30 Ways to Provide Natural Lighting to Your Home this Summer

Having natural lighting in your house is way much healthier than lamps. It is because letting the outdoor lighting inside means that you let the sunlight comes inside your house that will be able to maintain your house humidity. Also, you may save your budget to pay for the electricity. During summer, letting the sunlight inside your house is such a must. You should make use of the summertime maximally not to enjoy the sun outside but also inside. In this case, you can provide the glass door or window not only on your wall space but also for your roof. The glass roof won’t only let you get the sunlight during the day but also let enjoy the stars and the moon at night. That will be awesome, right? Here are the complete ideas for you!

Kitchen White Windows

For those of you who want natural and maximum lighting in living room decoration, it would be nice if you install transparent glass windows from floor to ceiling. A window mounted on one side of the wall is sufficient to illuminate the entire room evenly. Combined with the white color scheme in this beach kitchen design, it will create a spacious and bright room. A surfboard placed above the window can give a beachy touch to the entire white kitchen. White Trim Windows from angelicamckenzierealestate

Windows above Headboard

Use the window that is placed above the headboard of your bedroom as a source of sunlight that can enter the room freely. You can use this window with white trim for a more contrasting look. Combined with this white wall color scheme, it will create bright and spacious home decor. However, these windows offer a beautiful view of the outdoors and will amaze you. A bold look like this is perfect for those of you who want to save electrical energy. Windows above Headboard from hickoryhomes

Cottage Natural Lighting

The frameless windows in the living room of this cottage will provide natural lighting and offer beautiful outdoor views for you to try. This window style will never go out of style so it will give a unique and vintage look. Combined with a white color scheme and natural wood furniture, it will give a spacious impression and a natural touch to the entire room. Frameless Windows Natural Lighting from stonecottage2250

Windows and Door Glass

You can also combine glass panel doors with glass windows with white trim to maximize the classic look. Walls covered with gray paint will be very harmonious if you apply white to the door. Glass panel doors and windows will make it easier for light to enter the house so that it can save energy. The yellow flowers in this vase will also add a touch of summer to the whole room. Windows and Door Natural Lighting from tanikadrealtor

Living Room Windows

Present a different atmosphere so that the room in your house always gets natural lighting from direct sunlight, the easy way is to use a window that is placed in one of the windows. Don’t forget to use white trim and white walls for a matching color. The windows directly facing the green grass will always refresh your eyesight. Living Room Windows from modernglamhome

Farmhouse Wide Windows

Apply a farmhouse-style window in your dining room, this window also uses glass as its signature style so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. With this idea, you will have natural lighting and will make the display bright and spacious. Combining with this wooden furniture will give a more beautiful appearance while giving a natural touch to the entire room. Farmhouse Wide Windows from priscillaizumi

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Single Hung Windows

Take one right step to save energy, namely by using a glass window on one wall that will give a bright and spacious look. The natural light that enters through the window will spread throughout the room to the maximum so that there is no need to turn on the lights during the day. Adding this white double curtain will also make a beautiful decoration and will complete the look of your home. Single Hung Windows from ohidesignblog

Glass Brick

Not only will it look brighter, but the use of windows as walls will also make the room feel spacious and open. Choosing this type of glass brick window will make a beautiful decoration and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. Especially if it is supported by an all-white room paint, the effect of the area will be maximized. Eliminate excess light by using linen curtains that look elegant and not boring, these curtains are very easy to open or close so you can easily adjust the incoming light according to the needs of the room. Windows Glass Brick Dining Room from pipergonzalezdesigns


These windows and curtains are suitable to be applied to the decoration of the dining room to give the impression of a different room. To complete this window, you can combine it with a yellow color scheme on the walls to brighten up the room so that this summer will look festive. Blooming flowers in a vase and the pineapple pattern on this napkin will brighten up summer in this dining room. Windows and Shutter from hazeleyes_04

French Door

Another way to bring in light is to use French-style doors and windows that will bring natural light into the room. Choosing this window with white trim will contrast with this living room’s color scheme. The advantage of using this type of window is that it saves electricity so you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day. Glass Door Natural Lighting from 5starrealt0r

Ceiling Awning Windows

Choose a window awning in the bedroom this summer. Best of all, this window has a modern, rustic design that matches the decor in this room. This way, you will let the sunlight into your home and will make your room look bright and airy. Using a folding window style forward will make this room look stunning. A large door on one of these walls will also provide a bright light into this room. Awning Windows from dion.seminara.architecture

Large Blinds

A simple and easy way to provide this natural light, you can use window blinds on one of the walls of the living room this summer. Choosing this window will give the illusion of bright and airy space. These windows not only look amazing, but they also provide the best way to decorate windows. Pair it with a white color scheme and some wood accents for beautiful and eye-catching décor. Blind Summer Living Room from flipthistogether

High to Ceiling Windows

This corner workspace features floor-to-ceiling windows made of glass and iron. Choosing this type of window will give the house a wider and brighter appearance. Besides, it can be the best furniture decoration. By using this type of window you will let the sunlight into the house. With this idea, you will have an eye-catching modern home style that will present the perfect home decor. High To Ceilling Windows from welcomehomeinteriorsbykshama

Coastal Living Room

In this beach living room, get even more beautiful views from the rustic windows. The appearance of the white window matches the rest. This window offers natural light that enters the house so that your room looks bright and spacious. Combine it with burlap curtains that will give a natural impression of this window decoration. You can add some soft furnishings and wall decorations in the form of beach paintings to emphasize the natural feel of this summer house. Coastal Windows Living Room from jmyinteriors

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Summer Kitchen Natural Lighting

This small window in the corner of the kitchen helps you create natural light that will make your kitchen decor bright and spacious. Using this recycled wood trim will look natural and economical. Choosing windows for this natural light source will save energy during the day so you don’t have to turn on the lights. Combined with the white color scheme, it will give a bright and airy impression. Wooden Trim Windows from peony_and_fig

High to Ceiling Door

You can easily access the terrace with this modern high-to-ceiling window door decor. This design can be the best decoration to accommodate versatile furniture. This door window provides natural lighting that will make your home decor brighter and look spacious. You can place this door window in your summer dining room thereby creating a feeling of calm and summer splendor. High to Ceilling Door from markandday

Corner Windows Summer Laundry Room

Choosing natural light from this corner window will give a distinct look and bright design to the entire room. Combine window colors with white walls to create the best decor in this house. This distinctive farmhouse window display is a great display for creating a rustic style in this summer home. You can combine it with all shades of white with some furniture to make the decor beautiful and look more contrasting. Complementing the décor with this window will highlight a bright and airy room. Corner Window from oldmaplehome

Windows Behind Sofa

Placing a window at the back of this sofa will provide the perfect lighting for your entire home decor. choosing windows for light sources during the day is a good choice so it will save electricity. Using window curtains that are added with gold curtains will also give a different look. A few summer ornaments on this coffee table will enliven the summer in your living room. Blinds Windows from simple.joy.at.home

Half Wall Windows with Sherr Curtain

This dining area features many farmhouse windows to provide the best natural lighting and ventilation. Best of all, this window style gives you a more perfect decoration for this bedroom. Installing this half-walled window will give a unique look and a different design. The design will provide enough sunlight so that your room will still look spacious and airy. Half Wall Windows from theholidayhousedecor

Lot Large Windows

Giving a lot of farmhouse window style to this space is the best part of any room decor. This not only gives you the best ventilation in this room but also makes the sunlight easily illuminate the room. By having easy access to the open/close panels, you can get as much natural light as you want. Combined with an all-white color and carpet throughout, this room also features an inviting décor White Color Scheme and Windows from gatehouseno1

Castle Windows

Using large and wide windows will let sunlight into the room and will create a bright and spacious room. The design promotes better air retention which will help you dissipate less heat, especially during winter. Combined with white and checkered wallpaper, it will make beautiful home decor and stylish decor. Castle Windows from myclaireburke

Large glass windows 

This summer house decoration with large windows to the ceiling will create a unique design and will look attractive. Choosing a window like this will allow natural light to enter the entire house so you don’t have to turn on the electricity during the day. Combined with this oak ceiling, this makes a unique design that will look stylish. Glass Windows from decoist

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Black Trim Windows

The window in this kitchen backsplash makes the room decor brighter and looks wider. This window will also offer a beautiful outdoor view and will give a different design. Opting for this black and white wall trim provides a distinct design and the perfect contrast. This black backsplash will also balance the stylish look of the house. Black Trim Windows from luxuryorganized

Sliding Glass Door

This sliding glass door will provide natural lighting that enters the entire house. Choosing this idea will give a beautiful look and a perfect design for the whole room. Opting for this black trim and brick wall will give it an attractive and beautiful look. This door window is an eye-catching and eye-catching decoration. Sliding Glass Door from safestyleukplc


Position the skylight in the summer kitchen right where the sun will rise. That way the sun will warmly welcome you every morning and give you the enthusiasm to start your daily activities. The roof window is perfect for decorating a summer kitchen in a modern and minimalist style. Its easy and efficient way of application makes it the choice of room decoration this year. Skylight Kitchen Summer form our_datchet_home

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

This farmhouse-style kitchen decor is complemented by farmhouse-style windows to give it a bright and spacious design. This natural lighting will give a bright decoration and look more spacious. Choosing a pale white color on this trim will make the design unique and stylish. The pale white color scheme of this green cabinet and walls will make a difference in the design. Farmhouse Windows from americanfarmhousestyle

Large Windows Wall

This large window in the wall will create spacious and bright home decor. This is the best way to decorate your summer living room with a stylish look. The white curtains on this window make a beautiful decoration and provide a stylish design. This magenta sofa and several other pieces of furniture make this design unique. Natural Lighting from lauraudesigncollective

French Corner Windows

This corner of the house which is equipped with natural lighting offers a different design and looks stylish. This is a simple way that you can try to create a spacious and spacious decoration. Equipped with folding curtains will make a beautiful design on this french window. This small dining table set and white color scheme can give it a bright and cool look. French Corner Windows from loafhome

Ceiling Windows

The ceiling windows in this dining room provide a beautiful view and steal the attention of every guest who comes. This is a brilliant design for you to try that will provide natural lighting throughout the house. This design will make your home decor spacious and bright so you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day. This white color scheme and oak floor will also create a beautiful decor that looks more harmonious. Ceilling Windows from citifygroup

Glass Door Wall

Redecorate your home this summer using a large window on one of the walls to create a pretty décor that looks even more stylish. Choosing this large window will give the impression of a bright and spacious room and a different design. This is a simple way that you can try to save electricity during the day. This white color scheme and maroon sofa will make for lovely decor and will look more stylish and feel comfortable throughout the living room this summer. Glass Door Wall Lighting from ammanapts


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