29 Creative Ideas to Design a Kids Bedroom

When it comes to designing a bedroom for kids, you need to include fun and exciting features that will make your little ones feel happy when spending time in the room. Some ideas of kids’ bedroom below can help you get started. 

Kids Bedroom in World-Traveling Theme

This is one of the kids’ bedroom decor ideas that will enhance the creativity of your children. The room setting is basically designed in a world-traveling theme, which includes maps, landscapes, globes, or even some interesting souvenirs from different countries around the world.

Because the bedroom is intended for kids, what you need to do is wrap those elements in a fun and exciting way. You can hang some small-size globes on the ceiling and opt for ship-inspired bed frame. Your main job with this bedroom setting is sending the message to the little ones that world exploring is fascinating.


Applying map wallpaper with animal painting accents will make your child’s bedroom decoration more attractive and will steal the attention of many people. This decoration seems to take your child around the world. Using a pale white background and combined with this wooden furniture will give a warm room design and have a natural impression. Map wallpaper with animal painting from thetravelhack.

This decor welcomes bright and earthy colors to the nursery with the help of a map that serves as a regular wallpaper. This design looks fun and exciting because it will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Combined with the green bed frame will balance the look of this bedroom. Map wallpaper from countryliving.

This rustic-themed children’s bedroom has a white wall color scheme for a room that looks neat and clean. Adding this globe map will be one of the children’s bedroom decorating ideas that will increase your child’s creativity. Putting it on this nightstand and pairing it with some pie ornaments will create a charming room decor. Globe map ornament from countryliving.

Decorating a seaside bedroom with a bed map will create a unique room decor that will steal the attention of many people. You can combine it with a white, blue and cream color scheme with wooden floor accents for a warm impression throughout the room. You can also add some furniture for an attractive and stylish room decor result. Bed map decor from digsdigs.

This industrial bedroom design with a headboard wall covered with a world map will take your child around the world. Complementing the look with this floating mattress also provides a stylish and trendy look. Hardwood floors and a light brown color scheme will give the room a warm and serene feel. Wall world map from digsdigs.

This rope world map wall art with photos from travels adds travel style to your kids’ bedroom decor. Placing it on a headboard with a pale white background, will display a charming room decor and will steal people’s attention. Don’t forget to add chandeliers on the right and left of the headboard for stunning results. Rope world map wall deco from digsdigs.

This fabulous racetrack themed room features room decor that catches the eye. This bed, which is designed like a car garage, provides an attractive room decoration and becomes the center of attention. This room is also equipped with wheel-shaped carpet, mural photo of the racetrack, and even a fuel pump pole. Racetrack themed room from hgtv.

This helicopter-shaped bed makes for an attractive room decor and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Using this world map wall will also give your bedroom a unique look. Opting for this blue color scheme and large windows will result in a room that is fresh and airy. Helicopter-shaped bed from hgtv.

This boat-shaped bed makes your child’s bedroom decoration more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. The blue and white color scheme in this room will provide a fresh and airy decor. Several framed paintings on the headboard offer an interesting room for you to try. Boat-shaped bed from hgtv.

This kids bedroom features a world map for an interesting wall decor. It will be the perfect focal point of the room and will steal the attention of many people. Combined with some modern furniture, this will result in a stylish room decoration. Map wall kids bedroom from elledecor.

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Kids Bedroom with Reading Corner

The presence of books in the children’s room will surely boost their creativity. Therefore, if you want to follow this idea, an interesting bookshelf should be included on the top list of the kids’ bedroom furniture. 

Although your kids can read the books practically anywhere, it is still important to provide a comfortable reading space near the bookshelf. Spread a nice rug, provide a cozy armchair, or add some throw pillows to make your children feel happy and relaxed while reading.

Both bean bags complete with pillows add to the impression of comfort when your little one reads. Don’t forget to complete the look with an open bookcase for a neat and stylish reading room decor. Choosing this large burlap rug will also provide a warm room. Some of these framed wall hangings also create a stylish room that steals the attention of many people. Bean bags reading corner from mommodesign.

In the corner of the room you can add a comfortable reading area for you to try. This small table and chair set complete with cabbage open shelves gives a comfortable impression and will spruce up your room. Opting for this light gray color scheme offers a warm and serene space. Small table and chair set from mommodesign.

Reading books comfortably you can apply to the design of your child’s bedroom. Don’t forget to complete the decoration with a book storage rack made of wooden crates to make it easier for your child to store books. At the top of these crates you can also add open shelves for extra storage design into the room. This floor mattress complete with pillows will also provide a comfortable and warm room. Wooden crates book stroage from mommodesign.

Complementing the decor of a child’s bedroom by adding a reading area in the corner of this room will give a unique and eye-catching look. You can also add a wooden cube shelf to enhance the look of your bedroom. Some character floor pillows and other ornaments will complete the decoration of this reading room. Wooden cube shelf from mommodesign.

This open cabinet shelf makes it easy for your child to store used books. You can also complete the look with a comfortable mattress and some warm pillows and blankets for a stylish look. Using patterned walls and blue carpet will give the room a fresh and attractive look. Open cabinet shelf from elledecor.

This armchair, wooden bookshelf and rug will complement any cozy and inviting room décor. This gray wall will also provide a warm and calm room. Adding guitar ornaments and hanging it on the wall will present a stylish room. Armchair reading book from ofdesign.

In the corner of the child’s bedroom, you can add a comfortable reading area for your child. Don’t forget to complete the decorations with bookshelves and low mattresses so your little one feels happy and relaxed while reading. This garland ornament will also give an attractive appearance. Reading book child’s bedroom from ofdesign.

In this child’s bedroom you can add a reading area in the corner of the room. Complete the look by adding a bookshelf on the wall and this cozy sitting area will make your child feel at home. You can also add some patterned pillows for a cozy and inviting room. Bookshelf reading area from ofdesign.

This reading area with blackboard and black wire bookshelf creates a stylish room decor that attracts crowds. You can also add some floor cushions to make the room cozy and inviting. Adding this symbol wreath gives the room an interesting design. Corner reading area from ofdesign. Reading area from ofdesign.

Applying a bookshelf in the corner of a child’s bedroom is also equipped with a bean bag to create a comfortable impression when your child reads a book. This decoration will give a stylish look and will steal the attention of many people. This all-white scheme will give it a broad and sleek look. Corner bookshelf from ofdesign.

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Jungle-Themed Bedroom for Kids Who Love Animals

Bringing nature into your kids’ bedroom is always a good idea, especially if your little ones are fond of animals. To start designing a bedroom with a jungle theme, choose wall paint instead of wallpaper. Paint trees and grass on the wall and make it look more fun by adding some animal pictures.

Since the wall is already exciting, you can go easier with the bedding. A comfortable bed without a frame is the best match for this setting. To complete the design, place a wooden bookshelf on the corner and fill it with animal-themed books.

Using a forest theme by applying a forest-patterned wallpaper will create a stylish room decor and have a fresh touch. Wooden floors and some of this furniture will give a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Greenery theme bedroom from from architectureartdesigns.

Complementing the forest-themed bedroom decor, you can add animal paintings and some green plants for an attractive room result and steal the attention of many people. Wooden accents on the bed and some stuffed animals will represent this jungle style. The ivory color scheme will give it a calm and warm look. Forest-themed bedroom from architectureartdesigns.

On the headboard you can add paintings of giraffes and birds to strengthen the forest theme in your child’s bedroom decoration. Equipped with green vines accents will give a fresh and natural room decor into the room. Opting for this beige and green color scheme will give the room a calm and warm feel. Animal painting wall from architectureartdesigns.

This monkey and banana tree painting creates a forest theme in your child’s bedroom design. This will give the room a unique decor as well as give it a stylish look. Choosing a bed made of wood will also give a natural touch to this child’s bedroom. Monkey and banana tree kids bedroom from architectureartdesigns.

Complementing the decoration of a child’s bedroom using a tree house accent in this room will provide a unique decoration and steal attention. Using this hammock will give the impression of an attractive and stylish room. Tree house kids bedroom from architectureartdesigns.

The brown and green color scheme in this child’s bedroom presents a stylish room decoration that will steal the attention of many people. The use of wood accents on the floor and ceiling will give your room a warm and rustic feel. This bedroom complete with canopy also gives a stylish look. Brown and green color scheme from architectureartdesigns.

With a forest theme, you can apply it to your child’s bed for interesting results and look more stylish. With a green background and plus animal paintings, this will give it a unique look. Wooden floors complete with green fur rugs will balance the warm design of the room. Forest theme kids bedroom from architectureartdesigns.

In a child’s bedroom, you can use paintings of birds and green trees for maximum results. This will provide an interesting room decoration for you to try with a touch of fresh impression into your child’s bedroom. The white color scheme and the wooden bed frame give it a unique look and grab the attention of many. Bird painting wallpaper from homemydesign.

This forest-themed kids bedroom has a unique room design that will steal your child’s attention. Complementing the decor by adding animal paintings to this wall will result in a stylish and attractive room decor. This green color scheme gives the room a fresh and relaxed feel. Forest-themed kids bedroom from homemydesign.

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Hope you get inspired by the ideas of kids bedroom above. Now, your job is choosing the right bedroom design that will fulfill the needs of your children and match their preference.


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