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8 Inspiring Wall Lighting Designs That May Improve Your Room Decor

Lighting is one of the keys to make a wonderful room decoration. Some people tend to apply modern l…

Lighting is one of the keys to make a wonderful room decoration. Some people tend to apply modern lighting much more than the traditional one. Modern lighting design upgrades the room to appear simple but chic. They can be chandeliers, pendants, lamp or the combination of two or more styles. Here are some inspiring wall lighting designs that may improve your room decor.

Scivolo Wall Lighting

Scivolo Wall Lighting


Get more experience at your own room with these defy gravity lighting. The glass lamps are separated in two locations but appear in great cohesive appearance. Combine with wonderful wallpaper and make the room as your most favorite place.

Triangle Wall Lights

If you want to make your room looks special, install these unique lighting fixture. With geometric shape and luxurious color, the room appears more elegant and chic. Apply for any room as you like and make it brighter.

Cubic Wall Lighting Fixtures In Gold

Give a different touch for your wall with this geometric lighting. Three cubes with polished brass dramatically change you room atmosphere to look modern. Those cubic come to add eye-catching elements to the wall.

Savana Wall Lamp in Gold Leaf

Created in asymmetrical shape, this lighting makes the room appear unique and eye-grabbing. With sheets of metal hammered, the lighting will give you more than just light but also aesthetic value. Moreover, it can be your room focal interest.

Constellation Wall Lighting Fixtures

Whether for wall lighting or fix on the ceiling, these interconnected lights look more than amazing. With modern design, the lights come to brighten your room just in simple steps but give a dreamy room decoration.

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Sculptural Wall Lighting Fixture

With colored glass, this light comes to make you room appear more special. Apply this lighting for your kid’s room, living room, or just in your bedroom. With modern design, the lighting will be fit to small or large room.

Eclipse Wall Lamp

Made from marble and metal, these lamps appear just like lunar eclipse. With these lighting, you can transform your living room to be more romantic and mysterious. There several different size that you can apply to your favorite room.

Well Glass Wall Light

This industrial style wall light gives you a unique feature for your wall. Made from galvanized metal and glass, this light brings your wall into rustic tone. Further, the room looks more interesting with this antique appearance.

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