Pretty Maple Leaf Creation for Your Fall Home Decoration

It can be said that the maple leaf is the right one to be used to complete your fall home decoration. You can provide the maple leaf in some ways where you can have it in form of ornament or directly use it to decorate your furniture or any other interior part. The common one is that commonly people use the maple leaf to be the wreath or garland. Then, you can also use it to be an arrangement and put it in the vase. For direct utilization, you can simply spread the maple leaf on the table for the centerpiece decoration. Or, you may also stick the maple leaf to the chandelier, fireplace, wall, and more. Anyway, in this case, you can use the real maple leaf or the fake one. If you want to get an authentic impression, then you can use the real maple leaf but it may will withered easily. Otherwise, the fake maple leaf will last longer but it won’t be seen as authentic as the real one. The following images will show you how the maple leaf can be applied to your home decoration.

Arrangement Maple Leaves Decor

This super easy fall leaf craft just requires you to grab a pair of scissors and head into the backyard to cut some maple leaves. You can arrange it into a glass vase large enough to be used as a centerpiece decoration in your dining room area. You can also choose the vases that are used in different shapes, for example, having a bright blue bowl vase. Usually, this series of maple leaves are used in a farmhouse-style room, just complete it with dry leaves and some DIY pumpkin ornaments that have a variety of different sizes. The plaid table runner with a combination of black and white is the final touch that can instantly add an elegant impression to the room. Arrangement Maple Leaves Centerpiece from thetennesseehome

Fall Front Door Decoration Ideas

A warm and festive welcome to your guests can be done easily and on budget. Currently, you can install and hang a fall floral wreath design that is dominated by maple leaf material in the entrance area of your home. Here you can combine it with several different materials such as dry twigs and small pumpkin ornaments that have a dominant orange color. Before you apply this wreath to the front door, consider repainting it using a color of choice such as jet black for a masculine vibe that you can easily get. In this way, the existence of a hanging fall wreath can look bolder and certainly attracts attention. Hanging Fall Wreath Design from valerie.taillefer

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Change Your Fireplace Decor According to the Season

If you have a large number of maple leaves, then just use them as room decorations to welcome autumn this year perfectly. The decoration that you can do right now is the overall fireplace area. Here you can use several garland designs that can be applied to the fireplace mantle lengthwise. Not only maple leaf garland, but now you can also perfect it with a greenery wreath, a series of cotton twigs, and pumpkin ornaments with a size large enough. Furthermore, the fireplace design made with red brick gives a vintage and farmhouse vibe at the same time, you can try it in the living room decor. Maple Leaves Garland from halostohissyfits

Fall Season Vibes Floating Shelves Ideas

Grab a pair of scissors and head into the backyard garden to pick some maple leaves to use as one of the fall-themed room decorations. You can pick this maple leaf of almost the same size to make it look beautiful when applied to the floating shelves in one of the rooms of your house. You can attach the leaves to the floating shelves using glue that is able to stick firmly and doesn’t come off easily when applied for a long period of time. The maple leaves used also come in a variety of different colors such as maple leaves, green, brown, and orange. All of these colors are ready to make your wall area more colorful and fun, this decoration doesn’t cost anything because you only use existing equipment in the house. Hanging Maple Leaves for Floating Shelves Decor from thewoodlandwife

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Farmhouse Style Table Runner

No need to worry when you have a wooden dining table design that looks simple. Just garnish with a generous amount of maple leaves and pumpkins that come in a variety of different sizes. Make both of them as a complement to the table runner decoration which has a plaid pattern with a combination of orange and white colors. With this, your dining table decoration will look more pleasant. This wooden dining table gives a significant farmhouse impression, no need to repaint for a more natural and simple look. Farmhouse Maple Leaves Table Runner from re_beccamichelle

Maple Leaf Frame for Wall Art

This white-painted wall can be perfected with a frame containing a fairly large maple leaf. You can dry these leaves first so they don’t rot easily when put in a frame that is lined with a surface made of transparent glass. Just make this DIY frame wall art yourself with the materials you have around your house. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the wood frame using solid black so that it has a touch of color contrast that is quite bold. This maple leaf is one of the decorations that emphasizes the autumn theme this year, you can try it now for a low cost. Maple Leaf Frame Ideas from aude_art_studio

Fall Wall Art Design Ideas

Don’t let your wall decor look plain and boring. Now you can decorate it using a dreamcatcher made of maple leaves, white feathers, and some small faux greenery. All the materials used are easy to get around your home so it is highly recommended to try. All of these materials can be assembled into one piece using some dry threads and twigs that can be hung in one of the rooms of your house. DIY wall art can be done easily and cheaply. The existence of green plants that are placed next to this dreamcatcher is a complement that can be obtained easily in the backyard garden. Fall Dreamcatcher Art Design Ideas from camille_et_une_plantes

Decorative Chandelier Ideas

Dress up your hanging chandelier with a few sprigs of fresh maple leaves. Because this leaf has orange fiber, it will look quite bold when applied in a room in your home. Add some crystal ornaments for special decorations that can attract the attention of people who see them, you can get them at the nearest craft store at very affordable prices. Try to install and hang it in a room that is often visited by your guests, for example in a farmhouse or mid-century-style living room decoration. Classical-style chandeliers become very suitable lighting for decoration with this maple leaf, you can use more maple leaves to emphasize the summer theme. Decorative Maple Leaves Chandelier from snowdisneydolls

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Modern Maple Leaf Terrarium Design

Look at the appearance of this terrarium maple leaf, isn’t it very eye-catching and modern? Yes, you can make it yourself with the materials and equipment you have in your home area. When you have a transparent glass terrarium, just fill it with a few maple leaves which are dominated by bright orange colors. These leaves can be obtained easily in the backyard garden without having to buy them. After that, you can put it in an area of the room that is often visited, for example on the coffee table or in the living room windowsill area as a different and refreshing view. This maple leaf terrarium design can be moved to any room according to your home decor needs. Maple Leaf Terrarium Design from lonesomehoboglass

Decorative Fall Candle Design

When you need lighting in a room, candles are one of the smart ideas you can use. Just use this candle design according to the current season. Here you can use a decorative candle enhanced with maple leaves and some blooming flowers, this decoration can get an instant autumn vibe. Just put this decorative candle in a large enough container that has a box shape. One of the advantages that you can get from using candle lighting is to get a warm impression into the room instantly. Usually, the presence of this lighting candle is placed on the dining table or coffee table in your living room. Decorative Fall Candle Design from ladyfilcan1225


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