20 Cozy Hanging Bed Ideas

You’ll never know how fun the hanging bed could be. It can create a comfortable and relaxed feeling compared with the common bed. Well, we all know that swinging is always fun, right? Then, so do the hanging bed, you can swing slowly on the bed while going to sleep or taking a nap. Even just imagine it is fun already. Anyway, having the hanging bed is not only for the small one that is installed on the porch or patio. You can even have the big one for your bedroom. Besides, the uncommon design of the hanging bed is able to create a certain aesthetic side compared with the common bed. Especially when you can choose the one with a good design, then beautifying your room can be so much easier. Check the following ideas and prepare for being amazed!

Triangle Rope Hanging Bed

Do the best decorations for the design of the hanging bed in one of the rooms of your house. For example, you can use a rope as an accent to hang it to the ceiling area with a triangle shape that looks beautiful. Apart from the rope design, also pay attention to the layers of this hanging bed, use ruffle bedding with a choice of pastel colors that look beautiful and elegant. Complete this hanging bed decoration with some green plants that can be placed around it. The empty part of the wall can be used to apply sweet dream LEDs which can be used as interesting signs and of course, can add lighting to the room. DIY Triangle Rope Hanging Bed from @karenbwolfinteriors

DIY Hanging Bed On Budget

No need to worry if you have a low budget when you want to make a hanging bed in one of your rooms. Take advantage and just use reclaimed wood as the main material that has a low price, easy to find in your home craft store, and is very affordable. Do the best design with a soft mattress layer so that it can be used as a comfortable lying area when used throughout the day. It’s not enough to get here, you can also hang this hanging bed to the ceiling using four ropes that are quite sturdy. No need to paint this bed reclaimed wood to make it look more natural. DIY Reclaimed Wood Hanging Bed from @ndustrialstudios

Shabby Chic Look Hanging Bed

This hammock with a shabby chic look looks very simple and is ready to be used as a lying area throughout the day. Its presence in the living room decoration will replace the sofa furniture which will have more extra comfort. Besides offering great visual contrast, this hanging bed is also easy to install. Just hang it to the ceiling using four sturdy ropes, don’t forget to add a throw pillow and blanket as a softer surface and ready to accompany you on the weekend. Shabby Chic Look Hanging Bed from @heatherbuglane

Outdoor Hanging Bed

Do you want to enjoy a new atmosphere outdoors? If so, then you need a sitting area that will accompany you throughout the day when the holidays arrive. Just take advantage of the patio deck in the backyard so that it can function better, here you can choose a hanging bed with a round shape that has been lined with some fabric and throw pillows. Before you put this hanging bed, cover the deck first using a rug that has an abstract pattern with several different color combinations. Here you can relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view with the air and the breeze. Outdoor Relaxing Hanging Bed from @lime_lace

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Bohemian Style Hanging Bed

Look at the style of this hanging bed, doesn’t it look more colorful and fun? Yes, the bohemian style will never fail to decorate a part of a room that is dominated by plain white. Here you can cover the wooden pallet hanging bed with a white mattress and some throw pillows and even a blanket that is perfected with a colorful tassel design. In addition to being a comfortable lying area, this hanging bed is also ready to be used as the focal point of the room because it is able to bring several different color combinations. The white color gives the impression of being spacious, clean, and bright. Bohemian Style Hanging Bed from @bohemian.interiors

Ceiling Hanging Bed Ideas

When you have a bedroom decoration with limited space, you can use a hanging bed as one of the main pieces of furniture that you must have. The design of this hanging bed really saves floor area because then the lower part of the floor can be used as a storage idea. When you are going to do storage, you should first prepare several baskets so that the items stored are not easily dusty or dirty. This hanging bed is also perfected with natural lighting because it is placed in a room facing directly toward the glass window. It’s not enough to end here, use white shades as a room neutralizer that can give a broad impression. Ceiling Hanging Bed Ideas from @midtowntudorwilmingtonnc

High Hanging Bed Design

The easiest way you can do to replace the existence of sofa in the living room is to replace it with a hanging bed that can be applied to the ceiling. Because this hanging bed is hung using several ropes, the surface will be more sturdy and can be used by more than one person. Apply it right in front of the glass window or face to face with the chairs around it so that it is more comfortable when used as an area to chat with family or guests visiting your home. Because this hanging bed is equipped with several pillows, the surface will be softer and warmer. High Hanging Bed at the Corner from @jeffherrphoto

Slim Wooden Hanging Bed

Adjust the use of the hanging bed to the style of your current home. For example, when you have a bedroom decoration in a modern style, choosing a slim wooden hanging bed is the best choice you can use. What you need to do here is repaint the wood surface with transparent paint so that it has a more glossy appearance. Don’t forget to combine it with comfortable bedding so that it can be used as a softer resting area, you can try this slim hanging bed design for a more minimalist, neat, and practical look of course. Slim Wooden Hanging Bed from @oglinginches

Round-Shaped Hanging Bed

Not only choosing and using a hanging bed with a rectangle shape, but now you can choose other shapes to be more creative and varied. For example, a hanging bed with a round shape that is surrounded by sturdy ropes on the sides and roof of your house. This hanging bed design also has a wider surface so that it can be used by two to three people. Place and hang it right in front of your home fireplace so you can relax while enjoying the warmth of this house. Round Shaped Hanging Bed from @judykinginteriors

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Hanging Bed Porch Swing

To replace the presence of a sofa in your porch decoration, having a hanging bed is an outdoor furniture idea that functions very well. The design of this hanging bed has a shape resembling a sofa so they both work well and you will benefit from a softer sitting surface. Combine this hanging bed porch with three tree trunks that can be converted into a DIY coffee table that you can design more easily. Both of this outdoor pieces of furniture will work well together to receive your guests or for a chat area with family. Hanging Bed Porch Swing from @cassandradesign

Pallet Wood Hanging Bed

Collect the wood pallets that you have in the warehouse to be used as a hanging swing that can be used as outdoor or indoor furniture according to the needs of your home room. This material has a fairly sturdy surface so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Just make this DIY hanging bed yourself according to the design you want. After everything is in order and is firmly attached to the ceiling, don’t forget to cover it with bedding and some throw pillows that have different patterns and colors so that it looks more festive and fun. DIY Pallet Wood Hanging Bed from @treehouses_of_serenity

Wooden Board Hanging Bed

The wooden board is one of the material choices that you can use as the main material for the hanging bed design. This material has a smoother surface so it is safe and friendly for your child. Just put this hanging bed lower to make it easier for your children to use it. The combination of black and white that dominates this bedroom gives and displays a monochromatic style instantly, you can try it for modern decorations that never go out of style. Wooden Board Hanging Bed with Black Rope from @fashiondecoandfood

Save Floor Space Bed Design

One way you can do to save floor space in your bedroom is to use the right and appropriate furniture. A hanging bed is one of the important pieces of furniture that must be owned. At the bottom of this bed, there is still empty space that can be used for storage ideas when needed. The use of hanging beds is suitable for decorating bedrooms in a modern, contemporary, minimalist, or farmhouse style, isn’t it very eye-catching?Contemporary Hanging Bed from @spacedge_exteriorsinteriors

Hanging Bed Pergola Ideas

You can use this pergola decoration in the backyard as a relaxing area with a fresh outdoor atmosphere. Here you can combine a hanging bed with two chairs as a combination of outdoor furniture that can make you feel more comfortable. Consider the layout of this furniture, you can put it face to face so that when it is used to chat, it is warmer and more focused. Don’t forget to add a coffee table as an area to put drinks or food served. Hanging Bed Pergola Ideas from @fouroakbedswings

Monochromatic Color Hanging Bed

Black and white is always a color combination that never fails to give a monochromatic style instantly. Now you can try to apply it to the use of a hanging bed in the front porch decoration. Repaint the wooden frame of this hanging bed using solid black, then for bedding, you can use plain white. Furthermore, to add texture to the hanging bed area, you can use several throw pillows with several different patterns. The green plants that are placed around it become an additional color that looks natural and can be obtained easily in the backyard garden. Black and White Hanging Bed from @jillwhitedesigns

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Attire Relaxing Hanging Bed

Take advantage of the attire decoration in your home as a relaxing place that keeps you away from the noise outside the room. Here you can add a hanging bed complete with throw pillows on it. Adjust the length of the rope to the height of this hanging bed to make it more comfortable when used throughout the day. Not only as a lying area, but you can also use it as a reading nook that will accompany your weekend to be more relaxed. Even though it looks simple, this hanging bed is able to provide comfort that never fails. Attire Relaxing Hanging Bed from @gublermade

Scandinavian Style Hanging Bed

You can turn a wooden plank with four ropes into relaxing and calming indoor furniture. Have you thought about making a DIY hanging bed with the desired personal design? Yes, you can apply this single hanging bed in the living room or bedroom along with very supportive lighting so that it can be used as a reading area too. Rattan pendant light is one of the chandeliers that you can apply in this room so that it gives an instant Scandinavian vibe. Scandinavian Hanging Bed from @i.d.mania

Chain Rope Hanging Bed

Consider using a rope with a chain material in the hanging bed design in this bedroom. In addition to having a stronger material, this hanging bed chain rope is also not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Here you can combine it with wood that has a square-shaped shape. This small nightstand beside the hanging bed is suitable for those of you who have bedroom decorations with limited space, try this idea right now. Chain Rope Hanging Bed from @carriedelanyinteriors

Sofa Replacement in the Living Room

Instead of using a sofa with a hanging bed, both can be used as comfortable sitting areas. Add a dramatic atmosphere to this room, one of which is by using several different lighting combinations. The candle holder and string light placed around the hanging bed are able to give a romantic impression so it is very suitable to be used to relax with your partner. Try using this hanging bed to provide a wider and more open floor space. The color harmony of the hanging bed with the wall paint gives the impression of a more harmonious room. Sofa Replacement in the Living Room from @mylittleredhouse

Natural Look Hanging Bed

Look at this hanging bed pole, isn’t it more eye-catching? Try this idea to change the bedroom look to be more favorable. What you can do here is decorate the poles of the hanging bed using faux vines so that they don’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time. Faux vines can be found at craft stores around or can also be purchased online so that it is more practical and of course has a fairly cheap price. The presence of this green plant accent gives a fresh impression to your bedroom. Hanging Bed with Greenery Decoration from @thewildwildstay


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