How to Install Floating Shelves for Your Kitchen

Besides the cabinet, providing the floating shelves in your kitchen can give a certain interesting impression. When the cabinet is commonly used to store something that should be protected because it is closed with the door there, then the floating shelves can be used to store something that you want to display. Or, you may also use it to store the kitchen stuff or needs that you want to take fast and easily so that it should be displayed without any door. For example, you may use the floating shelves to put your spices. Then, to beautify your kitchen, you can even use the floating shelves to put some ornament or greenery that will be really effective to create a good ambiance so that spending your time in your kitchen will be more fun. For the kinds and the ways, you can install the floating shelves in your kitchen, check the following images that are provided with the explanations.

Floating Brass and Glass Shelves

Do you need storage in the kitchen area? If so, then just install and use floating shelves according to the design you want. Currently, you can try it with the use of materials that have a modern theme, brass with transparent glass is the best combination that you can use. The glass material used can be chosen with a material that is thick enough so that it is not easily broken when used for a long period of time, the two materials used will work well together for open storage ideas in your kitchen. Modern Brass and Glass Kitchen Shelves from @kiradaviddesign

Wood Beams Shelves on Subway Tile Wall

If you have a wall area that is not being fully used, then just use it as an open storage idea that will help organize some of the kitchen utensils you have. In this way, the wall area will function better. This subway tile wall, perfected by the installation of wooden beams and floating shelves, brings a rustic vibe to your modern kitchen decor. No need to repaint for a natural look and don’t have to spend a lot of money. Bring a natural feel to this kitchen area by placing just a small green plant. Rustic Wood Beams Shelves from @wesley_bullard

Single Rectangle Kitchen Shelves

Match the floating shelves design to your kitchen decor. When you have a modern minimalist kitchen decor, eating single shelves with a size that is long enough is an idea that you can try to attach to the empty backsplash. The existence of these rectangular single shelves can display several room decorations such as indoor plant vases that have different shapes and sizes. In addition, this storage is also has a fairly affordable price because it uses natural materials, namely teak wood with a transparent paint finish so that it looks shinier when exposed to the light around it. DIY Single Rectangle Kitchen Shelves from @nakedkitchens

Metal Floating Shelves Design

In order not to make repeated repairs or renovations in kitchen decorations, pay attention to the use of materials and the quality of the interior. Start with small things like open shelves which are made of metal so that they have a harder surface and are not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Gold metal material gives additional color to your kitchen space instantly, you can install these floating shelves on two white walls with matching sizes, shapes, and materials. Try to install and hang it at the same height to make it look neater and symmetrical, try this shelf design in a modern or minimalist style kitchen decor. Gold Metal Floating Shelves from @ironabode

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Seamless Glass Kitchen Shelves

No need to worry when you have a kitchen decor with limited space because now you can use the wall area as an open storage idea. Corner floating shelves with transparent glass material are designs or ideas that you can apply in a monochromatic style kitchen that is dominated by a combination of black and white. Use two to three floating shelves in a vertical arrangement so they don’t take up much of your wall space either, they will work well together to store the few bowls and plates you have. Its sleek appearance makes this kitchen still look elegant and not tacky. Seamsless Glass Kitchen Shelves from @ashleighclarkidg

Wood Shelving for a Rustic Look

Floating shelves in modern farmhouse-style kitchens are often made of reclaimed wood which looks great in most rooms of your home, no need to repaint for a natural look. These wooden shelves have an added rustic touch with metal brackets supporting each shelf. This metal bracket becomes sturdy open storage for applying several kitchen utensils such as bowls and storage jars. You can apply it to the empty subway tile wall. Reclaimed Wood Shelves from @shinteriors

Color Alignment of Floating Shelf with Kitchen Cabinet

It’s a good idea to align the paint from the floating shelves with one of the kitchen interiors that are used. For example, when your kitchen cabinet has a gray color, for this floating shelves design you can use a matching color. The use of gray tones will also never fail because it is one of the favorite colors that seems neutral and is easier to combine with other interiors around it. You can use floating shelves in the kitchen area to place decorative items such as small indoor green plants and classic-style decorative plates. Gray Floating Shelves and Kitchen Cabinet from @graniteridgehomes

Corner Wood Kitchen Shelves

No need to use too many open shelves to occupy a part of the wall in your kitchen decor. This would be a storage idea you can try to make a significant impact on the space. This open-shelf idea is perfect for those of you who want an effective storage display that’s easier when cleaning and organizing. Install an even number of floating shelves such as six so that they can be divided into three wall areas to the right and three to the left, so they will look more symmetrical and ready to be used as an area to display the decoration of this kitchen room. Corner Wood Kitchen Shelves from @aboutlovehome

Floating Tiered Shelves Design

An easy way to bring an industrial theme to your kitchen decor is to use a floating shelf made of wood with black iron. You can design it with two vertical arrangements and it is ready to be applied to the wall just above the kitchen sink in use. Its slim and small appearance can be used to beautify the room by perfecting it with a small green plant pot and can also be used as a coffee cup storage. Due to its small size, the floating shelves design is ready to be moved to any kitchen area according to the needs of the room. Industrial Tiered Floating Shelves from @wallniture

Statement Floating Rack

Besides being able to be used as a storage area, floating shelves that are applied right in the hexagon backsplash tile area are also a statement design for your kitchen decor. Just use hexagon tiles with slightly flashy colors, green being the right color choice to look more contrasting than other interiors that are dominated by white shades. In addition, you can also put all the cutlery here in a neat arrangement. Just adjust the storage with the same function, size and color so that it can be stacked vertically and this floating shelves area can store a large number of cutlery. Statement Floating Rack from @dancinggrains

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Transparent Glass Open Shelves

Make your modern all-white kitchen look more spacious with the right use of interiors. Use transparent glass material to serve as an open shelf on your all-white kitchen wall so you can create items or kitchen utensils that are placed on the top surface like floating. This will impress everyone in the kitchen and attract attention, so the existence of these glass floating shelves can also be used as a new focal point in your kitchen. Just get these floating shelves at the nearest home supply store at affordable prices. Transparant Glass Floating Shelves from @clarkandcohomes

Establish Symmetry

You can easily do a symmetrical and harmonious look, one of which is by installing open shelves on the right and left walls between the kitchen chimney. Use open shelves made of wood, because the wood will add a warm impression and also add artistic value to your kitchen. Install these open shelves with the same number and shape, so your kitchen walls will not look empty and can function properly. The use of marble walls gives a modern and minimalist impression of your kitchen decor. Symmetry Open Shelving from @a.j.draven

Sleek Shelves with Iron Bracket

The selection of materials to be used as shelves in your kitchen is very important, use wood with a glossy paint finish to create a luxurious and clean impression. If you choose a thin thickness, it would be nice if you strengthen your shelf by using iron brackets. Use an iron bracket with a distance that is not too far away so that you get maximum strength, so you can store items with a fairly heavy weight on the rack. Install it in a row with the same length so you can store more stuff on it. Sleek Shelves with Iron Bracket from @buildingbluebird

Light Wood Kitchen Shelves Design

If you have leftover wooden blocks of thick and long sizes, you should use them as a floating shelf in your kitchen. This DIY wooden block floating shelf is so easy to make that you can do it yourself without the need for a professional. The wooden block floating shelf is also guaranteed for its strength because it has a thick size and choice of wood, its smooth and hard surface makes it not easy to porous even if it is used for a long period of time. Match the color of your DIY floating shelves with your kitchen decor, use lighter colors to keep your kitchen looking bright all day long. DIY Light Wood Kitchen Shelves from @mrsashleymyers

Modern Floating Shelves Ideas

The existence of floating shelves in your kitchen decoration will function well to display some decorative items that are used as room decorations. Decorative items that you can use are some potted green plants that can be found in the backyard garden. Before you use these kitchen shelves, do a repaint with white to have color harmony with the use of backsplash tiles and kitchen cabinets made of wood. These wall scones that hang right above the floating shelves are a focal lighting idea that you can use with more than one. Modern White Floating Shelves from @timbertrailshomes

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Built-in Floating Shelves

Choose and use a floating cabinet complete with floating shelves so that you can store it outside or inside the cabinet according to your needs. Take advantage of the existence of these open floating shelves for an area to put green plants, books, and some neatly arranged tableware. The white paint that dominates this kitchen is perfect for those of you who have limited room decorations. That way the room will look more spacious, open, and bright. The idea of ​​floating shelves also does not interfere with your space because it is neatly and elegantly installed in the corner of the wall area. A shutter window is an additional entry of sunlight into the room freely. Built-in White Floating Shelves from @hamptonparkhome_

Vertical Kitchen Floating Shelves

You can also combine open shelves with glass cabinets in the corner of your kitchen. A high glass cabinet in the corner of the kitchen will be more harmonious if it is combined with open wooden shelves that are installed vertically. These vertical shelves will fill the empty walls in your kitchen. In addition, its existence can also make the appearance more leverage, you can fill it with some unique collections of decorations. That way the open shelves in your kitchen will be the center of attention for everyone who is there. Use wood that you have laminated with transparent paint so that the original wood fibers will be more visible and will add to the beauty of your kitchen. Vertical Kitchen Floating Shelves from @astrostudio.ottawa

Keep Floating Shelves Tidy

Keep your floating shelves tidy after use. This is done so that your kitchen decor looks neater and avoids discomfort. Two floating shelves that are applied in the corner of this room will make it easier for you to store or retrieve anything that is placed in this area easily. In addition, this storage also makes it easier for you to carry out routine maintenance every day. Just put the kitchen utensils neatly and don’t put too many things here, you can adjust the volume of the large and small floating shelves. Neat Look Floating Shelves from @shelfology

Unique Shaped Floating Shelves

This empty wall space with an arched shape is a smart area for you to apply several floating shelves as an open storage idea that can be utilized as much as possible. Just adjust the length of these floating shelves with the built-in arches that are used so that they fit together perfectly. The wood material is always the best choice that will never fail. Finish off some of these floating kitchen shelves with a fairly large vase of greenery. Kitchen cabinets repainted in blue give an instant modern vibe. DIY Arched Kitchen Shelves from @peltierhome

Floating Shelves with Patterned Tile

Remember, open shelving is not limited to farmhouse style. There are many ways to design shelves to suit your specific aesthetic. For a more modern look, consider using patterned tiles in this floating shelves area. In addition, you can also paint the floating wooden shelves transparent for a glossy finish and of course have a smoother surface. These three stacks of shelves have two different sizes. You can apply the longest shelf in the top area, this way the final look you get will be neater. Floating Wood Shelves with Patterned Tile from @airy_kitchens


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