How to Make Your Fireplace Proper this Winter

During winter, your fireplace will be used maximally again. With that fact, you should prepare for the fireplace. For this, you should consider not only the function but also the aesthetic side. If you are able to create a beautiful fireplace decoration, you can also add value to your home decoration. Here, we do recommend you give the winter decoration touches there so that everything could be harmonized. The winter touches can be applied by using some things that are applied to the top surface of the fireplace, on the wall above the fireplace, or on the floor near the fireplace. Of course, there are varied interesting things you can have. For example, you can have winter decorative lighting, some mini Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and more. Check the following ideas.

First Fireplace of the Winter Season

When winter comes, consider reusing the appropriate fireplace decor to set the temperature in the room to keep it warm throughout the day. Here you need to remodel decorative items that match the winter theme, the first thing you can do is repaint for a more attractive and new initial appearance. Next, make some DIY mini pine trees with wood material to be used as mantel decorations that you can arrange neatly along with a love bunting dominated by a touch of gold glitter color. This wooden deer ornament is one of the crafts that can be placed right in front of the fireplace this winter. Simple Look Fireplace Design from @vaughnhillhome

Winter Fireplace with Merry Christmas Sign

This winter fireplace decoration which is perfected with a Merry Christmas sign is an effective idea that can be used to welcome Christmas as well as winter this year. Although this fireplace decoration is dominated by white, the mantel is filled with evergreen snow garland that seems frozen and is perfect for winter decorations. Not only that, but you can also hang some socks and DIY pine trees as additional ornaments that can be easily obtained. The floor around the fireplace can be used as an area to put a fairly large Christmas tree dominated by a sprinkling of faux snow that can be found at a special winter craft store. Effective Winter Fireplace Decorations For Christmas from @jenna_beard

Winter Pinecones Garland Decoration

One thing you can do to decorate the fireplace in your home is to hang a pinecones garland that is long enough to decorate the whole fireplace. To make this pinecones garland you can do it yourself with existing materials and equipment. A rope of various sizes of pinecones is a combination that never fails. Not only garland pinecones, but you can also decorate the mantel with DIY snowflake ornaments and some greenery that can be placed around it. After everything is installed properly and neatly, the existence of this winter fireplace is ready to be made a new focal point in your home room. Winter Fireplace with Pinecones Garland Decoration from @tracey_hiebert

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Neutral Color Winter Fireplace Ideas

White is one of the colors that is often used to be applied to room decor with a winter style. For now, you can apply it to the winter fireplace which can also be perfected with evergreen garland decorations that have been sprinkled with white faux snow. When you use wood as a fireplace design, just repaint it with white, red brick becomes a solid blend of materials. A Christmas tree pallet with string light becomes a decoration that can provide additional lighting that can give an attractive impression. A Christmas tree bottle brush placed on a fireplace mantel is the best ornament idea you can get at a winter craft store. White Touches Color Winter Fireplace from @foreveryoungfarmhouse

Vintage Element Mantel Fireplace Decor

The red bricks combined with this wooden mantel become a very suitable combination when you apply it to the design of the winter fireplace this year. Although it has a simple appearance, the material used is very sturdy and not easily porous. Just use wood in the mantel design that can be perfected with several different winter ornaments. DIY Christmas tree, reindeer ornaments, and Merry Christmas iron are a combination that can instantly bring a Christmas theme vibe. Hang some socks with a variety of different color choices to emphasize the winter theme. You can use this fireplace when the temperature in the room starts to feel colder. DIY Wooden Mantel Fireplace Design from @krissy2295

Socks and Beads Garland Decoration

No need to worry about having a winter fireplace look with a simple impression. Because now you can decorate it with a garland made of two different materials. Knitted socks and beads are two materials that can be turned into a garland to hang on this textured wood fireplace. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also install and place some green plants using different-sized vases so that they are more varied. Some rattan wicker plates that are placed in the fireplace mantle area on a regular basis can be found at the nearest craft store at very cheap and affordable prices. Socks and Beads Garland Decoration from @forgotten_gems_revival

Natural Material Winter Fireplace

Just welcome the early winter of this year with a fireplace design that can be used anytime according to the room temperature you need. For now, you can decorate it with several types of green plants that can be applied to several vases with different materials and sizes as well. Don’t forget that for now, you can use stone as the main material which has a more textured surface and is certainly not easily porous when used for a long period of time. So that the wooden mantel doesn’t look plain and boring, you can fill it with a mirror frame, vintage paintings, and two candle holders with a shabby chic touch that matches the use of materials from the current winter fireplace design. Stone Winter Fireplace at the Corner from @houseatwhitetailridge

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Vintage Look Winter Fireplace

A vintage theme can be applied to a fireplace that is used when winter arrives. What you can do now is dominate the fireplace with a touch of white, then install and hang a DIY garland that you design yourself to add color to the room instantly. It’s not enough to end here, to emphasize the winter theme, you can hang a knitted sock with a bold red color. Also don’t leave the mantel part plain and boring, now you can put a tall vase containing a blooming flower arrangement in bright red so it looks more alive and ready to be used as an additional focal point of the room. Vintage Look Winter Fireplace from @cierrasincerely

Combination of Evergreen with Stockings Mantel

The combination of evergreens with stockings made as a fireplace mantel is a smart idea that you can try to welcome winter this year with joy. The fireplace is one of the must-have interiors in every home to instantly warm up the room with your family. When your winter fireplace is dominated by white shades, the presence of snow evergreen on this mantel provides additional color that can give a natural and environmentally friendly impression of course. Finish this mantle fireplace with some candle holders that can be used as additional room lighting that also gives a warm impression. Combination of Evergreen with Stockings Mantel from @flipping_sykesville

Domination of White Winter Fireplace

This fireplace frame made of wood can be repainted according to the marble fireplace color that is currently being used so that it can look more matching and elegant. White is always the color of choice that will never fail and you can decorate it with some greenery and candle holders that have a variety of different sizes. When you use a fireplace made of marble, a modern touch can be obtained easily. You can also add two lantern candle holders on both sides of the fireplace symmetrically with the selection of matching sizes, colors and materials to be used as additional room lighting ideas. Domination of White Winter Fireplace from @sumanmcdonald_design

DIY Winter Fireplace On a Budget

When you have a small budget to redecorate the winter fireplace part this year, then just use a sufficient number of yarn spindles to fill the empty wood mantle part. Repaint the fireplace frame and shiplap walls using a white color that you can easily combine when there are other ornaments around this fireplace. Although the appearance of these winter fireplaces has a simple impression they will work well to warm the room as a whole. White is a suitable color choice when applied to a fireplace in any style, including farmhouse, minimalist, or modern styles. Turn on and use this fireplace only when you need it. DIY Winter Fireplace On a Budget from @heart_and_oak_home

Mix Ornament Winter for Fireplace Decor

The more decorations or ornaments you apply to this fireplace mantle, the more fun it will look. Combine several mantel decorations of different types and colors. For example, you can combine evergreens with winter Christmas balls, burlap and two shiny gold tree accents. Everything that is applied to this mantel will work together well and maximally. Additional mirrors with stainless steel frames provide light reflections that will make your room feel more spacious, open and bright. Just finish off the mantel decorations with some dry pinecones to hang using a piece of string that’s sturdy enough so it won’t fall off easily. Fun Winter Fireplace Decoration from @enchantedvines

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Festive Style Winter Fireplace Design

Winter this year will be more festive when you have a fireplace decoration with a fun look. Here you can hang some DIY snowflake ornaments of various different sizes onto the brick walls around the fireplace in a random but orderly fashion. The fireplace mantle section, which is filled with little houses and greenery garlands, is also a decoration that never fails and is easy to find in stores or you can buy online. The brick material that dominates the fireplace design is perfect for those of you who want to bring a rustic theme instantly. The blooming flowers that are placed on both sides of the fireplace are an elegant and very symmetrical finishing touch because they are applied to two vases that have the same height and material, you can try it now. Festive Look Winter Fireplace Design from @cookinwithgigi

Modern Winter Fireplace Decor

Repaint the winter fireplace in your home with shades of white for an instant modern theme. This repaint is done to produce a final fireplace design that is cleaner and less shabby. In addition, complete the fireplace mantle with some ornaments such as faux snowflakes, greenery garland, and some white snowflakes that are hung using a fairly long rope. Signs of winter with a size large enough can also be placed on the mantel along with a slim candle holder that can be applied on both sides of the right and left mantel symmetrically with the same size, material, and quantity. Furthermore, to emphasize the winter theme in this room, you can also hang a canvas painting that has a pine tree theme covered with snow. Modern White Winter Fireplace Decor from @simplyrhome

Bold Red Brick Material Fireplace

Rustic and winter styles can be applied in one room through the use of the right fireplace design. For example, when you use red bricks as the main material for this fireplace, you can combine them with various ornaments that have a touch of winter. DIY pine ornaments, string lights, and a fairly large deer painting make for a decorative combination that will perfectly fill the mantel. No need to repaint the red brick to get an instant rustic impression. To be more perfect, the red brick fireplace design can be combined directly with a teak wood mantel which looks more natural and environmentally friendly. Rustic Red Brick Winter Fireplace from @colla_voce

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