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9 Timeless Hand Carved Door Designs That Will Inspire You

Hand carved door tell us more about creativity. Usually, it reminds us about colonial historical er…

Hand carved door tell us more about creativity. Usually, it reminds us about colonial historical era. The use of wood with some detail sculptural pattern give us knowledge about how clever people from past. They tend to use hand to create anything magically. Moreover, hand carved door still applicable till this decade as these inspiring designs below;

Animal Pattern

Animal Pattern


Animals have their own interest. Seeing the animal sculptural may remind us about the beauty of wild life inside Amazon. Elephant, tigers, cheetah, lion, and other wild animals have great power to save the forest as like this door that save the house.

African Art

This African hand carved door tells the beauty of African art. With the combination of some colors like brown, blue, red, and yellow this door reflects African life. Further, this door is full of traditional artistic value.

Peacock-Inspired Pattern

If you are a fan of peacock theme decoration, this door may trigger your interest. Let’s see how the sculptor creates this amazing pattern. Peacocks with some flowers show the wonderful of natural life around us.

Classic Aqua Blue

When you want to apply vintage-inspired door, this classic aqua blue may looked interesting for you. Simple pattern with neutral color will add classic tone for your home decoration. No need to apply any colors more.

Door With Scale Key

This door with simple sculpture design actually reminds us about the life kingdom era. The scale key acts as the focal interest of this door design with detail flower patterns. Let the door with its natural color to make it look classic and inviting.

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Middle East Hand Carved Door

No one wonders about the beauty of Middle East hand carved design. This door tells you more about how creative sculptors form that country. With layers, details, and time that shown by this door, you will recognize that this Middle East door will attract people eyes.

Geometrical Interpretations

Hand carved door doesn’t have to look classic, this modern design also looks interesting. See the geometrical patterns shown by this door that may inspire you more.

Floral Motifs And The Natural Environment

This carved wooden door shows the beauty of floral motifs and natural environment. Though this is most common door used by people for their house, but looks charming.

Door and Natural Stone

Inspired by colonial era door design, this door applies simple details. Then, the architect pairs it with natural stone.

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