How to Add Spring Touches to Your Dorm Room Decoration

Although only in a small space, your dorm room should also be decorated well based on the season. Especially for this spring where the theme will be cheerful colorful ones. Imagine that you can find beauty in your small space to get a good mood. However, you should make sure that you can’t be too much for this so that you won’t make your small dorm room be seen as narrow and crowded. What you have to do here is make the balance between the furniture, ornament, or interior aspects. In this case, if you have provided ornaments here and there, it is better for you not to give the spring touches to your furniture, and more.

The easiest pretty spring decoration could be made by simply adding flowers to the room. The flowers are not always in form of a vase of flowers but you can apply them on the wall in form of a wreath, garland, or simply install a bouquet there. Moreover, if you want the simple one, you can add greenery to your room. The green color will give you such a calming and fresh atmosphere. Then, you can also have the furniture treatment by simply providing the spring color touches there. For example, you can apply the chair pad for your study chair in the spring theme. There will be so many other ideas that you can adapt as follow.

Pink Pastel Spring Dorm Room from mydomaine

Fake Wallpaper from mydomaine

Fig Tree Dorm Room from mydomaine

Botanical Wall Decor from mydomaine

Haging Plants from hgtv

Bright Dorm Room from hgtv

Pink Bedding Set from hgtv

Monochromatic Dorm Room with Plants from hgtv

Rainbow Headboard from hgtv

Greenery Garland from hgtv

Blue Animal Wallpaper from hgtv

Purple Color Scheme from hgtv

Two Tone Color Scheme from hgtv

Green and Yellow Pillow from hgtv

Blue Desk from hgtv

Pom Pom Pillow from hgtv

Several Plants from hgtv

Colorful Blanket and Pillow from hgtv

Blue Blanket from hgtv

Botanical Wallpaper from hgtv

Flower Garland and String Light from digsdigs

Hanging Plants Dorm Room from digsdigs

Spring Light Dorm Room from digsdigs

Turquoise and Aqua Shades from digsdigs

Spring Bohemian Dorm Room from digsdigs

Fern Plants Dorm Room from digsdigs

Neutral Pallet Dorm Room from digsdigs

Banana Leaf Wallpaper from digsdigs

Corner Plants Dorm Room from digsdigs

Macrame Hanging Planter from digsdigs

Flower Headboard Dorm Room from digsdigs

Floral Pattern Blanket from southernliving

Plam Tree Dorm Room from southernliving

Floral Wallpaper Dorm Room from diycraftsy

Bright Flower patternd Blanket from society19

DIY Headboard With Oars from society19

Blooming Flower and FLower Pillow from society19

Bold Flower Pillow from society19

Colorful Blanket and Pillow from society19

Hanging Pom Poms from society19

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