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8 Creative Garden Bench Designs That Will Improve Your Backyard View

Garden with bench allows you to have leisure time by seeing your outdoor view. Further, you may sit…

Garden with bench allows you to have leisure time by seeing your outdoor view. Further, you may sit with your family or your guest by having warm conversation.  However, may be some of you in questioning about the budget to get nice bench for garden. Actually, you may create it as your weekend project or ask someone to create it for you. See these following creative benches for garden that may inspire you;

Wood Log Bench

Wood Log Bench


Take a look at this creative bench designed for outdoor garden. A half-cut wood log combined with other wood logs and some branches. Overall, this is a masterpiece for your garden that needs not much money to spend.

Rustic Garden Bench Wheels

If you love rustic furniture, you may adore this bench design. With two old wheels in each side, this bench looks like an old cart but without a horse. Let it with its natural color or you may paint with any color as you like.

Unique Combination of Wood and Stone

Some stones with medium size in a wire box with a board for the top it perfectly appears as unique bench for a rustic garden style. With limited budget, you can create this bench for your outdoor seating.

Bench from Concrete Blocks

This brilliant idea will make your garden look more attractive. Paint the cinder blocks with any color as you like. Get some beams and combine with concrete blocks. The last, add a touch of rectangular bed as the size of your bench will be.

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Cinder Block Bench

Cinder block may used to create various bench styles. Take a look at the picture. A bench made form cinder blocks with a board at the top of it. Then, it placed at cinder blocks raise garden bed’s side which make it look like a little park.

Bench With Storage

When you have many activities outdoor this weekend, having this bench with storage is lucky. You may save your kid’s toys. Further, this bench can be made with only basic carpentry skill and cheap materials.

Bench Around A Tree

Consider to create this amazing bench design that looked awesome for your backyard. Here, you may have warm conversation with your family or guest or just read your favorite book. Add some pillows as beautiful and functional accents.

Attractive Bench Design

Again! Give the space around the tree with this attractive bench design.  However, you need to spend more time to create this bench and advance carpentry skill. Just sit and enjoy the fresh air of your backyard to boost your mood.

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