How to Make Tiered Pumpkins for Your Fall Home Decor

Compiling the pumpkins vertically can make the decoration looks more magnificent. It can be used to complete your fall home decoration. We all know that pumpkins are the effective one to create a fall atmosphere in your home decoration. That is why the concern about how to present the pumpkins to your fall decoration is really worth it. Since presenting the pumpkins can be in so many ways and you may lack ideas, then what about making it into the tiered pumpkins? The vertical high look can add a valuable impression to the pumpkins. It means that even when it is only a pumpkin but you can get a great impression of it as a part of your home decoration.

In applying the tiered pumpkins, you can have them for both indoor and outdoor decoration. For outdoor decoration, you can put the tiered pumpkin on your front porch, patio, or terrace. Then, for the indoor decoration, it could be in any spot that you want. Since the pumpkins come in varied sizes, then use them as your table decoration is really possible. You can simply use the small size pumpkins. Also, don’t forget that you can have other colors of pumpkins where it won’t be always orange. If you want, you can create patterns or write some words on the pumpkins. Creating varied style impressions of the pumpkins is really allowed. Here are the ideas that you can copy.

White Tiered Pumpkin from Homemadelovely

Colorful Tiered Pumpkin from Homemadelovely

White and Orange Stacked Pumpkin from Hometalk

Bowl Tiered Pumpkin from Hometalk

Boo Tiered Pumpkin from Bhg

Corner Tiered Pumpkin from Bhg

Lighted Stacked Pumpkin from Homebnc

Painted Tiered Pumpkin from Homebnc

Patterned Tiered Pumpkin from Homebnc

Tiered Pumpkin Centerpiece from Ofdesign

House Number Tiered Pumpkin from Ofdesign

Table Top Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Carving Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Hand Painted Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Two Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Corner Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Monochromatic Vase Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Polka dot Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Star Carving Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Front Porch Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Garden Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Front Door Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Orange House Number Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Lighted Tiered Pumpkin Centerpiece from Familyholiday

White Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Black Vase Tiered Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Tiered Faux Pumpkin from Familyholiday

Tiered Pumpkin with Leaves from Familyholiday

DIY Decorative Tiered Pumpkin from Thepioneerwoman

Tiered Pumpkin with Maple from Digsdigs

Patterned Tiered Pumpkin from Hearthandvine

Painted Tiered Pumpkin from Hgtv

Floor Tiered Pumpkin from Hgtv

Front Porch Pumpkin Topiary from Apumpkinandaprincess

Proper Pumpkin Stack from Hgtv

Color Block Tiered Pumpkin from Goodinthesimple

White Plastic Tiered Pumpkin from Thecraftpatchblog

Orange Tiered Pumpkin from Homestoriesatoz

Concrete Pot Tiered Pumpkin from Betweennapsontheporch

Fabric Tiered Pumpkin from Decorhomeideas

Glittery Tiered Pumpkin from Decorhomeideas

Wooden Tiered Pumpkin from Hearthandvine

Wooden Container Tiered Pumpkin from Lollyjane

Tiered Vine Pumpkins from Goodhousekeeping

Three Tiered Pumpkin from Goodhousekeeping

Outdoor Tiered Pumpkin Display from Virginiasweetpea

Tiered Pumpkin Centerpiece from Decoist

Tiered Pumpkin Cinderella from Decoist

Bucket Tiered Pumpkin from Hometalk

Black Pot Tiered Pumpkin from Sandandsisal

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