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How to Make Your Home Cozy During Winter

Giving some facilities or completing your decoration to add the coziness of your home during winter…

Giving some facilities or completing your decoration to add the coziness of your home during winter is really needed. Of course, that will be related to the weather and the temperature that can be too cold. It means that you should provide the things to keep you stay warm and comfortable during the cold winter days. In this case, you don’t need to change your home decoration completely because you can simply add it with some warm stuff. For example, you can add some throw blankets to your living room, have a layered blanket for the bed, a warm rug, etc. Also, don’t forget to make sure that your fireplace works well and decorate it to have the winter touches. Find 10 ways about how to make your home cozy during winter on down below.

Throw Blanket

Blankets are one of the accessories that you can use for winter decorations in your home. An easy and effective way to add comfort to your living room is to add a blanket there. Choose a fluffy blanket and place it on the sofa so that it will provide warmth and at the same time make the perfect winter decoration. You can use a fluffy blanket that has a color theme that matches the color of the sofa so it will look harmonious.

Throw FurryBlanket from Shelterness

Applying Rug

Adding a rug to winter decor is one of those ideas that you can try and it will never fail. You can choose to use a furry rug to enhance the decor of your winter living room to make it feel more comfortable. Placing the furry rug right in front of the sofa will make it work well providing warmth through the legs that rest on it. A furry rug with white nuance will present a neutral look and be easy to match with anything. A round coffee table located on a furry rug with a matching color tone will make your decor even more perfect.

Fur Rug from Mydesiredhome

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Furry Foot Stool

Complementing winter décor with various accessories is a great way to increase your comfort there. You can add a footstool in your winter living room. Choose a footstool that is upholstered with fur so that it will provide warmth and will never fail for winter decor there. Placing it right in front of the chair will make it work well providing comfort for you and others. It can also present an attractive appearance and make your living room decoration look more perfect.

Furry Foot Stool from Mydesiredhome

Decorative Fireplace

An effective way to add comfort to winter decor is to add a fireplace. You can use a fireplace made of brick so that it will present a perfectly natural look in your home. But leaving it plain will make your fireplace look ordinary and may look boring. Therefore you can decorate the fireplace with a touch of winter to make it look more beautiful. You can use evergreens, candles and hang ornament socks on the front of the coat so it will look perfect in winter.

Decorative Fireplace from Digsdigs

Adding Bedroom Furry Accent

Using fur accessories to complement the winter decor is one of the right ways to provide comfort there. If you want to decorate a winter bedroom, you can use a furry pillow to make it feel more comfortable and suitable in winter. A furry blanket tossed over the bed will provide the perfect warmth in winter. Choose a furry pillow and a furry blanket in the same color tone so it will look more beautiful.

Furry Blanket and Pillow from Digsdigs

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Chair Cover

You can add accessories to the dining room decor to provide the perfect winter comfort. Adding a chair cover to the winter dining room decoration is one of the right ways to provide warmth there. Choose a chair cover made of thick white fabric, so it will present a natural look and will not fail in winter. Then decorate it with ribbons and mini wreaths by hanging them on the back of the chair to create a beautiful winter look.

White Chair Cover from Southernliving

Furry Chair Pad

If you want to get comfortable winter decor, choosing the right furniture is one solution. Adding furry accents in a winter living room is an effective way to provide warmth in a winter living room. You can use the furry chair pad to complement the furniture in your living room so that it will provide perfect comfort there. Choosing to use the white furry chair pad will present a natural look and is suitable for winter decorations.

White Furry Chair from Mydesiredhome

Thick Sofa Pad

You can use a sofa to complete the decoration of the living room in your home. Choosing to use a sofa that has thick cushions is one way to create comfort in winter that will never fail. You can also choose a sofa made of thick but still soft material so that it will feel more comfortable. Adding patterned pillows and blankets on the sofa is a great way to add comfort to your winter living room. Placing the sofa right in front of the fireplace will make it get a perfect warmth and make your winter pass comfortable.

Thick Sofa Pad from Mydesiredhome

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Adding Firepit

Winter is one of the seasons that has a very cold feel and what is needed is warmth. Adding a firepit to winter decorations is a great way to bring warmth in winter. It doesn’t have to be big, you can use the prtable firepit so it will look simpler and easier to move. Placing it on the table will provide perfect warmth to the entire sitting area in your living room so that it will feel more comfortable. In addition, the firepit on the table will also bring its own charm in your living room and can inspire.

Portable Firepit from Digsdigs

Furry Bench

Having a cozy winter decor is something that everyone dreams of. Adding a bench to complete the winter bedroom decor is one simple way you can do to create comfort there. Use a bench that is equipped with fluffy cushions so that it will provide comfort and warmth at the same time and will never fail in winter. Choose the color of the furry bench that matches the theme of your bedroom so that it will look the same and more perfect.

White Fur Bench from Digsdigs

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