8 Unique DIY Lamp Ideas To Light up Your Home

The home improvement project that based on DIY is becoming very popular around the globe. So, if you are on a mission to brighten up your spaces with some very odd and interesting looking light lamps that here are 8 unique DIY lamp ideas to light up your home that are all unbeatable in both beauty and creativity and would make a great statement light piece for every interior. These DIY lamp ideas are only for those who love to think creatively when various objects lying around begging for recycling. You definitely find these light lamp ideas amazing as there are several different hacks involved that help to create beautiful light systems without getting expensive. Enjoy.

1. Bottle Lamp


This DIY project is a mind-blowing glass bottle hack. Do not get rid of your empty glass bottle, make use of it to make this adorable looking lamp.

2. Driftwood Floor Lamp


Bring some unique and rustic fashion statements to your modern interior with this driftwood floor lamp. The driftwood floor lamp that is quick to build and is also super cost-efficient but it would be an all center of attention there in your modern environments. The good news is that this rustic driftwood floor lamp can stand alone on any flat surface giving the space an amazing fashion statement.

3. Stacked Books Table Lamp


In this project, the lamp bulb comes popped up at the top of stacked books and has been covered with a metal lampshade that is of a cage style and the installation of this lamp is all about to put the wires through the stacked books.

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4. Vintage Map Lamp


Grab your ordinary lampshade and prepare a template first for it using the craft paper which can then be placed on the map papers to trace out the map cover for the lampshade. Secure your finally finished map template onto the lampshade using mod podge and just fit the complete lampshade on your favorite interior lamp.

5. Spectacular Stump Floor Lamp


All you need is a wooden stump which can be make empty from the inside leaving behind a rustic wooden tube-like shape. Next you can simply put a light bulb inside and can install the power supply cables to ignite the light bulb.

6. Painted Bottle Lamp Up-cycle


Recycle your glass bottle, paint them and add the painted bottle with a suitable light bulb and cover it up with a good looking lampshade.

7. DIY Lantern Lamp


Do some modifications in your lanterns to make it as a light lamp. Just like in the picture above, a rustic metallic lantern has been added with a light bulb inside that fits in a light socket beautifully fitted inside the lantern.

8. Floor Lamp with Logs


If you are looking for some precious rustic light decors to add to your modern interiors, this one is the best for you. Clone this spectacular floor lamp with the logs. Take a wood log into slices and drill a hole in the center of each slice to get them all onto a clear polycarbonate tube and after you install the wood log slices onto the tube, just secure them in place using glue and next you can simply fill up the tube with LED light strip rope making an ever beautiful floor lamp.


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