How to Decorate a Proper Shared Bedroom

Having more than one kid but living in a small home space will be troublesome, sometimes. Especially when it comes to the room where they have reached the age that makes them should have their own rooms. Here, you can build a shared bedroom where there will be more than two beds there. However, there are some considerations that you should have related to the comfort of each kid. You have to make sure that the kids get their right for the proper and comfortable space. Also, for the facilities, you should make it balance from one to other kids. There are some shared bedroom designs that you can follow as we mentioned below. You can choose the one based on the space of the room you have and the kids’ conditions.

If you have a bedroom decoration with a room that is wide and open enough, then you can apply a shared bedroom design that can be used together with your siblings. Bedding, framed beds, and matching lamps with a bold colored dressing table in the middle give the overall effect of a room that is decorated in an integrated manner. The presence of a gold-colored ottoman can also be used as a focal point that can be used as a sitting area as well. Finish this shared bedroom decor with the use of patterned wallpaper that has sweet pastel colors. Matching decoration from hgtv.

You can apply natural divisions in the decoration of a shared bedroom to offer beauty and this needs to be done. Currently, you can use one headboard to be used simultaneously so that they are back to back. The design of this room also provides an opportunity to add storage right above the bed that you can use as much as possible. Do the storage or retrieval of books and toys using the wooden ladder that has been provided and is very safe for children. Back-to-back headboard from hgtv.

Do you have twin boys? If so, then you can design a shared bedroom that can make them share and teach sharing. Not quite up here, you can also add curtains to the bed to have a sense of privacy like their adult counterparts. The geometric pattern that is applied to the wallpaper section of this bedroom adds texture and color to the room which makes it look more attractive and fun. You can try this decoration to make a makeover in a child’s bedroom this year. Privacy kids shared bedroom from hgtv.

Look at the decoration of this shared bedroom, doesn’t it look simple and not excessive? You can try and use this design by choosing the right furniture and of course that matches the size of the room you have. Two sleek beds repainted in pastel colors are the right choice that you can combine with a colorful botanical wallpaper. Choose and use a bed with iron material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Colorful wallpaper bedroom from hgtv.

In the same room, your children can sleep and play together. This shared children’s room is one of the design inspirations that is suitable for use to save space in your home. For themes and color shades you can choose according to taste, but it’s good to reduce visual clutter in the room you can use a cohesive color palette. Orange and dark blue that are applied together in this room can be neutralized with the use of white wall paint as a whole. Sleep and play together from hgtv.

One bedroom with a wider size is perfect when you apply a shared bedroom decor. You can use two beds with the same color and material as the main must-have furniture. To distinguish the beds from one another, you can use pillows with different initials. These initials can be used according to your children’s names. Decorate the shiplap walls with several framed paintings that have different themes, sizes and colors so that they look more varied. Initials of shared bedroom from hgtv.

One bunk bed with a minimalist style is perfect for decorating a small shared bedroom. To make it look more in harmony and present a harmonious color palette, you can use bedding and pillowcases with matching colors and materials as well. Striped bedding is the right choice to add a beautiful pattern that matches the style of this shared bedroom. Furthermore, the use of large enough glass windows makes this room feel brighter and minimizes the humidity of the room which is dominated by the use of wooden furniture. Bunk bed design from hgtv.

Take advantage of your attic room as a shared bedroom decoration that is suitable to be applied specifically for your children to avoid disturbing noises. You can choose the style and color tone according to your taste. Black and white is a color combination that you can apply to produce a monochromatic modern theme that never goes out of style. The cloudy ceiling wallpaper in this room gives a fresh impression, while the dominant white nuance creates the illusion of a wider space. Modern and monochromatic style from hgtv.

An easy way to bring a bohemian style to your bedroom decor is to use the right patterns and colors. For example, you can apply this bohemian pattern to the bedding which is perfected with an iron bed that has been repainted in jet black. In addition to presenting a bohemian theme, this pattern also has several color combinations that can make the room look more pleasant. In the middle of the bed there is also a table that can be used to display some decorative items such as a flower vase and a large canvas painting. Bohemian style from hgtv.

This bunk bed design is made of wood that has been repainted with a bright green color so it looks newer and more modern. This bed saves a lot of space because it is complemented by a built-in desk that can be used to study together. Add a chair at this shared table with the appropriate height so as to provide maximum comfort. The white tones in this shared bedroom give the effect of a wider, open and brighter room. Green paint bunk beds from hgtv.

Elegant themes and styles in shared bedroom decorations can be presented easily and practically. Start with the use of a canopy in these two bed designs. Matching colors make the tone of the room more harmonious and harmonious. You can mix white with light blue as a combination that is quite neutral and will make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Look at this shared bedroom decor, doesn’t it look neat and well-organized? Elegant shared bedroom from livingetc.

If the decoration of this shared bedroom has been dominated by white, then it’s a good idea to include other colors and patterns through the use of wallpaper as an easy example. Other patterns and colors can also be applied to comfortable rayon beds and bedding. In this room there is also a secret area that is right above the bed, to get there you can go through the stairs that have been provided. Colorful balloons that are made as room decorations are cheap ideas and are suitable for those of you who want to save on expenses. Harmonious color palette and pattern from livingetc.

The design of this bunk bed made of wood is equipped with sliding drawers which will become multifunctional furniture. You can use this bed in a bedroom decoration with limited space. Don’t let your wall design look plain and boring, now you can layer it with any themed wallpaper according to your taste. Choose and use neutral colors to coat the outer surface of your bed to make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. Multifunctional bunk bed from livingetc.

To give a different appearance to the shared bedroom decor, then choose and use a wallpaper that is different from the others. Use tropical wallpaper which is dominated by green and white colors so that it looks fresher and brighter. This tropical wallpaper will blend well when combined with bunk beds that have been repainted using plain white. In addition to giving a brighter final look, this wallpaper can also be used as a stylish statement wall. Focal point tropical wallpaper from livingetc.

This colorful book wallpaper is applied to a shared bedroom decoration that is suitable for your children. This wallpaper really inspires children to read their favorite book. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use a wooden bed that has been painted in red so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. This room will be a fun place for your children because they can play and sleep together in the same room. Focal point wallpaper book from livingetc.

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