you can try it on the wall paint and some of the furniture in it, but it’s a good idea to add some other striking colors such as a blue velvet sofa, a red rug and a yellow face painting that has a different color combination. White paint with colorful interior from thespruce.

This eclectic small living room decor is complete with a dark blue linen sofa, you can add some throw pillows in other colors to make this room more colorful. As a counterweight to the color of the room, you can use white wall paint which is perfected with fresh green indoor plants. Small eclectic living room from thespruce.

There’s nothing wrong with using some bold colors in your living room decorations for different room decor ideas, now you can dominate the room with green and then add pink chairs, orange throw pillows and a gray sofa to balance the color of the room that seems neutral. Living room dominated by green from thespruce.

If you use wall paint, sofas and chairs with neutral colors, then for blankets, throw pillows and stools you can use a variety of different colors so that they can be used as focal points for a room that can be better utilized. The choice of a colorful interior that has a pattern also adds to the texture of the room. Textured colorful furniture from thespruce.

Look at this wall paint with a mix of several different colors, doesn’t it look modern and fun? Currently you can use a combination of green, orange and soft pink paint, not only on the walls but you can also use sofas and throw pillows with different colors for a more cheerful appearance. Colorful wall paint and living room interior from thespruce.

2. Go Vertical behind the Sofa

There is always room around the sofa. People usually fill it with jars that take up a lot of space and don’t work. Why don’t you fill it with bookshelves? Arrange several books on certain sides. Then add some decorations such as a table clock, vase and a set of tea above the rest if you want. This is a cunning but effective way to add height and visual interest to the room.

Take advantage of the wall behind the sofa to make it as a built-in bookshelves so that it can be used better. Vertical bookshelves consist of several open shelves so that they can be used to organize and store a larger number of books. Repaint with white for a more elegant look. Built-in wall bookshelves from mymove.

Install and hang some bookshelves behind the sofa so that this narrow space can be useful according to your living room storage needs. With this shelf, your books can be neatly arranged and not scattered everywhere, besides that this shelf also has a very easy reach. Floating bookshelf behind the sofa from mymove.

Not only installing a built-in bookshelf behind the sofa, now you can install it next to the sofa in a vertical arrangement that looks neat and orderly. Don’t forget to finish with white paint so that it can be combined with other colored interiors around it. This bookshelf will be very useful for those of you who like to read. Bookcase beside the sofa from mymove.

Do you have a blank wall behind the sofa? If so, then you can use it by installing a vertical bookshelf that stands firmly because it is made of wood that is not easily porous. These Bookshelves will organize and organize all your books so they are easier to find when you need them to read. Standing bookshelves from apartmenttherapy.

Take advantage of the narrow area behind the sofa as a book storage idea by installing a built-in storage shelf that has the same color as the wall paint used today. White is always the best color choice which makes it easy for you to combine it with other interiors. Decorate this open shelf with indoor plants with clay pots. Book storage rack decorated with indoor green plants from goodhousekeeping.

To fill the empty space on the back wall of the sofa, try to use an open shelf that is as high as the ceiling. You can use a high open shelf equipped with several stacks of storage space as a place to store and showcase some of your collections, for example a collection of books and unique ceramics. In order to still get maximum lighting, don’t forget to use white for this open shelf. Floor to ceiling bookshelf from goodhousekeeping.

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3. Live with Minimalism

Minimalist furniture always fits in a small space. Minimalist furniture is that made of thin, but strong frame materials like metal. And when decorating a small living room, you need to think of minimalism concept.

If you live alone in an apartment, having an LDK room won’t hurt anyone. Choose furniture with colors that are suitable when paired together. Then size the room up with mirrors.

Don’t use too much furniture in decorating your small living room to present a minimalist room style that still leaves more floor space. Sofas and chairs are the main furniture that you need to have, then you can hang a round mirror above your sofa as a reflector of sunlight which makes the room feel brighter. Use living room furniture to sufficiently from apartmenttherapy.

Sofa, coffee table and chairs that are neatly arranged in this minimalist living room decoration make your room feel more comfortable to live in. You can only have the main furniture to make your living room decoration more minimalist and of course leave a lot of floor space that makes you more free without being limited. Neat furniture layout from apartmenttherapy.

Minimalist living room decoration has always been the choice of many people for a decoration that is comfortable to live in and of course the most frequented by your guests and friends. Currently you can choose some minimalist and modern furniture with the same color tone for a more elegant impression of the room, for example, choosing a sofa, bench and fireplace in plain white. White minimalist furniture living room from apartmenttherapy.

Two white sofas that are placed opposite each other become a living room furniture that is very much needed as a comfortable and soft sitting area. If you have a large number of families, then you can add two leather chairs covered with a faux fur blanket for a warmer and softer sitting surface. Two white sofas placed opposite each other from apartmenttherapy.

This minimalist living room which is equipped with modern-style furniture is the idea of a family room that is very comfortable to use. Currently you can choose a tufted sofa with a glass coffee table that looks shiny when exposed to reflected sunlight or light. Furniture that is dominated by black color gives an instant masculine style. Minimalist living room with masculine style furniture from apartmenttherapy.

Don’t worry when you have a small living room decoration, now you can make it look more minimalist by using the right furniture. One sofa, two chairs and a coffee table are enough to fill this room perfectly and better. It’s not enough to stop here, the use of high glass walls also makes your room more open and bright. Open minimalist living room decoration from apartmenttherapy.

There’s nothing wrong with using one of the bold colored furniture in your minimalist living room decor, now you can use pink velvet chairs, a shiny gold coffee table and a modern white sofa to balance the color of the room. This bold color makes your living room more colorful and not easily boring. Minimalist bold color furniture from apartmenttherapy.

Adjust the use of furniture in your living room with the size of the living room floor you have in order to keep the room neat and comfortable. When you have a small living room decoration, you can use a combination of chairs, sofas and coffee tables. Furthermore, you can also use the wall as a built-in storage idea. Minimalist living room with built-in wall storage from apartmenttherapy.

The black sectional sofa design combined with a marble coffee table of the same color becomes a combination of minimalist and modern living room furniture. The use of furniture with dark colors is one of the right choices for decorating a white living room. With this, this room brings a monochromatic style and feel instantly. Monochromatic living room from apartmenttherapy.

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4. Practical Furniture

Practicality and functional are friends in small spaces. That means every furniture should be both decorative and valuable. If you live by yourself in an apartment, opt for a pullout sofa that doubles as a bed. You can also use a pullout table that hides a small coffee one. Thus, the room can be both a bedroom and a living room. Put a bookshelf, and it triples as a reading room.

If you have a limited size living room decoration, then you can use a sofa that can also be used as a bed. This functional furniture is also equipped with open wooden shelves that can be used to place books and some ceramic ornaments as room decoration. Sofa that can be used as a bed from thespruce.

This functional wooden coffee table equipped with storage drawers is one of the furniture that must be owned in a small living room decoration. This coffee table looks minimalist and doesn’t take up too much floor area. Re-polish the surface of this table to make it look cleaner and shiny. Wooden coffee table with built-in storage drawer from digsdigs.

This square coffee table design with several storage drawers underneath is made of teak wood which has a more sturdy surface and material. You can repaint this table with a darker color so that it can be combined easily when combined with other interiors around it. The flower vase on the table becomes a natural decoration that is easy to get. Square coffee table with storage drawers underneath from digsdigs.

This floral ottoman placed in the living room decoration can be used as a coffee table as well as storage. This storage can be done by opening the ottoman upwards. Place this storage ottoman on a faux fur rug for a more elegant look. Floral ottoman with storage underneath from digsdigs.

You can have a smart sofa design that can be folded to be applied to your small living room decoration. This sofa can be used as a bed when the back pillow is easily pulled down, but when you use it as a sofa, you can add a few throw pillows as a warmer while making your sitting area softer. A sofa that can be used as a bed from digsdigs.

This upholstered sofa made of linen can be turned into a comfortable bed, the trick is that you can pull the bottom layer of the sofa cushions so that they form a round bed. This folding sofa design can be used in a minimalist-style living room with a limited room size. Folding linen sofa from digsdigs.

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Decorating a small living room should be fun activities for singles or young couples. Ready to try these ideas?


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