How to Install Wall Mounted Storage

Basically, there are many kinds of storage that you can have. From all of those choices, there is wall-mounted storage that you choose. There are some advantages that you can have with wall-mounted storage and one of them is that you can save space. For you who only have a small home space, of course, that will be a good thing for you. You don’t need to spend the space around your house because the wall is already enough for you. Also, if you can provide the unique design of wall-mounted storage, then you can surely have the extra benefit as you can use it to beautify your home decoration at once even without any additional ornament.

It is amazing how the wall-mounted comes in varied possible designs and types. Let’s say that you can have the storage by using boxes that are hung on the wall. Then, you can also have the pinboard with the additional boxes installment there to store the stuff. You may also have the wooden storage to be installed on the wall with varied shapes such as hexagonal, rectangular, square, and more. There are still so many materials that you can use and varied designs that you can have as you can find in the following images. Check them out!

Dark Wood Shelf from shelterness

Sleek Wall Storage from shelterness

Wooden Shelf from shelterness

White Shelf from shelterness

Attic Shelf from shelterness

Open Shelf Storage from shelterness

Gold Glass Rack from housebeautiful

Kitchen Pegboard Storage from housebeautiful

Wall-Mounted Desk from housebeautiful

Towel Rack from housebeautiful

Wall Basket from @renoguide

Hexagon Shelves from @renoguide

Can Dispenser from @renoguide

Basket Shelving from @renoguide

Framed Secrets from @renoguide

PVC Shoe Rack from @renoguide

Repurposed Shutter Shelf from @renoguide

Pegboard Organizer from @renoguide

Hanging Shelf Organizer from @renoguide

Olatte Shelf from @renoguide

Corner Boxes from @renoguide

Crated Shoes from @renoguide

Wall Pockets Storage from @renoguide

Jewellery Organiser from @renoguide

Canvas Pocket Storage from @renoguide

Wooden and Pipe Shelf from @shelterness

Wooden Pegboard from @shelterness

Wooden Shelf Storage from @shelterness

White Crate Wall from @shelterness

Wire Basket Storage from @shelterness

Wooden Bookshelf from @bobvila

Minimalist Wooden Bookshelf from @bobvila

Wire Storage from @bobvila

DIY Wall Pocket Organizer from @diycraftsy

Wooden Oak Shlef from @diycraftsy

Spice Rack from @diycraftsy

Spice Rack and Hook from @diycraftsy

Round Shelf Storage from @diycraftsy

DIY Minimal Entryway Coat Rack from @diycraftsy

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