How to Provide Coffee Nook for Your Home

For you who love coffee, then at least providing the coffee nook is such a must. In case you can’t provide your own coffee bar because of the budget or the limited space that you have in your home, then, simply providing the coffee nook will be proper already. In this case, you can simply put your coffee tool in the nook of the kitchen countertop or any blank space nook you have. You may provide a small table if you want to place it in your blank space. You may choose the one with a cabinet or drawer to store your coffee stock, sugar, and more. Don’t forget to consider the coffee cup rack or storage. We have prepared some coffee nook designs that you can copy or adapt. Choose the one based on your home space condition and your budgeting.

Coffee Nook Design for Small Space

The corner area of ​​this room is proof that even a small console table cabinet can function as a coffee nook. All you need here are some hanging shelves that are applied vertically to store frequently used items such as mugs, coffee beans, and sugar. As we all know, maximizing vertical space is a smart idea for those of you who have home decor with limited space. This vertical arrangement is of course easy to apply and you should master the technique. It’s not enough to end here, you can also use the dominance of white tones for a wider and open look, a touch of black color brings a monochromatic theme instantly. Vertical Space Coffee Nook from carissa_nunez

Scandinavian Coffee Nook Ideas

If you like something natural, look for the wooden coffee nook interior that can be applied to the open floating shelves. The floating shelves are made of hard wood with a smooth surface and without repainting so it looks more natural. Furthermore, to emphasize the Scandinavian theme, you can use a white tile backsplash. These two colors can be combined in the same area without giving a tacky contrast. There is nothing wrong with applying the coffee nook area on the countertop of the kitchen cabinet that has not been used, here you can make drinks according to your wishes. White Paint Coffee Nook with Wood Accent from andie.frykowski

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Country Decor Coffee Nook

Do you have a countertop cabinet area that is still empty and unused? If so, then you can use it as a coffee nook decoration that looks simple. This backsplash design made of natural wood gives a cheap and eco-friendly DIY vibe. In this area, of course, you need storage to put some jar organizations, floating shelves made of iron and transparent glass are areas that you can use. Just apply this open shelf vertically just above this coffee nook countertop. Country touch can be obtained by placing some classic paintings that are perfected with small green plants placed in the corner of the shelf. Natural Wood Coffee Nook Design from maple.and.dickerson

Coffee Nook Decor in the Living Room

To make it easier for you when serving drinks for guests who come to your house, the layout of the coffee nook needs to be considered. Just consider putting this coffee nook in the living room decoration, more precisely beside the sofa that is used. Here, you can simply use a console table which is equipped with a rectangular surface so that it can be used to place some mugs and a coffee machine as well. Choose and use this coffee nook console table with a color scheme that suits the room so as not to disturb the color tone of the room. The existence of a coffee nook design in the living room area will make it easier for you when serving it to your guests, family, or friends who come to your house. Organize all the coffee nook equipment to keep it tidy after use. Coffee Nook Living Room Combo from nobi.home

DIY Rustic Vibes Coffee Nook

A rustic and vintage theme can be obtained simultaneously with the use of the right interior. For example, when you apply it to coffee nook decorations, the materials used must be dominated by natural wood. Apply this material to countertops and floating shelves without re-polishing. Furthermore, for the storage cabinet underneath you can repaint it with a neutral color such as white to make it cleaner. Although this rustic theme looks very simple, it will never fail and never go out of style. Add a wooden sign in the shape of a teapot to hang on the backsplash of this coffee nook. Vintage cans that are reused as flower vases can be placed in the corner of the countertop for decorations that can refresh the room. Rustic and Vintage Look Coffee Nook from theupcyclingjunkies

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Kitchen Coffee Nook Decoration

There is nothing wrong with applying a coffee nook design in your kitchen countertop area to save more expenses. You can arrange and apply the coffee nook right under the floating cabinet to make it easier when storing. A wooden tray that is used to place this coffee machine can be perfected with a flower arrangement that is still blooming fresh. Usually, this coffee nook decoration is used in modern farmhouse-style kitchen decoration. The feel of the room which is dominated by white also gives a neutral impression. It’s a good idea to also add a labeled jar to make it easier for you when making drinks according to requests from your friends. Kitchen Coffee Nook Decoration from candaces_inspiredlife

Summer Farmhouse Vibes

Welcome the summer farmhouse theme to your home with a coffee nook decor that will work well in your home. Decorations that you can use are a bunch of fresh sunflowers to place right next to the coffee machine. Put this flower in a glass vase that has been filled with water so it doesn’t wilt easily when used for a long time. Wood is a smart choice to emphasize this farmhouse theme, you can apply it to the cabinet or countertop that is used. This is the easiest way you can do when summer comes, here you will also make various types of drinks that you like. Keep this coffee nook clean and tidy so that it can be used as a focal point in your kitchen room. Wood Coffee Nook Design with Sunflower Decor from moje_wiejskie_katy

Arched-Shaped Coffee Nook

You may want to decorate your coffee bar to match the aesthetics of your home, and if you like the modern farmhouse theme, then using white is easy. Here, the built-in coffee nook is equipped with a toaster so that it is perfect when entertaining friends for a cup of coffee. Choose and use the arched coffee nook design for a more unique and different look. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add proper lighting so that this room can still be used at night. Just apply it to the part of the room that is not far from the living room so that you are closer when serving drinks to guests who come to the house. Built-in Arched Shaped Coffee Nook from audiemacdesign

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Choose Corresponding Colors

Think about the color scheme around the coffee nook when you will complete the equipment or equipment that will be used. Here, the white coffee nook cabinet blends with the use of wall paint so that it looks more elegant and formal. The use of white shades will never fail and is highly recommended to try. Choose and use a coffee machine with the best quality to make it more durable and not easily damaged. A large sign frame and a small series of green plants are a mix of room decorations that you can apply simultaneously at a distance that is not too far away. Dominant White Color Coffee Nook from teachmehowtodecorate

Fill An Entire Wall

If you have the space to devote an entire wall to a coffee supply, then go for it. Currently, you can install DIY floating shelves that can be repainted in colors that are in harmony with the use of the kitchen cabinets around them. The use of open floating shelves on this wall is a maximalist arrangement that never goes out of fashion. In addition, this storage also does not require a lot of space so it is suitable for those of you who have kitchen decorations with limited space. A modern and minimalist appearance gives the impression of a room that never goes out of style. Open Space Wall Storage from chamberlaingroup


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