60 References for the Proper Shoe Storage

As a home facility, the existence of shoe storage is really important. It is a must for you to store your shoes well so that your home won’t be seen as messy and dirty. Anyway, providing the proper shoe storage can be done by considering some things and one of them is how you can provide the storage with the door. Not only to protect your shoes from the dust but the storage door can also be really functional to give a neat and clean impression for your shoe storage. When the storage is closed, there won’t be any shoes exposed so that everything can be seen as clean and clear.

Anyway, there are some kinds of shoe storage that you can have. This one will be able to create value for your shoe storage because each design gives a certain aesthetic and unique impression. The types are also varied where even the door system can be in so many different kinds. Then, besides from the door, you may also consider the rack. You can choose from the size of your shoes collection so that you can make sure that your shoes can be stored well. There are some unique shoe storage designs that we have here where the designs are varied and really interesting. Check these out!

White Shoes Storage from Homebnc

Ottoman Shoes Storage from Homebnc

Wooden Shoes Storage from Decoist

Low Shoes Storage from Decoist

Patterned Shoes Storage from Decoist

Industrial Shoes Storage from Decoist

Vertical Shoes Storage from Decoist

Glass Shoes Storage from Homebnc

Ivory Wooden Shoes Storage from Deavita

Brown Wooden Shoes Storage from Deavita

White Shoes Storage from Deavita

Pink Shoes Storage from Deavita

White Painted Shoes Storage from Deavita

Beige Shoes Cabinet from Deavita

Cube Shoes Storage from Deavita

Vertical Shoes Storage from Deavita

Under Stair Shoes Storage from Deavita

Minimalist Shoes Storage from Deavita

Mirror Shoes Storage Door from Deavita

Small Shoes Storage from Deavita

Corner Shoes Cabinet from Deavita

Colorful Shoes Storage from Homebnc

Fabric Shoes Storage from Homebnc

Clutter-Free Shoe Storage Bench from Homebnc

Contemporary & Mysterious Shoe Storage from Homedit

White Floor to Ceiling Shoes Cabinet from Decorpad

Hidden Shoe Storage Compartment from Homedit

Modern & Wooden Shoe Cabinet from Homedit

Grey Shoes Storage from Homedit

Shoe Cabinet with Glass Doors from Homedit

Posh Shoe Storage from Homedit

Chalkboard Shoe Cabinet from Homedit

Vintage & Feminine Shoe Cabinet from Homedit

Wooden Shoes Cabinet from Decorhomeideas

Black Bench Shoes Storage from Decorhomeideas

Vintage Cabinet Shoes from Ofdesign

Wooden Shoes Storage from Ofdesign

Low Wooden Shoes Storage from Ofdesign

Round Ottoman Shoes Storage from Harptimes

Farmhouse Cabinet from Cutediyprojects

Patterned Ottoman Shies Storage from Cutediyprojects

White Shoes Cabinet from Trendey

Black and White Shoes Cabinet from Trendey

Glass Shoes Cabinet from Trendey

Rustic Shoes Cabinet from Trendey

White and Blue Shoes Cabinet from Trendey

Glass Shoes Cabinet from Decorpad

Glass Front Shoe Cabinets from Decorpad

White Freestanding Shoe Cabinets from Decorpad

Black Shoes Cabinet from Decorpad

White Shoes Cabinet from Decorpad

Brown Shoes Cabinet from Homestratosphere

Red Ottoman Shoes Storage from Architectureartdesigns

Plaid Ottoman Shoes Storage from Knockoffdecor

Hexagon Ottoman Shoes Storage from Deavita

Shoe Cabinet with Mirrored Doors from Decorpad

Floor to Ceiling Shoes Cabinet from Decorpad

Tall Shoes Cabinet from Renonation

Built-in Shoes Cabinet from Renonation

Shoes Cabinet with Sliding Door from Renonation

Large Shoes Cabinet from farmfoodfamily

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