55 Proper Storage Basket Ideas

It can be said that storage is something important for a home. You will need it for sure so that you can make your home be seen as neat and well-organized. From the toys, appliances, food stock, and more, you will need the storage to store them all. Well, anyway, the common storage will make your home be seen as boring. In this case, you will need unique storage so that your home will be not only well-organized but also pretty. We do recommend you to use the basket since it has its own impression that won’t be common. Surprisingly, the basket is not only about the knitting product but it can also come in varied looks.

There are some materials that can be used for the basket product from the rattan, rope, sisal, wire, plastic, and more. The shape design of the basket itself can be varied from square to round. You can also give colors to the baskets. Put them in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, playing room, and more. If you have an open shelf and need a closed one for a certain part there, you can simply add baskets and store the stuff. Really easy and simple, right? With the varied designs that the baskets have, then here you can surely adjust the designs of your basket with your home decoration style just like the references that we will show you below.

Two Tone Color Basketball from diyjoy

Fabric Handle Basket from diyjoy

DIY Rope Basket from diyjoy

Woven Yarn Basket from diyjoy

Leather Woven Basket from diyjoy

No Sew Rope Baskets from diyjoy

Rag Rug Storage Baskets from diyjoy

Striped Pattern Basket from diyjoy

Vinyl Storage Basket from diyjoy

Bohemian Basket Style from diyjoy

DIY Fabric Basket with Handle from diyjoy

Fruit Shaped Baskets from diyjoy

Rattan Wicker Basket from diyjoy

Bold Color Storage Basket from diyjoy

DIY Hanging Basket from diyjoy

Pom-Pom Storage Basket from diyjoy

DIY Fruits Basket from diyjoy

Sport Storage Baskets from hgtv

Diaper Storage from hgtv

Living Room Basket from hgtv

Towel Storage Basket from hgtv

Natural Woven Basket from hgtv

Hanging Tissue Basket from hgtv

Firewood Basket Storage from hgtv

Black Woven Yarn Basket from hgtv

DIY Laundry Hamper from hgtv

Gold Iron Basket from hgtv

Label Basket Storage from hgtv

Pack Storage Basket from homebnc

Basket Storage for Kids from homebnc

Foldable Fabric Basket from homebnc

Textured Basket with Handles from homebnc

Basket Storage Tub with Lid from homebnc

Sleek Woven Storage from homebnc

Basket Closet Storage from homebnc

Gray Basket Storage from homebnc

Chicken Wire Baskets from homebnc

Tiered Metal Fruits Basket from homebnc

Kitchen Pantry Storage from homebnc

Repaint Basket Storage from homebnc

Bohemian Basket Bathroom from shelterness

Two Size Basketball from shelterness

Wicker Drawers Basket from shelterness

Basket Storage Under Bench from shelterness

Hanging Wicker Storage Basket from shelterness

Vegetable Basket from shelterness

Wicker Basket Chest from shelterness

Storage Basket Nightstand from shelterness

Pillow Storage Basket from shelterness

Hanging Bathroom Basket from shelterness

Color Block Basket from architectureartdesigns

White Plastic Basket from architectureartdesigns

Rustic Storage Basket from architectureartdesigns

Slippers Basket Storage from architectureartdesigns

Basket Organization from architectureartdesigns

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