14 Space-Saving Tiny House Storage Organization Design Ideas

For some people live in a big city or apartment, having a tiny house is sometimes challenging. But, some of them may have no other choices. What they need then is how to manage the minimal space so that their tiny house looks tidy and stylish. As we all know, to make a well-organized tiny house, there are some tricks to apply, one of them is choose the right and smart storages.

Talking about storage for a tiny house, you may be wondering about what kind of storage you should have. Yeah, think of a space-saving storage that allows you to maximize the function of the storage, but it saves your limited space more. For those who live in an apartment especially, this tricky way must be considered to keep your rooms tidy. Well, check these ideas below and find the right storage for your tiny house.

The sofa box doubles as a storage container and can be rearranged to serve a variety of functions.
Adding a sleeping loft seems obvious but is often overlooked. For added efficiency, place storage under the stairs leading to the attic.
The entire top of the bed lifts with hydraulic arms and exposes a large area for storage underneath.
The need for the pantry is reduced by creating a food cube shelf that not only holds 18 food cubes, but also houses a kitchen power outlet and LED strip lights.
Through the drawer on the stair, it can provide a simple but smart storage area that can save in your tiny house.
Adding a bedside hook makes it easy for you to store your hat with ease. This is the perfect idea for you to try.
You can install several drawers under the stairs for your storage. This will color the space but can enhance the décor of your small home.
You can build some drawers on each of your stairs and use them to store your items. some cabinets in your kitchen are also useful for the storage area.
Build a cabinet under the stage to arrange a few other items. Great storage to make your tiny house look tidy.
Get up open shelves and place them on your sofa. It can be used to store several items and place ornaments at the same time.
You are free to apply a ladder design with several drawer storage areas. this can make it easier for you to store items there.
You can make several open shelves and use them for storage, besides being able to save space, it can also enhance your home decor.
Storage under the stairs is suitable to be applied in your tiny house. Keep the refrigerator, washing machine and a few other items under the stairs to save space at home.
Give more space to keep your fridge under the stairs to get more space in your tiny house. equipped with several drawers for extra storage.

First, hang things wherever you can. It means that you can have some hooks on the wall to hang some bags or hats. Second, consider cabinets as effective storages, especially for your tiny house kitchen. Moreover, you can add shelves to the sides of cabinets to store your herbs or other stuff. Open shelves will ease you to pick and put the stuff you need.

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Next, consider the free space under the stairs. This space is pretty functional since you get extra storage in a strategic spot. Install floating shelves to store your books like a mini-library. Also, you can have sliding stair drawers as hidden storages. These drawers are great for shoe storages. In addition, for your bedroom, find the bed with a double-duty design which provides drawers under it. Thus, you can store your clean blanket and bedsheets there. Woven baskets are the most common storages which can be used for any rooms. They are also movable and simple.


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