Have Fun Making These 22 Beautiful DIY Garden Benches

Although gardening can be a profoundly relaxing activity, the exhaust may haunt you after pulling up weeds and planting all those plants. If you have a beautiful bench to sit on, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour while inhaling the fresh smell of nature. The chair can come in sizes and shapes that match either tiny or big garden landscape.

We understand your concern about finding the perfect spot idea for kicking back and resting. Hence, we have gathered several simple concepts of the DIY garden bench below. They’re guaranteed to be an eye-catching inclusion to your garden, and you’re going to sit there comfortably in no time.

1. DIY Convertible Coffee Table Bench

This one is indeed interesting once you finish it. When you collapse the sitting bench part, it’ll turn into an expanded table where you can use to put stuff. If you want to sit, then you turn it back up—so easy! Alongside sturdy wood planks, you’re going to need a hinge in the middle for the DIY convertible coffee table bench to work.

Besides being used as a convertible coffee table, this table can also be used as a comfortable seat while in the garden. This idea is an interesting room decoration and will attract the attention of many people. Just use wood material to create a sturdy look that is resistant to all kinds of weather. Convertible coffee table from handmade-haven.

DIY convertible coffee table with hinges so it folds up into the perfect seat for a cool garden idea. You can open these hinges to make a comfortable bench backrest. This is the perfect garden decoration and will do just fine. Wooden convertible coffee table from loveproperty.

2. DIY Cinder Block Bench

A less complicated DIY project like this one can turn eccentric since you’re going to combine two or three different materials. Support the back and both sides of the bench with concrete blocks and build the seat from brown thick wood sticks. Complete the DIY cinder block bench with several waterproof cushions to fight sudden rainfalls.

To make your cinder block bench comfortable, you can add a pillow on it like in the picture above. You can also add some of these comfortable pillows for an inviting garden result. Complementing the decoration with these lanterns will also give a perfect look. Cinder block bench from deavita.

Arrange cinder blocks and insert wood into the inside of these logs to create a cozy and inviting bench. Cedar and cypress are weather-resistant types of wood and require less maintenance. Planting some blooming flowers in a cinder block hole will create an attractive room decoration and will attract the attention of many people. Cinder block bench from deavita.

Adding a cinder block bench in this backyard garden will create a room decor that will attract the attention of many people. You can also complete the decoration with some soft pillows that will give a comfortable impression. In addition, you can also add a set of tables and chairs complete with a large umbrella for an attractive garden result. U shaped cinder block bench from deavita.

Minimalist garden decoration with DIY green cinder block benches complete with green, yellow, and white on these pads will create a soft glow in your small garden. You can also add blooming flowers next to this bench for a fresh and inviting garden decor. Green cinder block bench from deavita.

Cinder block that is equipped with wood will produce a comfortable bench in your home garden. Soft cushions and some of these pads will complete the look of this bench. You can make your own to save on your garden decorating budget. Complementing the look with some greenery will also give the room a fresh and natural decor. Cinder block from deavita.

This pile of cinder blocks would make an attractive garden decoration. You can make this cinder block into a comfortable and inviting seat. Add wood and cushions to make an attractive bench. Some green plants placed in this cinder block will present a fresh and natural room. Cinder block bench from deavita.

This rustic garden decoration is equipped with cinder blocks that will create a comfortable bench. You can use wooden blocks to give it an attractive and sturdy look. Complementing the backyard patio with sheer white curtains will create a stylish room decor and protect you from the sun. Rustic cinder blocks bench from deavita.

Cinder blocks and wooden blocks make an attractive seat in your backyard garden. Complementing the look with soft cushions and a few cushions will make for a comfortable and inviting bench. Placed in the corner of the garden this would be the perfect focal point of the room. Cinder blocks and wooden blocks from deavita.

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3. DIY Hexagon Tree Bench

If you have a pretty big tree in the garden, creating a hexagonal seating structure surrounding the trunk makes for a practical result and strategy at the same time. The finishing look can be awe-inspiring! Who knew that the DIY hexagon tree branch could be your new favourite outdoor spot?

In addition to its unique shape, DIY hexagon tree benches can also be an area to enjoy the calm atmosphere in your garden. You can make it yourself to save budget while increasing your creativity. This bench will accommodate many people so it will create a comfortable and inviting garden. DIY hexagon tree benches from decoist.

Similar in appearance, the Tree hugging bench adds a circular style to the tree of your choice. Choosing a material from this wood will provide a stylish and durable room decor. Homemade hexagon tree branches can be a favorite outdoor spot for you and your family. Tree hugging bench from decoist.

To enhance the style of your garden decoration, it is better to use a DIY hexagon tree bench made of natural wood. The tree bench can be used as a comfortable seat. Combined with this wooden deck floor will bring a stylish garden decoration with a natural touch. Hexagon tree bench from decoist.

The tree bench below is the focal point in this treasure-filled gravel garden. Making it yourself will present a comfortable and inviting room design. You can paint this bench gray to give it a warm look. Tree bench from decoist.

4. DIY Pallet Bench

This one is the easiest since you only need to line up several identical pallets with the hollow part facing forward. You can use it to put stuff or decoration and don’t forget to connect the DIY pallet bench with nails or a long chunk of sleek dark wood on top.

Garden furniture in the form of a pallet bench with a minimalist style can also be a durable garden decoration. For a cool, colorful style on this bench, it can be a garden furniture decoration that is not boring. Complementing the look with some of these pillows will create a cozy and inviting garden decor. Colorful pallet bench from homedit.

This DIY pallet planting bench for the outdoors makes a great room decor and will attract the attention of many. You can use it to put things or a comfortable seat. Placing it in the corner of this garden will give it an attractive look. DIY pallet planting bench from shelterness.

This small garden bench is made of pallet wood. This bench decoration will last a long time and will look sturdier. Placing it on the garden terrace of this house will make the room decoration comfortable and inviting. Installing this DIY pallet bench will present an attractive garden. Small garden bench from shelterness.

DIY pallet bench provides interesting and simple furniture ideas to decorate your garden. With this pallet bench you will also get a vintage feel in the garden. Using material from this wooden pallet will look more sturdy and resistant to any weather. Small pallet bench from shelterness.

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5. Rustic Stone Garden Bench

Go full-scale on nature with a rustic stone garden bench! With smooth charcoal top as the countertop, complete the bench legs with similarly study rocks. This one may take time and effort to build, but the result gives your garden an incredibly charming look.

This cool idea of ​​using stones will produce interesting garden decorations and steal the attention of many people. This type of bench will last longer and look sturdier. Don’t forget to add a wooden plank at the top to make a comfortable chair. Some of these blooming flowers also give the garden a more fresh and natural look. Stone and wooden bench from homedit.

This stone bench is built with just stone on top of two boulders to create garden seating with a rustic appeal. The immaculately manicured garden features classic foliage plants and ornamental grasses accented with red bark mulch. This decoration will give the impression of comfort and calm throughout your garden. Stone bench from photos.hgtv.

The stone bench will look more rustic and chic. With this stone bench you will also get a natural garden look. In addition, this bench will withstand all weather and looks more sturdy. Placing some plants around this bench will make the look more fresh and natural. Garden stone bench from nextluxury.

A neatly arranged stone used as a country bench, this area can be an asset to enjoy the atmosphere while in the garden. This bench will give your garden a very charming look. The placement of green plants in pots on either side of this bench also provides a stylish garden decoration and looks more attractive. Country stone bench from nextluxury.

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Hopefully, you’ll get inspired to have that beautiful DIY garden bench from our list just now!

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