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How To Install Suspended Fireplace For Modern Living Room Design That Unique

Instead of fireplace with mantel that made from concrete or bricks or stone, suspended fireplace se…

Instead of fireplace with mantel that made from concrete or bricks or stone, suspended fireplace seems more delightful for modern touch. Even, it may be installed at a tiny living room. For all of you who wish to have warm place with sleek and chic design. Look at following ideas for more details;

Great Generosity Living Room

Great Generosity Living Room


Get bright transparency from fire place with circular glass window. This fireplace give you a modern look and can be put anywhere at your living room. No need large space, tiny living room is enough for a living room with great generosity.

Living Room With Contemporary Atmosphere

Suspended fire place at living room bring you to a warmer room with personality touch. Whether you want to add contemporary atmosphere or rustic ambience, this living room already brings those feelings for better experience.

Futuristic Looking Fireplace

Just focus at the fire place that looked nice with blue rug around. Either in a gas or wood burning version, this fireplace already takes its role as major interest of this living room design.

Living Room With Masculine Touch

No, that’s not a real forest, just a jungle patterned wallpaper. However, you may apply mural as well to install forest atmosphere here. The suspended fireplace even look masculine hanged from ceiling with its black color tone.

Sculptural Suspended Fireplace

For a room with large glass window, installing sculptural suspended fireplace may look as great idea. It can be seen from outside as a nice living room decor. Even, it becomes this room focal interest.

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Intimate Get-Togethers Living Room


You may adore this suspended fireplace with a sleek geometric design and a glass around to be installed at your living room as soon as possible. This living room will lead you and your family to get warm conversation at a very cold weather outside.

Blend With More Colors

Blend With More Colors


A hanging fireplace also works well to combine with more colorful living room design. This living will boost your mood with its colorful rug and pillows. Big L-shaped leather couch lets you take a rest better to gain back your power.

Relaxing Nook With Suspended Fireplace

What about reading a book with a glass of wine while seeing the snows come? Get your body warmer by sitting next to a suspended fireplace. You will never been feel better than this. Make sure you already prepared more woods too.


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