45 Creative Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Confuse on how to decorate your bedroom? You can try to decorate it by implementing the gorgeous Bohemian decoration style. It will be really such a good choice especially for you who have a free soul and love to deal with artistic things. In case the bedroom is your private room, then it could be your chance to express your ideas and imagination of the perfect bedroom by choosing the Bohemian decoration style. You can absolutely do anything you want whether it will be crowded, full of colors, or even maximalist.

Basically there are things that you can consider when decorating your bedroom with the Bohemian style. Here, things that most common is the pattern. Yes, you are right! Bohemian style famous with its artistic and unique patterns that applied to the furniture, rug, wall, ceiling, just anywhere! Moreover, commonly it also adapts the colorful decoration for a really standout and festive decoration style. However, you can absolutely have it in the white color scheme if you want the simple and calm one. Check out the following decoration ideas for more comprehension.

Headboard Rattan from indecora
Rattan Bed from indecora
Banana Leaf from indecora
Large Cactus Plant from indecora
Rattan Basket and jute rug from itsclaudiag
Tapestry and Tribal Blanket from itsclaudiag
Hanging plants from curatedinterior
Brown shades from stylecaster
Rattan storage from stylecasterwf
Black Metal bed frame from stylecaster
Vintage woodenn side table from stylecaster
Wood carving headboard from stylecaster
Grennery boho bedroom from stylecaster
Orange shades from stylecaster
Unique rattan headboard from stylecaster
Wooden box side table from stylecaster
Industrial bohemian bedroom from stylecaster
White metal bed from stylecaster

From the decoration examples above, you can see that besides the pattern and color, the Bohemian style also focusing on the materials that are used. For the authentic style impression, you can use the wooden material which commonly crafted. Then, rattan material is also really loved and commonly used as you can utilize it for your furniture or even the ornament. Well, although it is rarely used, the metal and gold material also used for those who want to bring a certain impression.

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The last one is for the greenery. It becomes an important part of the Bohemian style since it also adapts the natural concept. In this case, what you need to do to strengthen the Bohemian touch is by providing the planter that represents the Bohemian style. It could be from the pattern or the material. Well, you might also do it by choosing the plants where commonly the plants that used to create the Boho style are the tropical plants as you can see from the picture references above. So, what kind of Bohemian style you choose for your bedroom?

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