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8 Dining Rooms With Glass Table For Versatile And Pretty Look

Some people love to use glass table because it is easy to match with any chair styles. See-through …

Some people love to use glass table because it is easy to match with any chair styles. See-through glass table also can create larger room illusion. Glass table top can be combined with any legs material such as wood, metal, ceramic, or timber. So, it doesn’t have to use glass as all material. See how wonderful glass table for dining room as follows;

Reflection Brighten It

Reflection Brighten It


The designer of this dining room perfectly creates a bright dining room. White wall paint, white seating, glass table, more lighting and mirror that reflects the light. Even, you may see hidden sink and storage at this room as well.

Glass Table With Wooden Legs

Add great feel for dining room with this glass table. The wooden legs come with simple shape but look inviting. Moreover, they looked contrast with metal legs from the chairs. Those combination shows beautiful view.

With An Oversized Mirror

To have an elegant room that looks larger though in small space, you need to install a mirror. This is to reflect the dining seat, chandelier, and staircase to show the beauty of this dining room decor.

Glass Table With Unique Shaped Base

Elegant, comfy, and unique dining room design can be seen through the use of glass dining table at this room. Even, the chairs will bring you into a difference experience with mysterious atmosphere.

Glass Table And Glass Wall

Anyone will love this dining room design. We can see outdoor view at day or night because of glass wall. Then, the dining set with glass table, white chairs, sophisticated bulb lighting looked as tremendous dining room decoration.

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White Dining Set With Round Glass Table

White chairs looks perfect with round glass table in this bamboo color floor. Then, a sophisticated pendant light hanged over the dining area makes this room appear neat, clean, and modern but simple.

Intelligent Dining Room

Dining room with a library, why not? This design tells you more about how intelligence the owner of this house is. More books, with large glass window, and dining set with glass table combined well for a cozy dining room design.

Glass Table With Driftwood Accent

The driftwood candelabra takes major statement as the focal interest at this rectangular glass table. White color tone used to design this room along with glass sliding door. Furthermore, the pendant lights also add blinks to this room.



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