15 References for Good Console Table Designs

The console table is just a small one that commonly comes in a long rectangular shape. It is used to put some ornament, lighting, or any other utilization. The placement itself could be varied where you can place the console table in your entryway, foyer, or living room. Of course, there are some possible designs that you can have. For example, you can have a simple one with only a table surface provided or you can have the ones with a cabinet or drawer under the table surface. Even when you want the artistic one, it can be possible as you can make the console to beautify your home decoration at once beside from its original function. You’ll be amazed when looking at the following console tables where the designs are really varied and cover many design styles.

High Glossy Cabinet Console Table

Look at the glossy design of this console table cabinet, yes you can have it because it is very multifunctional. Why multifunctional? Because of the design of this furniture, it can also be used as closed storage complete with a lid. The top surface of the console table can be perfected with some modern ornaments and flower arrangements on two glass pots that are quite tall. High gloss material is one of the right choices for modern luxury or contemporary home decorations. Painting is a finishing touch that has high artistic value, you can hang it on the wall area right near the console table. Glossy Cabinet Console Table from luxury_pad_living

Modern Textured Console Table

An easy way to add texture to a room in your home is to use furniture with an elegant 3D pattern. Now you can apply it to the console table which is dominated by clean white paint. The 3D pattern used is a leaf pattern that can be completed with shiny gold legs. A large table lamp is an additional room lighting that you can use, try to choose it with white lighting so that it is brighter throughout the day. Usually, the design of this console table is used in a room with a contemporary, modern, or minimalist style. Modern Textured Leaf Console Table from designingyourhome

Architecture Glossy Gold Console Table

Decorating an entryway or hallway can look a little awkward when empty, especially when you have a house with more open space. The console table design, which is dominated by natural wood, adds a touch of a more casual DIY room. No need to repaint for a more natural look. Just finish the console table design with white flower arrangements and wire root accents that are attached to the white part of the shiplap wall so it doesn’t look more monotonous and boring. Glossy Gold Console Table Design from sideboardsandbuffets_

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Nature Wood DIY Console Table

The entryway is a good place to put the console table because it will be an extra place for additional storage and put some room ornaments. You can choose a modern console table design with a gold color that has a unique leg pattern and is certainly very artistic. A vase filled with this flower arrangement adds a natural theme to the room instantly. Consider adding wall scones lamps as the main lighting that stays stylish during the day or night, you can try it now. Nature Wood DIY Console Table from wood.magazine

Old Reclaimed Wood Console Table

A simple console table design combines antiques with warm and vintage charm. The reclaimed wood backdrop used adds an element of farmhouse chic, while a flower arrangement applied to this shabby chic planter pot brings freshness and life to the look. The materials used are also cheaper and suitable for simple room decorations. The built-in pull-out drawer is a storage idea that you can use to put small items that are easy to lose. With this, the design of the console table will attract more attention. Reclaimed Wood Console Table from peacocklifebyshabnamgupta

Transparent Glass Console Table

Throw in some embellishments, warm lighting, and peaceful neutral colors, with this the console table display will leave guests who see it in awe. Transparent glass is a choice of material that you can use in the console table design. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add two ottomans that can be placed right under the console table as a sitting area that can be used according to your needs. The console table material used is suitable for decorating a room that has limited space, you can also hang a round mirror large enough for light reflection that makes the room feel wider and brighter. Transparent Glass Console Table from theinteriorsco

DIY Wooden Console Table with Statement Painting

If you are looking for a console table decoration idea that fits your room, then this elegant and sleek design is for you. The wood material on the console table which is placed lengthwise may look more statement when combined with an abstract-themed canvas painting that has a very large size so that it fills the walls in this room. To add to the appearance of an environmentally friendly room, you don’t need to repaint the DIY console table that is currently in use. A tropical plant that is placed right next to the console table is an additional natural decoration that you can get in the backyard garden without having to buy it. Wooden Console Table with Statement Painting from kjdesigncollective

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Modern Farmhouse Console Table

The simplicity of this farmhouse console table design becomes a container or area to display some room decorations such as green plants, wicker baskets, painting frames, and flower arrangements that are applied to a transparent glass vase that has been filled with clean water as a planting medium. For a more modern look, you can repaint this console table with a selection of white paint so that it is in harmony with the farmhouse theme that is currently being used. Just apply it to the corner of the room when you have limited space. White Modern Farmhouse Console Table from inside_thechiltons

Metal Gold Console Table

To add color to the room, use furniture with quite different colors. For example, you can use a console table design with gold metal legs that will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. In addition, the pattern of the legs of this console table also has a unique appearance and is able to provide a more unique and different texture to the room. Just finish the gold metal console table design with colorful flower arrangements applied to a round vase with a shiny surface that has the same color as the console table used. Gold Metal Console Table from lusciousbtq

Modern Style Console Table

Adjust the use of the console table with the theme of your home room. When the entryway decoration applies a modern style, you can also use a console table design with a modern theme as well. Just choose and use this furniture with iron or stainless steel that has been repainted in gray. This neutral gray color is taken from the use of wall molding that looks so luxurious. Hanging mirrors with irregular shapes and several hanging pendant lamps are an interior decorative blend that you can apply simultaneously in the same room. Modern Style Console Table from book_of_interio

Unique Shaped Luxury Console Table

Perfect your home decor by placing a gold console table setting that has a unique and different shape. The design of this console table looks very modern, luxurious, and sturdy because it is made of a material that has a hard surface. No need to worry that this furniture is easily porous when used for a long period of time because the materials used minimize mold and dampness. The reflection of sunlight that enters through the window or the reflection of the light beam makes the outer surface of the console table look more shiny. Luxury Gold Console Table Design from shopooly

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Black Matte Iron Console Table

The entryway decoration certainly requires furniture to complete its overall appearance. Usually, the console table is one of the pieces of furniture that must be owned in this room, if there is no console table in this room it feels incomplete. You can choose it with a black matte iron console table material which has a harder material and looks modern. Throw in a vase filled with greenery and some shiny ceramic vases. This round mirror that is hung right above the console table is a perfect accessory that is usually used by you or the guests who come to your house to check its appearance. Black Matte Iron Console Table from socal_to_nashvilletn

Vintage Look Spindle Leg Design

If you’re a fan of the simple vibes characterized by farmhouses, vintage table lamps, and oversized paintings, then this stunning console table design is perfect for your home. These natural wood spindle legs provide an instant vintage and shabby chic theme. Collect some antique ceramic ottomans to create a more perfect look, you can put them right under the wooden console table that is used today. Finish the look of this console table with a canvas painting with a large wooden frame so that it can be used as a statement room. Spindle Legs Console Table from wrapped_in_lace

Console Table with Pointed Wooden Leg

Of all the console table decorating ideas, the simplicity of this one opens up many possibilities. With a chic, clean, and classic teak design, you are free to add any color or aesthetic element. Consider using pointy feet as a unique display that you can display to make a statement for the room. The glass material on the upper surface is a blend of the right materials and of course, has a lighter material. The existence of this console table design accentuates a creative and modern look. Unique Pointed Wood Leg from decoridea.home

Industrial Style Console Table

When you want to instantly present an industrial theme in your home, consider using a console table made of iron with plank wood. There is no need to repaint these wood materials, let them still look natural and environmentally friendly. Red candles, greenery, and a table lamp will fill this console table top with a neat arrangement. Besides being able to be used as a decorative item, a series of red candles are also additional lighting for the room that seems warm. Add a mirror that is installed right above this console table as an area to check your appearance before leaving the house. Industrial Style Console Table from decoridea.home


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