20 Best Private Coffee Bar Ideas

For a coffee lover, having a private coffee bar is a must. It doesn’t need to be luxurious but should cover your needs to make your favorite coffee. Even when you only have a small space left in your house, you can still have it for sure. In providing the private coffee bar, there are things that you should have where the main facility here is the coffee machine. You can buy the good one just like what the professional has, but you can simply buy the basic one as long as the machine can work well. After that, you should provide the cups and the jars for the sugar and coffee. To place those things, of course, you should have storage. In this case, you can provide the rack or cabinet just based on your needs and the space you have. Check the following ideas.

Corner Coffee Bar Decoration

If you have a corner of the room that has not been used, then you can reuse it as a decoration that is not yet in your home. For example, you can use it as a corner coffee bar with a minimalist theme so that you only use the main furniture. A coffee station with a standing shelf is a combination of furniture that can work well together to put and store all your coffee equipment. Shades of white, and navy with wood colors can blend perfectly in the corner of this room.

Farmhouse Style Coffee Bar

Choose and use one of the most favorite styles for your current coffee bar decoration. The farmhouse style is the best choice that you can use. In addition to having a simple appearance, this coffee bar is dominated by the use of wooden interiors that can be painted with a combination of black and white. Floating shelves that are perfected with mug hooks will become a multifunctional storage area. Furthermore, a series of green plants becomes a natural decoration that you can easily get in your backyard garden without having to buy it.

Modern Look Coffee Bar Decor

If you have floating shelves then use them as part of your coffee bar decor for a nice modern aesthetic touch. You can use this open shelf to store several cups of coffee with an openness that makes you more freedom to move. For the use of a cabinet design, you can choose one that has a bright color such as light blue. This color will work equally well when applied in a white room. The series of green plants that are placed right above the countertop is natural decorations that can be found in the backyard garden.

Monochromatic Style Coffee Bar

Black and white are a combination of colors that you can apply to coffee corner decorations with a modern minimalist style. These two colors will instantly produce a monochromatic touch. Here you also have to use good quality furniture and tools to blend with the modern theme this year. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use a sophisticated coffee machine to make it easier for you when making it in the morning, this machine will also be more effective and efficient.

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Coffee Bar with Wooden Accent

Wood has always been the material of choice that you can use throughout your home decor properly. For now, you can use this material in the coffee bar area through the use of built-in shelves and storage cabinets that are perfected with marble countertops. The existence of these built-in wall shelves will make your coffee bar decor neater and more well-organized. It’s not enough to get here, look at the curved wall that is used to apply this storage rack, doesn’t it look interesting and unique.

Small Coffee Bar at the Corner

No need to be too broad to procure a coffee bar in your home decor. It is quite small in size but complete with the tools and furniture used. For now, you can apply it in the corner of the room so as not to interfere with the main function of this room. This coffee bar area is enhanced with stone countertops that are easier to clean after use. The existence of a sink in the countertop area also makes it easier for you when washing dirty coffee cups that have been used.

Countertop Coffee Bar Ideas

If you don’t have an empty room in the house, then just use the empty kitchen countertop. This simple coffee bar will work well according to your needs. Just put a few containers of coffee, sugar, and honey on a wooden tray to make it more organized. Decorate this tray with a flower arrangement that can be applied to a ceramic vase that has a geometric 3D pattern. Install two lights under the cabinet to be used as lighting in the coffee bar area that can give a warm feel.

Wooden Home Coffee Bar

The coffee bar decoration, which is dominated by the use of solid wood, creates beautiful lines that are able to bring a rustic touch that seems natural. The wood material used in this room is combined with a coffee machine and other equipment in black so that it can create a strong masculine appeal to your coffee holder. Arrange all the coffee bar equipment as neatly as possible to get a more comfortable room for anyone who makes drinks in this room.

Neatly Arranged Coffee Bar

Try to arrange all the equipment and your coffee machine as neatly as possible to get a more comfortable room for all your family members to use. Good storage will also make it easier for you to make coffee at an effective time in the morning. Another advantage that can be obtained is that you will know all the storage and organization so that it will be easier to find when needed. You can use a transparent glass mason jar to make it easier for you to use the composition of coffee, sugar, milk, or honey.

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Shabby Chic Farmhouse Decor

This coffee bar made of reclaimed wood brings a shabby chic farmhouse theme instantly. No need to repaint this coffee bar for a more natural look. Furthermore, to emphasize the farmhouse theme, you can put a sunflower arrangement into a DIY vase that you can decorate yourself. Tiered trays that are used to store cups, glasses, and ceramic coaters make this a perfect storage area and don’t take up much countertop space. Just use wood with iron as a combination of materials that are sturdy enough for a tiered tray design.

Coffee Bar in Your Dining Room

If you have an empty floor in the dining room decoration, then you can use it so that it can be of better use. For example, you can use it as a coffee bar decoration that can be placed right next to the dining table. Just use materials and colors that match the interior of this room so that they can work well together and of course will blend in perfectly. Some writing stickers that are attached to the wall become decorations and can also be used as the first words that can be read directly by guests who come to your home.


Minimalist Coffee Bar with Floating Shelves

The minimalist style applied in this coffee bar decoration will never go out of style. White is the right color of choice and will certainly make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use suitable furniture, for example, melamine wood cabinets, and repainted iron stool chairs. Also, take advantage of the empty walls as smart storage that doesn’t take up any floor area at all. Track lighting is lighting that can illuminate the room as a whole.

Multifunctional Cabinet with Coffee Bar Area

Do not leave your cabinet area empty and not in use. Just take advantage of this empty cabinet section as a simple coffee bar design that is very convenient to use for making coffee in the morning. This coffee bar is in between two storage cabinets complete with glass doors so you can put or store cups in it. The color of the cabinet, which is dominated by black, will give a splash of cool masculine style and of course, you can end it with some ornaments or green plants that can be placed in the built-in floating shelves area.

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Make Small Space Useful

The corner of this room is proof that even the smallest console table with floating shelves can function as a coffee bar. All you need here is some storage of essentials like mugs and coffee beans. Take advantage of the bottom area of the floating shelves to hang several cups because they are equipped with hooks. While the console surface, you can use to put a coffee machine and two small metal storage.

Deck Out the Dining Room

As we all know, maximizing vertical space is the key and you can apply this setting to the coffee bar area for a very technical arrangement. Try installing two or three floating shelves just above the coffee bar console table so as not to interfere with the main function of this dining room. With this, you no longer need storage that takes up floor area. Finish off the coffee bar area with strands of green vines that look very fresh and bring the room to life.


Make the Living Room More Live

Maximalists, don’t be shy about decorating your coffee shop. Take two wooden crates to be used as proper storage of your coffee equipment. With a coffee place in your living room, it makes it look more alive. Another advantage that you can get is to free your guests or family who come to make their own coffee according to their respective tastes. Doesn’t sound interesting.

Coffee Bar with Underneath Storage

Coffee bars of course require a lot of storage to put cups, coasters, and some mason jars that are used as coffee or sugar storage. Therefore, you can design a coffee bar on a kitchen countertop that is equipped with a pull-out drawer that is right below it. This pull-out drawer has two storages that you can use entirely with a very neat and organized arrangement. In addition, this storage also doesn’t take up a lot of floor area, you can push it back into the cabinet after you’re done using it.

Embrace Your Aesthetics

You may want to decorate the coffee bar according to the aesthetics of your home, and if you like modern farmhouse décor then adding wood accents is the easiest thing. The best way you can do this is to add hanging wooden shelves to put cups to some decorative ornaments. This coffee bar will be an area to entertain your friends with a warm cup of coffee. Keep the countertop area clean to make it look more hygienic and free from dirt.

Industrial Coffee Table Ideas

Another style that you can apply to your coffee bar decor is industrial. This style usually combines wood with solid black iron. Yes, you can try to apply it to the use of a coffee bar cart that will stand firmly and minimize easy porousness when used for a long period of time. Because this coffee table cart has several levels of storage, you can use it as much as possible to get the right and organized design.

Coffee Bar Dining Room Combo

Those who like after-meal coffee may want to make it close to their current dining room décor. A white cabinet makes a beautiful surface to place a coffee pot and a few accessories in abundance. But it’s a good idea to add two floating shelves with a fairly long size in the wall area that can be stacked vertically. No need to repaint, just let them appear naturally so they look more environmentally friendly. Try this coffee bar decor as best you can.


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