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9 Vintage Wall Decor Ideas That Improve Your Room

Inserting classic ornaments into your house may bring it into vintage decoration. Let’s talk about mirror, vase, shutter, and other stuffs that actually looks classic. However, you don’t need to be stuck. Having those accent makes you easy to mix and match with your wall to create vintage wall decoration. Take look at nine inspiring ideas below;

Retro Skeleton Key Picture Frame Set

Retro Skeleton Key Picture Frame Set


Skeleton key is easy to be found any store near your house. Take it as one of vintage wall decor will be a smart idea. Hang it on the wall along with rope to be tight with a photo frame. Make a white and black photo to create classic look

Rustic Leaf Wreath

A shutter can be used for putting rustic leaf wreath. Paint with white color to show vintage style. Hang the shutters with leaf wreath on the wall to make a classic part of a room. It seems like you are in prehistorical era.

Colorful Rustic Heart

Rough wood in heart shape with red, turquoise, and yellow give your wall a little of bright. It becomes the vocal point of your wall with eye catching shape and color. Having this ornament for your wall make it looks cute and vintage.

Retro Flower Vase

Try this retro flower vase for old-style decor. With turquoise color, the shutter comes with its own statement. The glass vase with any flower on it brings a touch of natural beauty for traditional house style.

Beautiful China Print Plate Wall Hangings

China plates look pretty to be hanged on the wall. This decoration can be done by anybody to fill their wall with something unique.  Prepare some china plates and use plate hanger with hot glue. Arrange them on the as you like.

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Wooden Wall Hangings with Iron Hooks

Let your farmhouse be more outstanding by applying this wooden wall hanging. You need to have some black iron hooks to hang anything such as coat, hat, or here we try to hang ball jars. Firstly, you need to paint the ball jars with white color to match it with dark wood and black hooks.

Dark Shutter with Victorian Elements

Dark shutter reflects the beauty of classic home style. Adding some Victorian elements give it more unique view along with the grass. The accent of house number also comes to make the house pretty and charming.

Hand Carved Wooden Fan with Fancy Flair

Hand carved wooden fan is not only used at hot weather to get wind. However, this wooden function also can be functioned as vintage wall decoration. With its filigree resemble, this fan looks beautiful on the wall.

Ornate Gold Mirror with Classic Style

Large mirror is a simple ornament that should be owned to create vintage house style. With gold frame, this mirror brings the beauty of classic home decoration into a modern house. Let your wall in white and hang this mirror on the wall as the vocal point.

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