DIY Your Garden Bench with these 30 Ideas

Although only one, it is quite important to provide a bench in your garden. Even when you only have such a small garden space, just one bench won’t make you lose much space there. So, what is the function of the bench so that it becomes something you should provide? Well, the bench can be used to sit while enjoying your garden. You may don’t have enough space to put the coffee table, but, with a bench, you can still enjoy a cup of tea in a cozy way. At least, you can sit there. Then, the question is, is it possible to make or decorate your own garden bench? Yes! You can build your own new bench, redecorate your old bench, or do some renovation for your broken bench to make it looks new. You should check the following ideas!

DIY Stacked Stone

Let’s make a simple bench made of piles of stones to create a sturdy and durable look. This bench will work best when positioned in the middle of the garden to provide comfort while you are in the garden. Using this stone bench idea will look more beautiful and will give a stunning garden decoration. Some of the greenery around this bench also exudes a fresh and natural garden decor. Stacked Stone from @peppertreeliving

DIY Reclaimed Bench

This bench idea is perfect for a garden that has lots of wood features. All benches are designed from reclaimed wood that has been cut to size. This is already for you to make so it doesn’t cost much to have this bench, Adding a bird cage in the corner of this bench will add a bit of style to the design. Place this bench next to your garden to provide a comfortable seat and look more sturdy. Reclaimed Bench with Bird House from @oaktreecottage17

DIY Iron Bench

Making a dai iron bench painted white will provide extra comfort when you are in the garden at home. This is a simple method that you can try because it will provide a beautiful and different design every year. Using your skills, you will build a sturdy bench and paint it white to give it a new design. Place this bench in the middle of the garden so you will enjoy the fresh air while drinking tea there. White Iron Bench from @purenourishment

Iron Bench

Making your own stool from iron is not a bad idea for you to try now. This would make a beautiful DIY project and would give the garden a cozy and inviting look. Making it yourself will save your budget, while increasing your creativity. Add pillows and pillows above to make the bench look very comfortable so that it will provide extra comfort when in the park while enjoying the outdoors. Iron Bench from @tahomaflora

Reclaimed Wood Bench

This bench idea incorporates reclaimed wood into the design. Choosing this reclaimed wood will make a bench with recycled materials so it doesn’t cost a lot and will increase your creativity. You can color this bench to add to the beauty of the wood. The blooming flowers and some plants near the bench add a forest feel to the sitting area. DIY Vintage Bench from @longhillcarriage

Colorful Bench

Add lots of color to your garden by coloring the tops of the benches. Choosing any bright color can inspire you so that it will make a difference in this decor. Placing it in the middle of the garden and combined with this carvan will provide extra comfort when enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. This is a simple method that you can try because it will not cost much. Colorful Garden Bench from @sunnyrose_the_new_bohemian

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Vintage Garden Bench

Reusing an antique bench complete with shabby paint is able to give a different garden look as well as a unique design that you can try. Simply adding a soft pad to this park bench will provide extra comfort while enjoying a cup of coffee. Green plants everywhere are also able to provide freshness and a natural impression. This is an interesting way for you to try because it will not cost you money and will increase your creativity. Vintage Garden Bench from @tinmoonjewelryworks

Cottage Garden Bench

This classic style complements your home garden bench décor. Choosing a bench made of self-carved concrete will look more beautiful and offer an attractive decoration. Placing it in the middle of the garden combined with some greenery and green grass can give a different garden decoration and a fresh impression to the entire cottage garden. This DIY doesn’t cost a lot so it will provide a low budget garden decoration. Cottage Garden Bench from @fishtailcottage

Wooden Bench and Striped Pad

This homemade wooden bench will look beautiful and sturdy. Choosing a material from this wood will be durable and resistant to any weather. Adding this soft green and white striped padding will also give the impression of comfort and a different look. In addition to benches, you can also make chairs from wrought iron equipped with green and white striped cushions that will create an extra comfortable garden decoration. Striped Cushion Garden Bench from @tommasoziffer

DIY Black Swan Bench

Swan accents on the legs of this park bench look attractive and will steal the eye. This is easy for you to make, just use concrete in the form of a swan and painted in black and red, it gives a beautiful visual and looks more unique. Adding a wooden board painted in red will provide comfort and a beautiful design. Simply put this bench in your garden and combine it with some other green plants so that it will be the center of attention of every guest who comes. Black Swan Flamingo from poubloncharleschristian

DIY Dark Wood Garden Bench

If you like rustic furniture, you may like the design of this bench. With the main material of dark wood, this bench looks attractive if you attach it to your home garden. Painting the wood with a dark color gives it a chic look and looks more attractive. Placing it on the edge of the garden and combined with green grass and some green plants can give freshness and a natural impression to the entire room. Dark wood Garden Bench from @kathrynherman4

DIY Headboard Bench

Check out this creative bench designed for the outdoor garden. This unused headboard is transformed into a beautiful and comfortable garden bench. All in all, it’s a masterpiece for your garden that doesn’t cost a lot of money to spend. Painting with white will also be a brilliant idea to give a new look and look more beautiful. DIY Headoard Bench from @thesunnyshed

Bright Pink Bench

This brilliant idea will make your garden look more attractive. Color your old bench with a bright pink color to give a beautiful design and look more attractive. Add a touch of a rectangular bed according to the size of your bench that will give you a comfortable impression while in this park. Placed on the edge of the garden and added with some green plants and blooming flowers will make garden decorations fresh and natural. Bright Pink Bench from @traceyoneillart

DIY Reclaimed Bench

Reclaimed wood can be used to make a variety of bench styles. Look at the picture. The bench made of reclaimed wood gives a vintage and beautiful feel to the entire garden of this house. With this reclaimed wood bench idea you will create a comfortable garden decoration to enjoy the air around this garden. Some of these greenery and flowers would be a fresh and cool decoration. Reclaimed Wooden Bench from @oaktreecottage17

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Green Paint Bench

Again! This attractive bench design will steal the attention of every guest who comes. However, you will need to spend more time making this bench and improving your carpentry skills. The green painting on this bench decoration will give your bench a new look. Just sit back and enjoy the fresh air of your backyard to elevate your mood. Some of the vines behind this bench will provide a fresh and natural garden décor. Green Paint Garden Bench from @theruralsociety

Metal Garden Bench

In this cozy garden décor, you can add a homemade garden bench to give it a beautiful and stylish décor. Making your own with this metal material will make the bench durable and resistant to any weather. Adding a pillow to this bench will provide comfort and warmth when enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or family. Metal Garden Bench from @vintagehomesouthport

DIY Swan Bench

This handmade bench does look amazing while providing a beautiful garden decoration. Using recycled materials and adding reclaimed wood planks and this writing will make a beautiful design that looks stylish. Placing it on the edge of the garden and combined with some green plants will give a beautiful garden appearance as well as a natural impression to the entire garden. DIY Swan Bench from @maseryshop

Blue Paint Bench

Painting this park bench blue will look brand new and will create a beautiful and inviting seating area. Making it yourself and painting it with a bright blue color and adding this pillow will create a beautiful look as well as an attractive design. Complete the look with some greenery and blooming flowers that will give a fresh and natural feel to the whole garden. Blue Paint Bench from @glansochcottage

Wooden Pallet Bench

Bench is one of the furniture that must be in your home garden decoration. Choosing to use a homemade wooden pallet bench is an interesting idea that you can try. You can use an L-shaped bench wooden pallet so that it will look attractive and can create a stylish look. Making this snediir will save the budget while providing a low budget garden decoration. Wooden Pallet Bench from @recreatedbycrighton

Yellow Garde Bench

To complete the garden decoration, you can use a bench for seating. Choosing to use this homemade bench is one of the interesting ideas that you can try and it will never fail. You can make your own using yellow painted wood for a new look. Equipped with several pillows and blankets, it will provide a cozy and warm garden. Yellow Paint Garden Bench from provenwinners

DIY Natural Bench

You will never fail to complete your home garden decoration with a bench so that it will look more perfect. Opting for this homemade bench will save your budget while boosting your creativity. It has a fairly long size and is equipped with tree branches, this will make your built-in bench look more beautiful and attractive Natural Bench from @thejardinroom

Stone Bench

If you want to decorate a garden, the thing you should pay attention to is the selection of furniture. Bench is one of the furniture that must be in your garden decoration. Choosing to use a homemade bench from this stone pile is an interesting idea that you can try now. This stone bench will give a natural look that looks attractive. Equipped with a white base will make your bench more comfortable and still look attractive. Stone Bench from @katecoulson

Garden Bench

Complete your garden decor with benches to make it look more perfect and create comfort. You can make it yourself so that it will provide a comfortable garden design with a low budget. Using a bench made of wood will look sturdy and durable. Equipped with bench pads and pillows will make your bench look more perfect and comfortable Garden Bench from @laurahomeandlifestyle

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L-shaped Pallet Bench

Using benches to complement garden decorations is one of the interesting ideas that you can try and it will never fail. This is the easiest project you can try to add extra comfort to the whole garden. Using this L bench-shaped wooden pallet will make any garden decor beautiful and inviting. Then you can complete it with a round coffee table so that it will make your built-in bench look more perfect. L-Shaped Pallet Bench from @olly_king

Wallnut Bench

Making your own bench to complement the garden decor in your home is an interesting idea that will provide extra comfort. You can choose to use a bench made of wallnut wood so that it will bring a natural touch to your home. But leaving it without accessories may look ordinary and may not be comfortable. Therefore you can add pillows and green plants on the bench to make it look more attractive and feel comfortable. Wallnut Bench from glimtbybloch

DIY Small Bench

Try using a homemade stone bench to complement your garden decor so it will look more practical. Made of stone piles will make your bench present a beautiful and attractive natural look. Placing it in the middle of the garden and adding a wicker basket equipped with blooming flowers will present a beautiful garden decoration and look more attractive for you to try. DIY Stone Bench from @amongbearsandstars

Box Grove Gaden Bench

Making your own garden bench will increase your creativity while providing a beautiful design for you to try now. Choosing to use piles of stones placed on the wire and adding wooden planks on top will make for a cozy and inviting bench decor. This is a simple way that you can try to give a beautiful and stylish garden decoration. Some of this greenery and green grass completes this fresh garden look.Box Grove Garden Bench from renovation_in_yorkshire

Curved Bench

This unique shape will make your garden bench look beautiful and stylish. You can make your own using curved reclaimed wood for a beautiful and stylish garden decoration. With this idea you will decorate your home on a low budget and will increase your creativity. These greenery and green grass will make a fresh and natural feel throughout your garden. Curved Wooden Garden Bench from @climapod

Twigs Garden Bench

This tree branch turned into a bench will be a brilliant idea for you to try. Making your own by gathering tree branches behind your house makes a beautiful and inexpensive decoration. Painting with this wood color will also look beautiful and look stylish. This is a simple idea that you can try to add extra comfort to the whole garden. Pair it with green vines for a fresh feel. Twigs Garden Bench from @qintinus

Wooden Beam Bench

A bench is one of the most suitable pieces of furniture for your entryway decorating ideas and will never fail. Choosing to use a bench made of wooden blocks is an interesting idea that will present a simpler and more inspiring look. Made of wood blocks will make your bench bring a natural look and look more sturdy in your garden. Placing it on the edge of the garden and combined with some greenery can give a fresh design. Wooden Beam Garden Bench from @tomhowardgardens

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