53 Simple and Creative Ornaments to Give Statement for Modern Home Decoration

Giving statement for home design is not an easy task for some people. For those who don’t have any art sense, it will be difficult to design something even to choose their home color scheme. So that choosing home statement can be troublesome for them. In fact, adding statement can be something important for your home design because it can bring out certain first impression for your guests since it will be the most stands out part of your home. So that no matter how difficult it is, better for you to give effort for your home statement. Basically there are some different ways to bring statement into your home, you can correspond it with your budget and difficulties level. Besides, to make it in harmony with your home style is also needed so that won’t look odd and weird.

Now let us talk about on how to bring statement into your home in the simplest and creative way. For the most stands out look, you can do it by giving certain ornaments into your home. You don’t have to apply it into a massive way because it will look too crowded. Since statement is only in small portion of your home, you just need to do it on one part of your room or, in the corner of the room so that you can give a pretty touch for your empty corner at the same time. For the design choices, just apply something that really fit your style and your needs. Don’t forget that since it is going to be applied into your modern home style, better for you to add something in modern look. You are allowed to bring futuristic or industrial ornaments but make sure that you don’t bring some styles that are too different with the modern one. The gallery below will serve you with some inspiration and ideas for modern home statement ornaments. Enjoy!

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