Get the Ideas of Fall Decoration with these 10 Home Tour Projects

Having the fall decoration in the whole home space is so much worth it. We all know that fall brings pretty things and is able to create a calming atmosphere. Well, when the spring is colorful with the flowers then the fall brings the colors through the pretty leaves. With that fact, it is a must for us to insert fall touches into our homes. To give you ease in decorating your home during fall, we have provided the fall home tour that will consist of decorations around the house from the front part of the house to the back part. Anyway, in this case, you can see how the fall touches can be added to any part of your house without feeling too much. Please check the ideas and find the beauty of the fall inside the house.

Fall Porch Decoration Ideas

An easy way that you can do to welcome your guests when they visit your home is to decorate the front porch according to the autumn theme this year. For example, you can put some pumpkin ornaments on the floor area with a selection of different colors and sizes. Also pay attention to the layout of this pumpkin ornament so it doesn’t interfere with your space and doesn’t limit the entrance to your house. White, green and orange are very favorite color choices and never fail. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the front door with a cotton wreath and it is designed as good as possible to have a sweet round shape. Different Size and Color Pumpkin Decor from @shawnas_shenanigans

Farmhouse Fall Entryway Ideas

The autumn theme with the farmhouse can blend perfectly when applied in the same room. For now, you can try to apply it to the entryway decoration section which will be the first room when your family or guests enter the house. That way you can decorate it as much as possible to produce an attractive and satisfying final decoration. Start by decorating the DIY wooden console table with tiered pumpkin ornaments that have been repainted in pastel colors, not only pumpkins but a series of dried plants with cotton can also be placed here using a large enough vase. The white color dominates the room this fall, creating a neutral decor that doesn’t get boring easily. Neutral Scheme Color Fall Entryway from @ashtonpeterson

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Pumpkin Ornament for Fall Bedroom

The next fall home tour project is decorating the master bedroom in your home. The first decoration you can do here is to dominate the interior with white shades so that the presence of autumn ornaments can look bolder and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. The pumpkin ornament is one of the important decorations that is often used this fall. Just put some of these ornamental pumpkins on a rattan wicker basket that looks natural. arrange the layout so that it does not fall easily and is certainly neater. It’s not enough to stop here, the use of blankets and throw pillows with orange vibrations also enhances the appearance of a more perfect bedroom. Fall Bedroom Decoration from @rachelpuccetti

Modern Fall Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is one of the home decorations that is often used for activities because it is used as a cooking area as well as serving food. Therefore you can also decorate the kitchen area with an autumn theme to make it more comfortable to use and of course more festive. The decoration that you can apply in this kitchen decoration is to hang a Happy Fall sign garland with a gold color selection so that it can be seen more clearly when applied in a room dominated by plain white shades. Next, take advantage of the built-in open shelves as an area to put some mini pumpkin ornaments that have a plain white color too. A series of gold-colored dried leaves can be placed on the countertop as an additional color that attracts attention. Modern Fall Kitchen Ideas from @shannongolddesign

Fall Vibes Centerpiece Design

Autumn in the dining room can be presented in the most simple and easy way. Decorations that you can do is decorate the DIY wooden dining table with a pumpkin centerpiece that gives an instant fall theme. You should choose two pumpkins with almost the same color and size so that they look more symmetrical. Not only pumpkin ornaments, but you can combine it with a stitched table runner that has a maple leaf pattern. In addition to designing the dining table to be more festive, this autumn centerpiece also gives a different feel to the farmhouse dining room decor. Green plants in the corner of the room are an additional natural decoration that can be easily found in the backyard garden. Fall Centerpiece for Dining Room Ideas from @onesmallblonde

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Fall Balcony Decoration

If you want to enjoy the autumn atmosphere outdoors, don’t forget to decorate it using the same vibes. In this balcony decoration, you can relax comfortably because a chair has been provided with a throw pillow and a blanket so that it has a softer and warmer surface. Pumpkin is one of the important ornaments that is a favorite decoration and never fails. Choose and place pumpkins on the floor in a variety of different sizes and colors for a more varied look. The bulb string light is an outdoor lighting idea that is easy to install and certainly has a price that is not too expensive. Green plants and blooming flowers add to the decoration that gives a natural color. Fall Balcony Decoration from @simplyeverydayliving

Festive Look Fall Laundry Room Ideas

Take a look at the laundry room decorations this fall, isn’t it very interesting and colorful? No need to worry for those of you who have laundry room decorations with plain white shades. Do a fall decor for a more charming look. What you can do here is insert pumpkin ornaments into different parts of the room. When you are going to put it on the floor area then use a wire basket so that this pumpkin doesn’t scatter everywhere. Not only pumpkin ornaments but hanging wreaths and a series of dried plants are also additional decorations that you can get easily and cheaply. Finish decorating the laundry room with a large floral wallpaper. Fall Laundry Room Ideas from @thejulietusseyshow

Fall Home Office Ideas

Home tour projects that you can do right now are home office decorations that have a modern fall theme that never goes out of style. Now you can put an LED blue sign to place on a glass desk that is perfected with roses and small succulents in a mini vase. For the sitting area, you can use a transparent glass chair which is perfected with a faux fur throw pillow so that it has a softer and smoother surface. A mirror that is placed right in front of the desk becomes an area to check your appearance when needed. The small built-in drawer under the desk is a small storage idea that you can use to put a magazine or important file. Fall Home Office Ideas from @yollenysimpledecor

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Modern Farmhouse Fall Living Room Decor

The living room is one of the rooms in the house that is often used for visiting guests and your family. Therefore you can decorate it as much as possible for a final decoration that is fun and looks different. The decoration you can do is put a vintage tray on an ottoman coffee table surrounded by a U-shaped sofa. Not only on the coffee table, but you can also decorate the chandelier with greenery and mini pumpkins that can be arranged neatly and orderly. This white repainted open shelf will have a fall vibe when complemented with a DIY pumpkin pallet and a string of dried cotton stalks. Modern Farmhouse Fall Living Room from @the_seasoned_home

Bold Fall Bathroom Decoration

Complete your fall bathroom decor with some important ornaments that are often used. Put a series of maple leaves in a glass bowl vase that has been filled with clean water. Then you can put it on the vanity countertop so that its presence can be seen more clearly and is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. The carved pumpkin ornament placed on the stool is an additional decoration that you can buy at an autumn supply store. Repaint the vanity cabinet with a bright blue color so that the atmosphere in the bathroom is more pleasant and of course gives a different new look. Bold Fall Bathroom Decoration from @royal_lepage

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