40 Chairs and Sofas to Decorate a Perfect Mid-Century Living Room

You cannot decorate a living room without chairs and sofas, but what chairs should you buy for a Mid-Century décor? You don’t need to buy expensive furniture, just make sure they have the right characteristics for Mid-Century design: modern, fuss-free, but with a slight unique element.

Here are some chairs and sofas you can consider when creating a Mid-Century living room.

1. Chrome Chairs

Chrome chairs with modern lines are great options for any Mid-Century décor. They are available in various styles, from straight and jutting to slightly curved in a contemporary style. Choose chrome chairs with comfortable padding or cushions, complete with bold colors or geometric/abstract patterns.

Wooden and black chair from bobbyberk
Metal chrome chair from apartmenttherapy
Brown chair from apartmenttherapy
Leather chrome chair from adorable-home

2. Tufted Sofa with Angled Legs

The tufted sofa is a popular sofa option for the Mid-Century living room. You can add a fresh element by choosing a sofa with angled wooden legs. The slightly muted versions of bold colors, like green, red, or blue, can serve as unique focal points in a living room.

Grey tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Long tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Tufted Seat Sofa from awesomedecors
Square modern tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Vintage tufted sofa sleeper from awesomedecors
Purple diamond tufted sofa from awesomedecors
French style tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Small red tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Green tufted velvet sofa from awesomedecors
Grey velvet tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Small modern tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Upholstered tufted fabric sofa from awesomedecors
Grey tufted sofa from awesomedecors
Button tufted wingback sofa from awesomedecors

3. Tubular Chairs

Tubular chairs have tubular metal as their frames, creating unique curved looks. Many tubular chairs from the 60s feature short backs and metal armrests, while others are upholstered or covered with vinyl and synthetic leather.

Brown tubular chairs from gearpatrol

4. Daybed Sofa

Daybed sofa started to be more popular after the war, due to people looking for unique ways to expand their living area. A daybed may be straight/solid or have sections, and you may fund tufted models to fit the Mid-Century aesthetic better. Modern daybed sofas come in unique shapes, including the L-shaped sofas to accommodate more guests.

Clasic daybed from hgtv
Brown daybed from hgtv
White daybed from hgtv
Plywood Mid-Century modern daybed from deeplysouthernhome
Wooden daybed from advicefromatwentysomething
Carved leg daybed from elledecor

5. Tufted Lounge Chairs

Typical lounge chairs from the Mid-Century Modern era have tufted upholstery, with frames made of exposed wood. The chair color may be bold or subtler, sometimes with geometric patterns. However, the exposed wood provides a little neutralizing and natural touch, which is another characteristic in Mid-Century design.

Wooden and black leather from home-designing
Leather tufted lounge chair from home-designing
Italian leather lounge chair from home-designing

Chairs and sofas are more than just sitting places. Choose the right furniture items when you create a Mid-Century décor, and enjoy the modern, unique, but still elegant result.

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