Easy-to-Follow Bedroom Décor Ideas in Popular Styles

A stylish and comfortable bedroom is not a hard thing to achieve. There are lots of décor options for the bedroom that can be done with ease; yet, they will give you a good feeling when you rest up at night and wake up in the morning. Five popular bedroom décor ideas below are an excellent choice to get started.

1. Modern Style

Closely linked to sleek and minimalist designs, the modern bedroom décor is one of the easiest styles to follow. For starters, this design doesn’t need any additional adornment in the room. You only need to stick with monochrome shades and clean-cut features for the essential bedroom furniture.

An easy step that you can try to get a modern bedroom look with the most popular style today is to use furniture that is simple but looks charming. A minimalist look will make your modern bedroom feel more comfortable. Use white in most decorations so that the modern minimalist look in your bedroom is maximized and feels wider and of course will make the lighting in your room perfect. White modern bedroom from elledecor.

In order not to be boring, you can also include some furniture with bright colors to complement your modern bedroom decor. A blue bed combined with white will make your modern bedroom more cheerful. You can also place additional furniture in the same color as a blue sofa with a blue glass coffee table in your modern bedroom. Bold color furniture bedroom from elledecor.

To make your modern bedroom look more luxurious, you can also use faux fur bedding which has a softer surface. In addition to making your modern bedroom look luxurious, fake fur bedding can also provide maximum warmth while you rest. To make the modern bedroom look more leverage, use a small minimalist chair as well as a place to store some of your collection of books. Faux fur bedding ideas from elledecor.

2. Rustic Style

Natural materials become the focal point in a rustic bedroom. Those who want to go with this style can include distressed or reclaimed wood for the furniture. As for the accessories, some textured fabrics and antique adornments will get the work done.

The first easy step that you can try to get a rustic bedroom look is to include wood elements for the decoration. A bedroom that uses wooden walls will make your rustic bedroom look even more warm and soothing. In addition to being applied to a wooden accent wall, you can also apply it to the floor. Give a final touch to the decor using wood elements with a layer of transparent paint to make it look more natural. Wooden floors and walls from homebnc.

You can also use a headboard made of white reclaimed wood. White reclaimed wood will make your rustic bedroom more leverage. It is supported again if you use other classic ornaments that are all white, for example tassel bedding, classic chandeliers, and unique wall decor. Reclaimed wood headboard from homebnc.

You can use wooden boards as walls that will warm your bedroom. Keep your wooden walls open and reveal their original appearance which makes them look more natural. You can also use a large window that connects directly to a green courtyard, so the rustic look will be more pronounced. Natural wooden wall boards from homebnc.

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3. Industrial Style

Another popular style in the bedroom décor ideas is industrial design. Relies heavily on muted colors and metallic elements, this style will give your bedroom the look of a vintage loft. You can also complete the design by having an exposed brick on one side of the wall.

Choosing a room theme with an industrial style is indeed an interesting thing. The first step you can take is to use open bricks to the area of ​​part of the bedroom wall. In addition, to complement the industrial style, you can also use a hanging lantern that will make the industrial style even more pronounced, hang it right above the nightstand you are using. Open brick wall from decoist.

To further help the lighting in your bedroom, you can use bright neutral colors, for example, white. You can also use white to coat the exposed bricks in this bedroom as a whole. The all-white appearance will make your bedroom brighter and more spacious, don’t forget to use a wooden ceiling of the same color. Repaint white brick wall from decoist.

The combination of modern and industrial style will look more attractive. Open bricks on one of the bedroom walls will show a charming industrial style, while minimalist furniture will create a luxurious modern look. This very favorite combination will never go out of style. Combination of red brick walls with minimalist furniture from decoist.

4. Scandinavian Style

Clean, cozy, casual; all of those vibes can be achieved when you apply the Scandinavian design to the bedroom. To add warmth to the space, this style deals with a lot of textures, lines, and patterns. Do follow that rule when choosing for bedroom accessories, including rugs or curtains.

To meet the characteristics of a Scandinavian-themed bedroom, you need some accessories that have patterns or lines. A simple look in a bedroom with a Scandinavian style will make it look neater, so it’s not boring, try to use a monochrome pillow with a unique motif which will certainly be a focal point in your bedding design. Some furniture made of plywood is the right choice. Monochrome patterned pillowcase from onekindesign.

Not only is it enough to add accessories that have line motifs, you can also use carpets that have unique ornamental shapes as well. Use some of the rugs that you applied to the Scandinavian bedroom floor. No need to use a lot of furniture in a Scandinavian bedroom so that your bedroom always looks neat and clean. Jute rugs with unique shapes from onekindesign.

Scandinavian bedroom decorations usually use several neutral color combinations so that they look very elegant and unobtrusive. You can use bedding fabrics with a mix of black, white and gray for a non-tacky look. Do not forget to use wood floors to emphasize the appearance of this bedroom to the maximum and of course as expected. Neutral color Scandinavian bedroom from onekindesign.

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5. Bohemian Style

Some would say that the Bohemian style is liberated; it is actually a good thing because you don’t have to follow a strict rule when applying this style to the bedroom. Bohemian allows you to mix different textures and color tones, as long as it creates a relaxing vibe in the room.

Express your creative ideas in the bedroom using a bohemian style. Use bright colors on the walls and some accessories in your bedroom. You can also use some furniture with rattan material, the selection of rattan material will not only support the bohemian style in your bedroom, the age of rattan can also last longer and not easily porous. DIY rattan furniture from homebnc.

The bohemian style will be more pronounced if you use some accessories with bright color motifs. For example, on the carpet that is right next to the bed that has a pattern or motif with a bright color. Bedding with tassels can also add to the beauty of your bohemian bedroom. Some wall decor and greenery will also complement the beauty of your bohemian bedroom. Bohemian bedroom interior from homebnc.

The final idea for decorating a bohemian bedroom is to decorate an empty wall using a jute mat that is beautifully hung. Combine this hanging jute rug with an abstract canvas painting that has a mix of pastel colors so it looks so beautiful. A rattan bench with a round shape complements this bedroom furniture idea to the maximum. Hanging jute wall accent from homebnc.

Take those bedroom décor ideas into account when you are looking for an easy and fuss-free way to decorate your comfortable sleeping space.

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