25 Ideas to Make Your Dorm Room Cozy during Winter

The dorm room won’t be that spacious as it won’t need too many things to decorate it. However, it could be tricky sometimes. In this case, you should be able to provide the right things without making your dorm room be seen as crowded but can create the decoration impression that you need. For winter decoration, before the beauty, for the small space, you may think of the function first. For example, you may provide the furry layered blanket or winter rug. However, if you think that your dorm room is already enough in giving you the warmth, then you can move to the beauty of the decoration. Here, you can provide some winter ornaments or proper lighting. It is known that the lighting will always be able to create the pretty atmosphere yet warm ambiance at once. There are still so many other ideas that you can check below.

Dramatic Lighting Dorm Room Ideas

Lighting is one of the important accents that must be had in every room, including the decoration of this small dorm room. Now you can try to apply some string light accents to the walls as the main lighting idea that gives the room a warmer and more dramatic feel. Here you can choose and use a string light with orange lighting only and is suitable for welcoming winter this year more perfectly. Green plants that are applied simultaneously with string light will be one of the focal points that can be combined with several photo accents attached to the empty wall. String Wall Lighting Ideas from @imagelightingstore

Go Boho-Chic

The next winter dorm room decoration that you can do right now is to coat the walls with a tapestry with a fairly large and wide size. This tapestry fabric gives an instant boho impression in this area of the room, you can get it at the nearest craft store or you can buy it online at a price that is not too expensive. In addition to reducing cold temperatures in the wall area, you can also use several layers of fabric on top of the bedding with thick and soft materials. This photo of the garland hanging on the tapestry wall gives a personal touch that you can easily attach with two nails. Tapestry Wall Covered Ideas from @hcyorku

Warm Bedding Ideas

It’s good to use layered bedding in the winter dorm room decoration for maximum comfort that you can get easily. This layered bedding will be a soft bed layer and will never fail for a resting area with a warm surface. Just choose and use bedding with selected materials that are thick and soft, of course, cotton material with knitted fabric is a suitable combination and will never fail. Consider using two different bedding colors, a combination of gray and white will work well together and maximize. The existence of glass windows in this area is a beautiful sight that you can enjoy anytime. Layered Bedding with Thick Fabric from @itiz.art

Furry Bedding with Dramatic Lighting

The furry material applied to a bed will of course provide a warmer and softer sleeping surface. In this dorm room decoration, you can complete it with dramatic lighting accents of string light which is applied to the wall vertically. This furry bedding has a material that is not too thick so it can be washed again when it starts to look dirty and dusty. Blue lighting with orange that dominates this room gives a different feel that makes the room feel more unique and different. The hanging greenery garland on the wall is the final decoration that you can have easily and cheaply. Furry Bedding with Dramatic Lighting from @daily_houses_decor

White Themed Winter Dorm Room Design

White is one of the color choices that are very suitable when used when winter arrives. For now, try to apply it to the dorm room evenly. For example, you can try applying white to the bedding and wall paint so that it has a touch of a fairly neutral room theme. It’s not enough to stop here, also pay attention to the use of bedding in this room to provide a warmer and more comfortable sleeping surface. Textured bedding with a floral pattern is the best choice idea you can have, this terrazzo wallpaper that lines this part of the wall adds a pattern to a room that will never fail and will never go out of style. White Winter Dorm Room Design from @collegefashion

Simple Look Winter Dorm Room Ideas

Dorm room decoration with a simple look will work well in winter when you use the appropriate furniture or accessories. The first thing you can do here is cover the floor with a rug made of sheepskin so that it has a warmer material. In addition, you can also line the mattress with bedding and throw blankets made of thick with a choice of neutral colors, namely white. Finish the winter dorm room decoration with dramatic lighting that has a deep blue light. Here you can relax and relax all day long when the weekend comes. Simple Winter Dorm Room Ideas from @my.room.design

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Tufted Headboard Design Ideas

What you can do to decorate the winter dorm room this year is to use the appropriate furniture. Here you can use a bed complete with a tufted headboard design as a warm and soft reclining area. The existence of this tufted headboard can be perfected with faux fur throw pillows and throw blankets that you can place simultaneously on the bed you are currently using. Both will work well together to provide maximum warmth in the easiest way that you can do yourself without having to spend a lot of money. Tufted Headboard Design from @homedecorideaus

Thick Textured Throw Blanket

Make your dorm room as comfortable as the rooms at home. Try the easiest way to bring warmth to your bed when winter comes. Use a throw blanket to get that warmth, this throw blanket will keep your sleep for the better so you can do activities with a fresh state when you wake up. To give the bed a different look, use a thick, textured throw blanket. If your bed is white, it would be better if you use a throw blanket that has a bright or pastel color, this is done to make your dorm room look not boring and more colorful. Thick Textured Throw Blanket from @dormify

Shabby Chic Winter Dorm Room

Bring a classic style to your dorm room, so that this winter’s atmosphere will feel warmer. If you have an all-white dorm room, try to decorate it using decorations that have the same color as one another. This is done in order to create a harmonious appearance. You can use a classic patterned tapestry with a blue gradation that is mounted on the wall next to the bed so that the wall doesn’t look empty. To keep the look of the dorm room looking the same, try to use accessories on the bed with classic motifs and the same color. Shabby Chic Winter Dorm Room from @jenntheplanneraddict

Bunk Bed with Layered Throw Blanket

If you have a small dorm room, using multifunctional furniture is a very smart idea. You can use a bunk bed so you can use the bottom of the bed for additional storage. To keep warm when winter comes, you can simply use a throw blanket and also a few pillows on the bed. It’s not enough to use just one throw blanket, you need several layers of throw blankets to prepare for the extreme temperatures that enter your dorm room. You can also use wood accents on the floor to create a warm, rustic atmosphere. Bunk Bed with Layered Throw Blanket from @collegeandrooms

Warm Fabric Bedding with String Light Accent

Wrap the bed frame with bedding and some layered fabric as an accent to get extra comfort at night. This bed frame is quite useful to have if you ever have a theme that visits on the weekend. Adjust this winter theme by using thick fabrics so that they can provide maximum warmth. The throw pillow covered with a pillowcase made of faux fur makes the surface of the head softer, the empty part of the wall can be perfected with some white string lights which will be the main lighting with low prices and easy installation. Warm Fabric Bedding with String Light Accent from @dormlights

Warm Textured Brick Wall

The textured brick wall that is applied to the dorm room decoration can be repainted with plain white to have a more neutral appearance. In addition to being natural, the use of this wall is very suitable for use when winter arrives because it gives a warm impression that can be obtained instantly. This warmth will continue with the use of faux fur blankets and throw pillows that are neatly arranged and folded on the bed frame. This faux fur blanket can be washed again when it starts to get dirty or smelly for the extra comfort you can get when winter arrives. Hang some abstract paintings as wall decorations that can be obtained easily. Warm Textured Brick Wall from @coreypaige_designs

An Extra Blanket

In addition to having color harmony with winter, a touch of white also gives an elegant impression as well as a splash of neutral color that you can apply to the use of bedding in your dorm room decor. Just choose and use bedding or throw blankets with furry material so that they have a smoother and softer surface. In the same area you can add splashes of other colors such as green to the use of throw pillows that have been neatly arranged in the headboard area. This throw pillow has the same material, namely furry, so it is very comfortable to use throughout the winter, finish this dorm room decoration with proper lighting through the use of table lamps that are applied on both sides of the nightstand. White Furry Blanket Design from @dorm__decor

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Earth Tone Color Winter Dorm Room Ideas

Not only through the use of bedding or furry blankets for your comfort in the winter dorm room decorations that you are currently using. But try other ways to get maximum comfort and warmth, here you can try it on another focal point. For example, you can focus on using the right nuances of the room with this winter theme. Brown and beige are the right combinations that will give a touch of earth-tone color by making the feel of the room feel warmer. Ottoman furry that is placed symmetrically is a supportive final furniture, you can use it now. Earth Tone Color Winter Dorm Room from @bbriannafowler

Bohemian Winter Dorm Room Ideas

Look at the decoration of the winter dorm room which is dominated by some of these bohemian-themed accessories, doesn’t it look more attractive and not boring? Just try this decoration as best and as much as possible. Start decorating this room by using tassels in the bedding area which is combined directly with a macrame door hanging with the appropriate color selection as well. Here you can use two or three blankets according to the warmth you need. Finish decorating the dorm room with a mini green plant to be placed directly on the windowsill to get a little sunlight so that it can develop perfectly. Bohemian Winter Dorm Room Ideas from @thebuildingcastillos

White and Sage Combination Tone Color

The furry carpet layer on this floor area has a splash of neutral white that can be combined directly with a splash of sage green that is found in the use of thick cotton ruffle bedding. These two colors will work well together when applied in the same room. It’s not enough to stop here, furry carpet also adds to the comfort of the room because it makes the surface of your feet feel warmer. The comfort of the study area also needs to be considered by covering a chair with a thick blanket complete with tassel accents that can add to the texture of this room. White and Sage Green Winter Dorm Room from @dorm__decor

Transform Dorm Room with Cozy Vibes

Change the decor of your dorm room to make it look more modern and fun. Here you can decorate it with the use of neutral colors such as white, brown and light pink which will blend in one room perfectly. All of these colors can be applied to any appropriate interior use. For example, you can use a brown furry blanket, then for white try to apply it to the wall paint complete with wall decorations. Just end it with light pink ruffle bedding which has a very charming color and of course gives a touch of feminine style that is suitable for teenage girls. Transform Modern Dorm Room from @thevogueroom

Neat and Orderly Arrangement Dorm Room

Arrange all the interiors in this winter dorm room decoration to provide maximum comfort. Arrange and arrange all the throw pillows on the sofa bed that is used so that it will be a beautiful sight. Furthermore, when you have an open-standing cabinet, you can arrange all the items in the appropriate arrangement. White bedding complete with white furry blankets becomes a warmer sleeping surface and is recommended to try this year too. The headboard framed with string light is the finishing touch that can add warmth to the room by providing the right additional lighting for the room. Neat and Orderly Arrangement Dorm Room from @petalsredefined

Sheepskin Material for Covered Seating Area

Start decorating the winter dorm room with the use of sheepskin which can be applied to several interiors in it. For example, you can cover the ottoman of the sitting area with a plain white sheepskin cloth. Furthermore, a throw pillow made of the same material is also the best choice that you can apply on top of this bedding neatly along with a throw blanket that has a fun color and pattern. All the fabrics in this room have the same goal, which is to provide maximum warmth to your body. A rug layer is a finishing point that you can try to cover the parts of the floor that have a cooler feel. Sheepskin Material for Covered Seating Area from @leighdeux

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Monochromatic Winter Dorm Room

When you want a modern theme in the winter dorm room decoration, the combination of black and white that dominates the use of the interior in it will never fail. These two colors are perfect for giving a touch of monochromatic decor that will make the room look more neutral, making it easier for you to combine interiors with one another. When the bedding and rugs are dominated by solid black, then for the walls you can repaint them with a splash of neutral white that has color harmony with the throw pillows that have been neatly arranged in the headboard area used. Black and white will not give a tacky finish. Black and White Winter Dorm Room Ideas from @collegefashion

Shared Winter Dorm Room Ideas

One modern winter dorm room, which is equipped with two beds, is the theme of a shared dorm room that can be used by two people. This shared room theme will help you understand mutual understanding and sharing. Just place it symmetrically with the size, touch of color and use of the same colored fabric to make it look more symmetrical and elegant when viewed. The touch of red and purple on the throw pillows and blankets makes the shared room decor bold and eye-catching. Table lamps and string lights that are hung vertically on the wall are a combination of lighting that you can apply simultaneously in one room. Here you can use both lights when needed. Shared Winter Dorm Room Ideas from @designinkredible

Vintage Boho Bedding Ideas

Check out some vintage patterned fabrics that are applied simultaneously on your wooden bed. Yes, the fabrics that are converted into bedding designs, throw blankets and pillowcases will give you maximum warmth during the day or night while in the dorm room area. Vintage patterns with a variety of different colors make the dorm room decorations look more colorful and not easily boring. Here you can also cover the wooden chair that is used for studying with a faux fur fabric as a layer of the sitting surface and back which is very suitable for this winter, just copy this dorm room decoration now. Vintage Boho Bedding Ideas from @lala_akerrycassillstore

Sheepskin Rug for Covered Floor

Show off your free spirit with a rug inspired by a modern or minimalist theme. Cover the dorm room floor with a medium-sized sheepskin rug and with a choice of neutral colors such as light gray. In addition to providing a warmer foot surface, this rug is also able to provide a softer and more comfortable surface of course. Perform routine maintenance on this rug by cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner to make it cleaner when used throughout the winter. In addition to providing warmth to your feet, this sheepskin rug also adds texture to the room instantly. Sheepskin Rug for Covered Floor from @lifeofasmalltownblonde

Winter Vibes Dorm Room Ideas

The important thing that you must pay attention to in winter is to use faux fur fabric over the bedding through the use of throw pillows or blankets that you use. Now you can try this soft cloth on the use of some throw pillows that have a combination of white with light pink, just use the presence of this pillow as a perfect warmth that you can get instantly. The more pillows you use, the softer your current sleeping surface will be. The use of bricks on the walls of this dorm room gives a vintage impression that is able to bring a touch of industrial style. Heath-shaped lighting in red that is applied to the wall becomes a room statement that attracts attention. Winter Vibes Dorm Room Ideas from @dormlights

Patterned Blanket with Tassel Accent

Work on decorating the dorm room so that it remains the warmest room you can comfortably use throughout the day. This thick and soft bedding can be combined with one or two throw blankets to have a maximum layer of warmth. Here you can choose a throw blanket that has a beautiful pattern complete with tassel accents so that it gives a soft texture on your bed. Throw pillows with a variety of different patterns and colors make for a different addition to the scene. We recommend that you use thick socks when winter arrives to make your feet comfortable and warm while studying or sleeping. Patterned Blanket with Tassel Accent from @dormlights


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