10 Best Storage You Can Have

It is no doubt that storage is needed for any home. It is impossible for you not to have things to be stored. Or, not to store your stuff in the right organization. Anyway, there are so many storage designs that you can provide to your home that you should choose the ones based on your home space, home decoration style, and the things to be stored. For you who have a small home space, then there are certain storage designs that you can have that will surely save your space and are really practical. Anyway, if you don’t have any limitations for the home space, then you can simply focus on the beauty of the aesthetic side of the storage without considering the practical design that you should bring.

Install Pull-Out Shoe Storage Ideas

Do you have an empty room under the stairs? If so, then you can use it as much as possible as a shoe storage rack which will be a smart idea when you have home decorations with limited space. This shoe rack can be used with easy reach and its use is also very practical. You can pull and push the shoe rack back when you have finished taking or storing the shoes that will be used. Do a repaint with white so that it has color harmony with the part of the ladder that is currently in use. In addition to a shoe rack, you can also use it as a hidden closet.

Shoe Storage Under the Stairs from homebnc

DIY Multifunctional Bed Storage

If you have a bedroom decoration with limited space, then you can sort and choose furniture with the right design. The bed is one of the furniture that must be owned. Therefore, you can buy a multifunctional bed made of teak wood which is perfected with storage underneath. For example, the bottom of the bed is equipped with bookshelves which will organize all the books neatly and not messy. You can also take the book back when you are read with a very easy reach.

Traditional Style Bed Storage from homebnc

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Gorgeous Bathroom Mirror Shelves

Install a special mirror that is equipped with built-in pull storage into furniture that you can apply in a bathroom decoration. Just apply it to the empty wall using a sturdy nail. The right mirror layout is above the vanity as a combination of furniture that will work well together. Sliding storage behind the mirror can be used to store all your make-up tools so that they are neatly arranged. In addition, you can also find all the make-up tools with a fairly effective and efficient time.

Multifunctional Mirror Shelves from homebnc

Keep Organized with Cabinet Organizer

Take advantage of some empty areas as storage ideas as creative ideas that you can do in any home decor. For example, you can use the area behind the door as storage by hanging an open cabinet that can be easily reached. This storage cabinet has several shelves that are arranged vertically so that it can be used to store several different types of items. To apply it to the back door, you can use iron hooks that are sturdy and don’t rust easily when used for a long period of time. The white tone scheme is a favorite color that you can use to emphasize the modern style in this room.

Wall Mounted Cabinet Organizer from homebnc

Use Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

The perfect way to expand the storage area in your home decor is with a room divider complemented by built-in shelves. This floor-to-ceiling divider gives you more storage area so you can store all small items neat and organized. Or if you want this divider as the focal point of the room, then you can use the shelves to place some vases of greenery and antique glassware. Do the painting with a mix of green and white for a more modern finish that doesn’t look too plain. This divider room limits the dining room decor to the kitchen decor that you can try right now.

Divider Room with Storage from homebnc

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Best Open Rack

Open shelves made of wood and have storage spaces of various sizes will provide more benefits. For example, you can use the smallest shelf to store soap stock and the largest shelf to place the washing machine. With this, the laundry room decoration will be more organized. Repainting with black will make it easier for you when combining it with other interiors that are around it. This shelf is one of the interior rooms that is able to organize all washing needs properly and efficiently.

Standing Laundry Rack Storage from homebnc

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Look at this kitchen pantry, doesn’t it look neat and orderly? Yes, you can try and do it easily. The first thing you can do is avoid storing all food stocks using their packaging. Currently, you can open and save it using several transparent glass containers that are arranged vertically with the appropriate size. Don’t forget to end with the use of written labels to make it easier for you when you need food stock with a more effective and efficient time. You can try this storage idea right now.

Pantry Container Label from thespruce

DIY Color Block Pegboard Storage

Shelves can add storage space, but now you can instead use pegboard storage which can be easily applied to the wall using nails. Because the outer surface of this pegboard storage has three different colors, it can also be used as a focal point in a room. Just do the painting yourself to save more budget expenses. For now you can use a pegboard as a storage pliers, scissors and hammer. With this you will find all household quickly so that it is more effective and efficient.

Hanging Pegboard Storage from thespruce

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Installing Roll Up a Cart

Increase storage in your home decor with the use of a roll-up cart that can be moved to any room easily as needed. The legs which are equipped with wheels are very efficient when in use. You can use it to store some clean towels, and the top surface can be used to place a flower arrangement in bloom. Choose and use this storage with a sturdy rattan material. Don’t forget to finish by re-polishing the surface of the roll-up cart for a more glossy appearance when exposed to reflected sunlight or the surrounding lights.

DIY Rattan Roll Up a Cart from housebeautiful

Repurposed Ladder Storage

One cheap and easy storage that you can apply in a monochromatic bedroom decor is a standing ladder blanket that is applied to an empty wall. Choose and use ladder storage with sturdy materials such as teak wood. Repaint using one of the colors that have been used on some of the interiors in it. Get this ladder storage at the nearest furniture store at a low selling price. The white nuance in this bedroom decor makes your ladder storage design look bolder and works very well.

Natural Wood Ladder Storage from housebeautiful


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