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9 Whimsical Backyard Lighting Ideas to Bring Magic for Your Outdoor

Backyard lighting becomes one of the most important decorating projects to make your outdoor looks …

Backyard lighting becomes one of the most important decorating projects to make your outdoor looks impressive. Unique lighting will attract your eyes and keep you feel cozy at night. Designing backyard lighting deals with how you arrange the lamps whether lantern, string lights, or candles. The aim is to bring beauty for the backyard.

Natural Illuminated Log Pathway Lights

Natural Illuminated Log Pathway Lights


Along the day, these natural illuminated log pathway lights look like garden stool as well as others. However, when the night comes, you will see how these logs give you a gold light that will make the log shiny on the dark.

Moroccan Lantern Step Lighting

Bring back to your home the beauty of Moroccan. Using Moroccan lantern will give an incredible lighting design for your backyard. Just feel the mystery of Moroccan on each step of your backyard stair when you pass it every night.

Battery Powered Fairy Lights

Glass lantern always looks amazing for backyard lighting. It is whimsical for the one who loves the beauty of nature. Hang some glass lanterns on the tree and they will shiny in the dark. Let your backyard show its magic.

Magical Glowing Flower Garden Planters

Imagine these glowing pots are at your garden. There is nothing more interesting than having these magic pots. Even during the day, these pots show its own interest and become the main interest of the backyard.

Elegant Well-Lit Backyard Dinner

Have a great dinner! With some lanterns along the way to go to pergola, the backyard looks more whimsical. With pendants in each corner, your dinner will delighted more than you wish. More lamps make this place brighter.

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Simple Mason Jar Backyard Lighting

Just create magic through Mason jar backyard lighting for your garden. Hang them on the tree. The more Mason jar lighting you hang, the brighter your backyard will be. Consequently, you need to prepare candles as much as you can.

Pretty Purple Hanging Moroccan Lanterns

Again! Moroccan lanterns come with elegant look with purple color. Hang them on the beams also improve the pergola’s decoration. Match them with purple flower and pillows create harmony outdoor decoration.

Garden Grotto with String Lights

Let’s see a whimsical garden lighting design that looks so dreamy. Here, some string lights work together with mason jars, bottle lights and tabletop candles to create amazing garden grotto. Imagine yourself at this place tonight!

Hanging Chinese Lanterns

Hang some Chinese lanterns over outdoor seating is a brilliant lighting ideas. Those colorful lanterns give more colorful lighting in green, yellow, gold, of even red. Make a wish under these lanterns also will be the best moment at new years eve.

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