8 Dorm Room Desk Decorations to Organize Your Study Station

With the start of a new school year fast approaching, many of you may have dorm decorating on the mind. Whether you’re excited to meet your roommates or can’t wait until you can deck out your new space, you’ll be more than ready to take on this new adventure come fall. And it also means that you need a proper desk to make you productive. If you’re looking for a more inviting work space to study into the wee hours of the night, you need to create a legit desk situation in your dorm room. Check out these 8 dorm room desk decorations to organize your study station below to inspire you.

1. Pegboard Desk Organizer


Stack a pegboard on your desk to corral all your notes, photos, school supplies, and anything. The best thing about this pegboard is that they are dorm-friendly wall hanging.

2. Desk Clock


Most of us now have phone to check the time. But, a proper clock is a must. Put this one together and keep track of time as it flies by.

3. Desktop Organizer


This organizer is all you need to keep everything on the table neat. If you add a personal taste to it, paint it with any color that you like or suitable with the overall theme. Beautiful!

4. Concrete Photo Holder


This photo holder is made by a concrete and it can be used as a photo holder and even to hold any note cards so you won’t lose it anymore.

5. Little Desk Caddy


Organize all of the cords, receipts, and laundry cards in this handy little desk caddy. This organizer is made of a wooden boxes that is so easy to make.

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6. Splatter Concrete Bookends


Having all of your textbooks will take up way too much space if you lay them on your desk. Bookend them and you’ll regain some real estate. Paint the concrete to make it more eye-catching.

7. Printable Standing Calendar


Keep yourself track of days, exams, and papers. Make it easy with a giant calendar.

8. Post It Note Holder


Losing Post It when you need it is something simple that can ruin your mood. Keep it neat and make it easy to find with this note holder.

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