60 Interesting Winter Window Decors

When decorating your home, commonly you are only concerned with the space itself. However, there is one spot that you should consider being decorated which is the window. It is always awesome to look at the window during winter. You can see the magical snow falling down or the all-white scenery that you have been missed during the year. With that fact, we do recommend you to decorate your window so that when you open the curtain, you won’t only see the scenery outside but also the additional beauty that comes from the ornament that you present there.

Talking about window decoration, maybe commonly that will come to your mind is the hanging ornaments. Well yes, that will be awesome and always possible to have the hanging window ornament. However, there are still so many possibilities of the ornament that you can apply to your window. For example, you can have the greenery there, stick some winter design stickers, install decorative lighting, and more. For the stuff that can be perfect to give winter touches, you can find some references below.

Evergreen Wreaths from Topinspired

Pinecone in Rustic Pots from Topinspired

Snowflake Pom Pom Window Display from Topinspired

DIY Paper Snowflakes Window Curtain from Topinspired

DIY Pine Cone Garland from Topinspired

Santa Hat Curtain from Christmas.365greetings

White Village Sticker from Christmas.365greetings

Evergreen and Hanging Ornament from Christmas.365greetings

Snowy Window Treatment from Christmas.365greetings

Evergreen Garland from Christmas.365greetings

Branch Arrangement Window Decor from Christmas.365greetings

Star Lighting Window Decor from Christmas.365greetings

White Star Ornament from Christmas.365greetings

Lighted Winter Window from Christmas.365greetings

Star String Light Window Treatment from Christmas.365greetings

Advent Calendar Window Treatment from Christmas.365greetings

Hanging Gift Window Treatment from Christmas.365greetings

Star Wreath Window Treatment from Christmas.365greetings

Hanging Candy Cane from Christmas.365greetings

Snowflake Sticker from Christmas.365greetings

Hanging Candy Window Treatment from Christmas.365greetings

White Christmas Tree Sticker from Idealhome

Cut Out Paper Silhouettes from Idealhome

Marry Christmas Sticker from Idealhome

Gnome Sticker Window Treatment from Idealhome

Twinkling Lights Window Treatment from Idealhome

Christmas Ornaments Draw on Window from Decoist

Colorful Christmas Ball from Decoist

Frosted Pinecone Garland from Decoist

Glass Bottles with Branches from Decoist

Large Bright Star Lights Window Treatment from Decoist

Large Snowflakes Ornament from Decoist

Red Glass Balls and Snowflake Window Treatment from Decoist

Gold Glass Ball Ornaments from Decoist

Hanging Christmas Ball from Decoist

Snowy Winter Wreath from Decoist

Red Garland Window Treatment from Christmas.snydle

Paper Ornaments Window Decor from Christmas.snydle

Double Evergreen Wreath from Christmas.snydle

Red Garland from Christmas.snydle

Snowflake Everywhere from Christmas.snydle

Christmas Character Window Decor from Christmas.snydle

Colorful Winter Window Decor from Christmas.snydle

Evergreen and Hanging Christmas Ornament from Christmas.snydle

Snowflake Chain from Christmas.snydle

Merry and Bright Window Decor from Christmas.snydle

Evergreen Arrangement from Christmas.snydle

Heart Gingerbread Garland from Christmas.snydle

Snowflake Curtain from Christmas.snydle

Festive Art Garland from Christmas.snydle

White Winter Window Wonderland from Homebnc

Paper Snowflake Curtain from Homebnc

Pine Cone and Evergreen Window Treatment from Homebnc

A Star-Studded Lighting Window from Homebnc

Illuminated Night Window Treatment from Homebnc

Reindeer and Christmas Tree Sticker from Homebnc

Mini Tree Window Treatment from Ecstasycoffee

Evergreen Wreath from Ecstasycoffee

Hoop Wreath Window Decor from Homemydesign

Christmas Tree Window Treatment from Homemydesign

Hanging Fairy Light from Homemydesign

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