How to Create Superbowl Decoration Touches

To welcome the Superbowl event, it will be great if you can bring the Superbowl spirit to your home. You can have it by decorating your home with Superbowl touches. You don’t need to be too much where you can simply provide the decoration to the wall or any home accessories parts. Even more, you can have a wreath or garland that is installed at the front door. Something that you install on your front door will be great because that will be seen from the outside so that you can welcome your guests with the Superbowl spirit. For indoor decoration, you can have the rug, table decoration, decorative lamp, and many more that are added with the Superbowl touches. Go down for the complete Superbowl decoration touches ideas!

To fill the empty wall, you can consider using colorful hanging garlands. If you want to bring a touch of Superbowl to your home decor, then it’s a good idea to use a football helmet garland that can be made from two different colors of folding paper. The appropriate color and can be used is a combination of green and yellow. You can print this helmet shape with the same size to make it look neater when applied and hung with a white rope. The more and longer the helmet garland that is used, the wall also doesn’t look too empty. DIY helmet garland from housebeautiful.

Garland Superbowl designs come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and textures. When you want to make your white wall surface look more textured, then you can make a green football field garland that has a triangle shape. Join some of these field triangle accents using very strong adhesive glue. Now you can make it from felt so it doesn’t need to be repainted anymore, just give it a white line and the desired numbers. Superbowl wall decor from chicaandjo.

So that the Superbowl touch in the room feels bolder, you can use one of the theme patterns with a larger size. This rug with a football field pattern can be used as a room statement. Cover your floor with this rug for a more comfortable footed. In addition, you can also combine it with the use of tablecloths with matching patterns and colors. Small football balls that are placed on the rug are intended to have the same game as the original. Football field rug from chicaandjo.

This wooden board which has a flatter and flatter surface can be used to be better attaching a fairly large paper print depicting a football field pattern with several appropriate holes. This wooden board is flexible because it can be placed indoors or outdoors. If you are going to put it in the room then you can place it next to the TV or in the living room area which still has an empty area so that everyone can see it in more detail. No need to worry about rolling over or falling, because this wooden board is equipped with sturdy legs and is not easily porous. Football field wooden board from boredart.

Give a little change in your Superbowl kitchen decor by using a kitchen island that has a countertop design with a football field pattern dominated by a mix of green and white. So that this countertop design looks like the original field, you can also add a football that has a smaller size, place it on the side of the kitchen island so it doesn’t interfere with its main function. This kitchen island decoration can be applied to any stylish kitchen decoration because it is neutral. A modern farmhouse style kitchen will be more suitable with this kitchen island, you can copy it easily and on budget of course. Football field countertop decoration from boredart.

The first welcome for your guests or family who come to the house is the best impression you can make easily. Take advantage of the front door that is still empty and plain. Try hanging a football-inspired wreath on the surface of the front door which is dominated by green, brown, and white colors. This wreath decoration is also perfected with a small paper garland that has the words go team. Beautify and perfect the design of this wreath with a variety of different ribbon patterns and colors to make it look more festive and fun. Door decoration from myamazingthings.

If you have high enough creativity then you can make a garland inspired by the football theme this year. Triangle faux green grass with football felt is a very suitable combination of materials to try. After everything is assembled properly and perfectly then you can hang it anywhere in the room. After that, you can perfect the decoration around it with a blackboard that can be used as an area to issue the inspirational message that is in your head. Garland inspired football from myamazingthings.

This football helmet equipped with player numbers can be used as one of your Superbowl home decorations. Now you can use it as the main material for your table lamp. You can place this table lamp on a bed of faux green grass that has a square shape. With this, this table lamp will be easier to move anywhere according to the needs of the room. No need to worry about being easy porous, because the helmet used is made of a combination of iron and thick plastic which is not easily scratched. Table lamp helmet decoration from myamazingthings.

The decoration of the dining table feels incomplete without a table runner that is applied in the middle of the table. To bring a Superbowl touch to this table area, you can use a football field accent for the table runner idea. To emphasize this theme, you can also add placemats or coasters with the shape of a football that can be made from flannel or cardboard which has a stiffer surface and is not easily torn when exposed to water droplets. Place some snacks on the table runner with a neater layout. Table runner decoration from myamazingthings.

Not only indoors, now you can decorate your terrace and front door with a Superbowl theme which is so fun. For the decoration itself, you can coat the floor with a runner rug which has a dominant green and white color so that it resembles a football field. In addition to the floor, you can also hang a wooden board that has a football pattern on a background that has the same color as your rug. This door decoration will be the first welcome for guests and your family who come so it is very necessary. Runner rug and door decoration from athriftymom.

Keep everyone hydrated while celebrating your home’s Superbowl décor with this DIY game day drink tub dominated in green and white. Don’t just take out the old cooler for drinks. This drink tub will keep the water bottle cool when placed outside the refrigerator for a long period of time. Don’t forget to decorate the part of this drink with a goalpost stand which has a yellow color so that it looks bolder and can be used as a pretty beautiful room decoration. DIY table drink tub game from countryliving.

Don’t let the design of your desk look plain and boring. Currently, you can blindly DIY pennants garland that can be applied to the side of the table using a fairly strong rope. These garland pennants are made with folded paper materials that are easy to find at stationary stores. In addition, you can choose paper with a dark brown color that can be repainted with a white football pattern so that it looks clearer and bolder when viewed from a fairly far distance. DIY pennants garland from countryliving.

You can reuse these three mason jars that have the same size as a container to store some of your cutlery so that the area around it still looks neat. Before using this mason jar, you can add additional colors and motifs to your team to emphasize the Superbowl theme this year. Before you paint the outer surface of this mason jar, you should wash it first so that the paint that is applied can stick more perfectly. Try this easy DIY idea without spending a lot of money. Mason jar football storage from countryliving.

To make it easier for your guests or family to distinguish or find out what food is served, you can add a DIY football food label that has a medium size. Now you can make it using cardboard to make it a little stiffer. When this label is ready to use, you can add a straw pole whose inside is already filled with wood so that it is more sturdy. Plug it into the green area that has been provided. DIY Football food label from countryliving.

Take advantage of the old cans that are around your house to be made into storage so that they can be used better. When you use this can with the Superbowl theme, you can paint and give a football pattern that has a combination of brown and white. With this can, the Superbowl touch can be obtained instantly. After the paint that has been applied is dry, you can use it as storage for spoons and forks so that they are not scattered everywhere and are more well organized. Storage football cans from countryliving.

The snack dining table will look more Superbowl-themed when you add a DIY goal post centerpiece that you can make yourself. When you have PVC pipe material that is not in use, then you can reuse it as a goal post which can be the end zone of this room. It’s not enough to end this goal post PVC pipe with yellow spray paint so that it has color harmony with the original match and game. Make it a large enough size and then plant it in a glass container that has a thick material so it doesn’t fall off easily and cause chaos. Pipe PVC goal post from countryliving.

Instead of using pots to plant flowers. Use this pot according to the theme of your room, when you are going to enliven the Superbowl theme then you can use this pot for green grass which can be perfected with a goal topper that can be painted in yellow so it looks bolder. When this pot has been designed, you can show it off on the game day table which is used that day as a centerpiece decoration. Don’t forget to repaint the outer surface of this pot with green so that it resembles a football field. DIY day game pot center from countryliving.

If you have a more spacious backyard decoration then you can use it as a fun Superbowl party this year. To emphasize the Superbowl theme, you can use a portable beer garden table with a splash of team color that can accommodate many people. Invite friends and family for this fun party. Yellow and blue become a color combination that dominates the pennants, thus adding a cohesive color that gives a vintage impression. Backyard Superbowl party from countryliving.

To add to the fun atmosphere in this year’s Superbowl decoration, you can make a football piñata that can be swung by anyone who wants it. Make this piñata with materials that are cheap and easy to find in stores around your house, choose and use materials that are dominated by a combination of brown and white to match the original color. For cheaper materials, you can use crepe paper. Make this piñata with a size large enough so that it can be used as one of the room decorations that reinforces this Superbowl theme. Crepe paper football piñata from countryliving.

Of course, you need a background as a photo area with your family or friends who come to your house. This is intended so that you have memories of enjoying Superbowl days. Besides being able to be used as a photo spot, this DIY background can also be used as a wall decoration that will look very good when hung right above your snack table on match day. Choose and use several different paper patterns with the same color tone for a more memorable look. DIY football background from countryliving.

To perfect the Superbowl dining table decoration this year, you can hang a DIY football banner that can be made easily and cheaply. Apply this banner right on the wall area around the dining table. The presence of a football banner will instantly liven up a white room. You can make it from folding paper which has a size large enough with a choice of brown color so it can look real. Join some of these balls of paper together on a rope that can be attached with wooden clips that have been repainted in green. DIY football banner from countryliving.

DIY football drink cups would be a pretty good consideration for a Snowball decoration this year. This cup will become a container for your favorite drink that can be taken anywhere. It’s not enough that you can combine it with Astroturf placemats that bring the feel of the field into the room. The two will look much simpler to put together. The small ball placed on this placemat is a very appropriate decoration and must be tried. Astroturf placemats from countryliving.

An easy way to bring a touch of Snowball to your dining table decoration is to use a football placemat which is dominated by brown and white colors. You can choose this placemat with a cloth material that is easy to wash again when it looks dirty. The advantage of using this football placemat is that it adds texture and color to the dining table decoration so it doesn’t look too boring. Combine these placemats with a gridiron-patterned table runner. Football placemats from countryliving.

To give a Superbowl touch to your home decor, you can use a DIY soccer napkin ring made of brown leather. This material is the best choice because it has a smoother surface and is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. When you want to give a pleasant impression on the dining table, you can choose napkins in two different colors. Yellow and purple napkins will be a combination that gives the impression of contrast but makes the area in this room more colorful. Football napkin ring from countryliving.

In addition to being a spread for snacks, the DIY stadiums table also creates a snack area that will fascinate everyone when they see it. Overall the snacks provided are delicious and sweet. Apart from being a snack for guests and yourself when welcoming the Superbowl, this stadium table can also double as a decoration that emphasizes this theme in the room. Add labels to the surface of this stadium to enhance its overall appearance. Try this idea for a more unique and different look. DIY stadium table from countryliving.

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