How to Provide Different Storage to Your Home

The storage is something important for a home decoration that is used to store your things so that everything could be seen as neat and organized. Anyway, in choosing the right storage for your home, you need to consider some things. For example, you should consider your home space, the stuff that you want to store, your home decoration style, and the beauty of the decoration itself. Also, don’t forget that each storage could be designed with the touches of decoration style that you want which is really interesting. You can check the details below.

Built-In Storage

The built-in storage is the one that could be proper for you who have a small home space. This kind of storage won’t need more space in your home. Also, its design makes your house be seen as spacious. The built-in storage can be applied to your bathroom, living room, kitchen, just anywhere that you think possible for the storage. You can make it with door or in form of an open-space design.

Books Shelves from Homebnc

Glass Built-in Shelves from Homebnc

Accessories Storage from Homebnc

Towel Storage from Homebnc

Bathroom Storage from Homebnc

White Built-in Storage from Homebnc

Orange Built-in Storage from Housebeautiful

Vertical Built-in Storage from Amazinginteriordesign

Curved Built-in Storage from Thisoldhouse

Dark Built-in Storage from Idealhome

House Plant Storage from Idealhome

Wooden Built in Storage from Shelterness

White Built-in Storage from Shelterness

Book Storage from Digsdigs

Ornament Storage from Digsdigs

Tissue Paper Storage from Homebnc

Built-in Bathroom Storage from Homebnc

Framed Built-in Storage from Homebnc

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Storage Bench

The storage bench is also proper for the small home space because it has a double function. You can use it as seating and as storage at once. Commonly, this kind of storage is available in the entryway. Also, you can find it in the living room, sometimes. The utilization of the storage bench can be for storing the footwear, cushions, or some of your collections. Here are the examples of the storage bench design ideas.

Wooden Crate Storage under Bench from Homedit

Storage Under the Seat from Homedit

Open Shelves Bench from Homedit

Wooden Bench with Drawers from Homedit

Wire Storage Bench from Homedit

Crate Bench Storage from Homedit

Industrial Storage Bench from Designertrapped

Galvanize Box Bench Storage from Designertrapped

Wicker Basket Bench Storage from Designertrapped

Drawer and Boxes Bench Storage from Completely-coastal

Wicker Basket Storage from Completely-coastal

Three Boxes Under Bench Storage from Completely-coastal

Pandan Basket Under Bench Storage from Completely-coastal

Shoes Rack Under Bench from Bobvila

Cube Shelving Storage Bench from Hative

Wooden Storage Bench from Hative

Shoe Storage Bench from Hative

Entryway Storage Bench from Hative

Floating Storage

You can install the floating shelf in case you want to have the wall decoration at once. Here, you can choose the aesthetic floating shelf design so that the shelf won’t only function to store the stuff but also to beautify the wall. It is awesome how the shelf can have varied designs and varied impressions as well. The following references will show you the designs of the floating shelf that could be interesting for your wall.

V Shaped Floating Shelf from Getbeautified

Floating Book Shelf from Mydomaine

Single Floating Shelf from Mydomaine

Brown Platform Wooden Floating Shelf from Homebnc

Wood Floating Kitchen Shelves from Homebnc

Corner Floating Shelves from Homebnc

Rustic Floating Shelf from Homebnc

Contemporary Floating Shelf from Homebnc

Thick Floating Kitchen Shelves from Homebnc

Industrial Floating Shelves from Homebnc

Squared Wooden Box Floating Shelf from Homebnc

Hexagon Floating Shelf from Homebnc

L-Shaped Floating Shelves from Homebnc

Triangle Corner Shelves from Decoist

Yellow Floating Shelves from Decoist


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