FAQs Regarding a Water Heater

We have come to rely on water heating systems so much that our life is unimaginable without them. Besides making the daily showers and other household chores a pleasant experience, water heaters provide hot water 24/7 for all our needs. In 2020, about 4.65 million homes used gas water heaters, and 4.58 million homes had electric water heaters. 

For places that experience sub-zero temperatures, the water in your pipes can freeze completely, and as pressure builds up, it can lead to the line bursting. Water heaters can help prevent them from freezing by keeping the water warm. 

If the pilot light on your water heater is not on, it means there is no hot water. So you need to know how to light a pilot light on a water heater.

How to Turn On The Pilot Light?

If you are trying to figure out how to light a pilot light on a water heater, you must know that the first step is to ensure that your water heater is turned off. 

Then, wait for a few minutes for the gas to clear. Now find the burner, usually located under the gas valve. You need to turn the knob of the pilot and light the flame. 

Continue to hold the button down for a minute and release it slowly while ensuring that the flame is still on. Now turn the gas on and listen for the sound of the main burner ignites. Some heaters will have automatic ignition, while others will need to be lit manually.

Other FAQs Regarding Your Water Heater

  • Is The Pilot Light Always On?
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Yes, the pilot light needs to be always on to ensure that you get a constant supply of hot water. If the pilot flame goes out, the gas will continue to be supplied, causing more significant problems.

  • Can You Light The Water Heater Pilot?

You can do it if you are aware of how these things work. If you are unsure how it works, let the experts handle it.

  • What Does A Thermocouple Do?

The thermocouple ensures that it stops the gas supply when the pilot flame is out to prevent gas leakage.

  • How Could A Thermocouple Malfunction?

The thermocouple can malfunction for many reasons. It could accumulate dust or bend away from the pilot light’s flame. This can result in the thermocouple being unable to sense the pilot flame being off and supplying gas.

  • Why Would The Pilot Light Go Off?

Pilot lights can go out for any of the following reasons. For example:

  • There could be wind or air that could blow it out.
  • Your system’s ventilation is not supplying enough combustible air to keep the light on.
  • There could be a supply issue in the fuel pipe.
  • Should You Turn Off The Pilot Light At Night?

Experts recommend turning off the pilot light only when away from home for a few days. You should not turn off the pilot light at night as you will not get hot water in the morning.

Wondering about the pilot light on a water heater? The above information will surely help. 


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