Complete Your Summer with These 25 Bar Cart Ideas

Having your own bar in your house for summer is really awesome. Well, in spending summertime, you’ll need some beverages, right? Nothing will be more perfect than having the home bar, then. Anyway, to have a real bar in your house is quite difficult related to the budget and the spot in case your is not spacious. But, you don’t need to worry because you can have the bar cart. This one only needs a small space and is easy to move. It will be great so that you can have the cart both indoors and outdoor. There are some kinds of bar cart designs that you can have related to the rack, storage, material, and style of the rack. You can see the complete ideas on the images below that are completed with the explanation.

Porch Bar Cart Decoration

There’s nothing wrong with putting a bar cart on the porch decoration as an area to make drinks for you or your guests who come. You can decorate this bar cart according to the summer theme as an initial welcome that you can easily do. The best part is that it is completely portable because it is equipped with small wheel legs. Add blooming flowers and greenery as decorations that can instantly emphasize the summer theme. Summer Porch Bar Cart from nashvilleedit

Tropical Summer Vibes

The existence of this summer bar cart is perfected with a tropical touch that will never fail. Decorations that you can do is to add a frame painting with a flamingo pattern which is dominated by white and pink. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add faux tropical plants that are quite large, think of it as your own personal coffee bar. The use of this faux tropical plant is intended so that it does not wilt easily when used for a long period of time. Tropical Summer Bar Cart from _debmartin

Summer Gold Bar Cart

Choose and use a bar cart with gold color for a more luxurious look. Now you can decorate it with flower arrangements that are blooming and green plants that are applied to a ceramic vase that has a beautiful pattern. With this, the bar cart design is ready to be placed in a room that is often visited by your guests or family. The top of this bar cart can be filled with a few glasses that have shades of pink and a bottle of non-alcoholic drinks. Gold Color Bar Cart from designhome

Round Bar Cart

The minimalist look of this summer bar cart gives a look that never goes out of style. The gold color looks very shiny when exposed to the reflection of the sun or the lights around it. To emphasize the summer theme, you can use ceramic pineapple ornaments that have a plain white neutral color. Books can also be placed at the bottom of the bar cart so that anyone who is interested can read it. Minimalist Look Bar Cart from mintwoodhome

Style With the Seasons

When you have a bar cart at home, just decorate it according to the current season. You can redecorate it with a summer theme which is dominated by a mix of gold, pink and green colors. All these colors will work together well and maximally. Here, you can add an arrangement of roses and green plants that are arranged as neatly as possible. This bar cart also has a special area to put a few bottles of drinks so that it is safer when it will be moved to another place as needed. Summer Bar Cart from jayes_studio

DIY Wooden Bar Cart

Wood is one of the highly recommended materials for bar cart designs that can be placed in your kitchen. Complete the look of this bar cart with a sunflower arrangement that can be applied in a vase tin that has been repainted in plain white. You can put some glasses, drink bottles and plates neatly in this bar cart area with a neat and orderly arrangement. No need to repaint, let this wood look natural and environmentally friendly. Natural Wood Bar Cart from marjiemare

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Gold Iron Bar Cart Decoration

In addition to having a sturdy material that is not easily porous, this bar cart also has a shiny color when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. You can do routine maintenance to get a bar cart that is always clean and hygienic. The flower arrangement that is applied to this transparent glass vase is an additional decoration that you can easily get in the backyard garden. Fill this vase with clean water so it doesn’t wilt easily when placed in the room for a long time. Summer Iron Bar Cart from minibardelivery

Appear Neatly Look

No need to bring all your coffee glasses or drinking glasses to the bar cart area, you can use just enough for a more neat and orderly arrangement. If you have excess wine or drinks then just keep the rest in the kitchen. This bar cart design has two rack arrangements that you can use all of them to the fullest. For example, for the top you can use it to put a few bottles of drinks, and the next shelf to put your glasses. Neat and Orderly Arrangement from _jaleesaxo

Summer Wheels Bar Cart

With this bar cart you may find delicious and unique alcoholic drinks. You can also buy your favorite drink that is liked by your family or guests who come to your house. Just choose and use a bar cart design with wheel legs to make it easier to move to another place when needed. This simple design can be perfected with a striped ceramic vase filled with faux tropical plants to keep it looking fresh and not easy to wither. Wheel Legs Bar Cart from jayes_studio

Vintage Style Summer Bar Cart

When you’ve got your basics down, it’s time to try some style. Colors, patterns and textures all come into play in the design of your bar cart. Its glossy gold color and sizeable wheels add to its distinctive style and function. It’s not enough to stop here, the handles on the right and left sides make it easy for you to move it to the area where it is needed. Place it right in front of the window to get a beautiful view. Vintage Look Bar Cart from knoxstreetdallas

Glass Summer Bar Cart

This bar cart design made of transparent glass is the best choice that you can choose as one of the furniture that plays an important role in decorating your home. Combine this glass material with a layer of iron that has a shiny gold color. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a DIY summer garland that can be hung on the outer surface of this bar cart. Because this furniture has a size that is not too big, it is very suitable to be applied in homes with limited decorations. Glass and Iron Material Bar Cart from whenpigsflyblog

Round Shaped Bar Cart

Your summer will be more perfect when it is equipped with several types of drinks that will be enjoyed with your family and friends. Therefore, you can have a minimalist bar cart that has a round shape that looks elegant. You can choose it with high-quality materials so that it is not easily porous or rusty when used for a long period of time. Stainless steel material is the best choice that you can combine directly with glass material that has a fairly good thickness. Elegant Round Shaped Bar Cart from 1briasmom

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Industrial Style Summer Bar Cart

Wood and iron are a combination of materials that you can apply to your DIY bar cart design in your home. Instantly these two materials present an industrial theme instantly. What you need to do here is no need to repaint for a more natural look. But it’s good for the iron material to be repainted with dark black to make it look more elegant and not too dull. These tropical plants and napkins with floral patterns create a touch of summer tropical to match the seasons this month. Wooden and Iron Material Bar Cart from francis_j_fick

Farmhouse Bar Cart Decoration

Match the bar cart theme to your home decor. When you use a farmhouse home decor, it’s a good idea to use a summer bar cart with a similar theme. Its simple appearance is complemented by the presence of a series of green plants and faux flowers made of white and nude tissue material. The frame made of iron makes this bar cart more sturdy, strong and not easily damaged when used throughout the summer. Provide various types of drinks with different flavors and variants. Summer Farmhouse Bar Cart Design from mycreativedays

Outdoor Summer Bar Cart

Not only indoors, but you can also provide a bar cart for outdoor decorations or more precisely in the backyard garden area. Choose and use this bar cart design with the main material of natural rattan which has a smoother surface and is more sturdy even with the changing outdoor weather. Its existence will make it easier for you when making drinks for your guests or family who are present to gather at the weekend. Decorate the sides of this bar cart with DIY paper or tissue paper roses and leaves. Summer Rattan Bar Cart from thebluegooseevents

Natural Rattan Summer Bar Cart

If you need a bar cart in the outdoor garden deck area, then choosing rattan is a smart idea that you can choose. Do the painting with brown color for a more glossy and clean look. The design of this summer bar cart is very simple and has two storage shelves that you can use to the fullest. When the top shelf is used to put drinks and glasses, the bottom shelf can be used to put fruits and snacks that will be served. Rattan Garden Bar Cart from bhgaus

Use Accessories for Added Interest

To add a charming look, you can add some beautiful accessories for a summer bar cart design that attracts more attention. Accessories that you can choose are pineapple ornaments, glasses with tropical patterns that will add a little touch that can be very helpful. It’s not enough to stop here, the blooming flower arrangements are also an additional decoration that can give a fragrant aroma to a room. Colorful straws add distinctive style and function. Festive Style Summer Bar Cart from

Summer Bar Cart in the Living Room

The living room is one of the rooms that your guests often visit, so perfect the look with a bar cart filled with several glasses and straws that you can use to make a drink. The blue color of this glass gives a touch of beach that looks fresh. Move the bar cart easily when needed, iron legs equipped with wheels are the best choice, highly recommended. Furthermore, the use of a throw pillow with a floral pattern emphasizes the summer theme. Summer Beach Bar Cart from woolandvinedesign

Have Fun With Florals

You can really decorate the bar cart with a beautiful garland dominated by fresh flowers and greenery. Just apply it evenly to the bar cart as long as it doesn’t interfere with its main function. Just design and make this garland yourself according to the theme and pattern you want. Once installed properly and perfectly, then display it in one of the rooms of your house as an area to make a glass of drink that will be served to your guests. Floral and Greenery Garland from bonjourfete

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Iron Material Summer Bar Cart

The summer bar cart design with iron material is the best choice because it has a fairly sturdy material and of course has a smoother surface. Choose and use iron material that has a gold color to make it look more luxurious and different. To give a touch of summer, you can hang a pineapple ornament with a size large enough, DIY string light is also an additional decoration that is very easy to get at home supply stores. Arrange all your equipment as neatly as possible on this bar cart. Summer Iron Bar Cart from sarahsofiaproductions

Corner Summer Bar Cart

Take advantage of one corner of the room in your house as an area to put a bar cart design that will accompany your summer throughout the day. Just choose and use a simple design to make it cheaper and more affordable. With this, the corner of the room will be more useful properly and maximally. Not only that, the existence of this bar cart also does not take up a lot of floor area and certainly does not interfere with the main function of your home room. Simple Corner Bar Cart from veronica.m.dillon

DIY Wooden Bar Cart

Have a bar cart with two tiers to make it useful for placing and storing your drink utensils. You can make this summer bar cart yourself with materials you have around your house. Wood material is one of the right choices that you can use right now. For a natural and environmentally friendly look, you don’t need to repaint it with a flashy color. Wooden Summer Bar Cart from laurenmccoydesigns

Keep It Minimal

To avoid chaos in the bar cart area, you can only place important items in your cart. With this, the overall appearance will be cleaner and minimalist. A glass, a drink bottle and a flower arrangement are good enough to fill this bar cart. Furthermore, to emphasize the summer theme, then place a fairly large green plant right next to this bar cart as a natural decoration that you can get in the backyard garden. Minimalist Bar Cart from blessmamas

Classic Style Summer Bar Cart

Classic and vintage looks will never fail for your summer bar cart design this year. The shiny color makes it look more attractive. Use gold iron material that already looks weathered for the main ingredient of this bar cart. Then you can add wheels at the foot of the bar so that it can be moved more easily when needed in another room. Decorate the top surface of this wagon bar with a rose arrangement that is applied to a fairly small stainless steel vase. Classic Bar Cart at the Corner from paigeminear

Summer Garland Decoration

Do you want an instant summer bar cart design? If so, then make a DIY garland made of paper with a variety of different colors and shapes. Garland forms that can be used are flowers, tropical leaves and flamingos that have bright pink splashes. String all these crafts together using a white thread to make a beautiful summer garland. After that, hang it on both sides of the bar cart with a strong enough bond so it doesn’t come off easily. DIY Paper Garlands from allthingskatiesantana