20 Table Makeover Ideas to Upgrade Your Table

If you want to update your furniture, you don’t need a new furniture. You can just make a simple update to it to give them a new look and also refresh your space. Makeover table, for example. If you concerned only to update the old tables then you can do amazing table makeovers at home to get your tables again looking brand new and matching to a particular interior decor style. There is various outstanding table makeover achievement on the internet and here are 20 table makeover ideas to upgrade your tables below to inspire you.

1. DIY Cerused Oak Dining Table

This oak dining table which has metal legs looks more sturdy and charming. This is a simple idea that you can try because it provides a beautiful table decoration for me Rectangle Wooden Oak Dining Table from @laurabyrneshome

This triangular oak dining table is the perfect centerpiece and gives off a natural look. You can make this table idea yourself to increase your creativity and will interfere with budgets. Triangle Wooden Oak Dining Table from @robpluhowski

Decorating the dining table with oak wood will give you a unique look to try. You can try this idea because it has a beautiful and more stylish home appearance. Ovals Oak Dining Table from @afterfivedesigns

2. Easy DIY Dining Table Makeover

This make over dining table has two colors. Choosing white for the legs and countertops in this dark wood color will enhance this room decoration. White and Dark Wood Dining Tabe from @osborneathome

Leave the solid wood color on this dining table counter. Combined with white table legs, this makes the perfect table contrast. White leg Paint from @refurbishedgems

Repainting the countertop table in white will give an elegant look to this dining table design. Installing pieces of wood on the legs of this dining table will produce a perfect and charming home decoration. White Paint Countertop from @diydalia_

The appearance of the dining table has been changed from natural wood to a dual tone appearance which will give an attractive table appearance. Leave your countertops with natural wood finishes to give your home an interesting look to try. White Paint Dining Table from @shanty2chic

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3. DIY Table Stained And Stenciled Makeover

In this image, a rustic wood table has been stenciled for a custom monogram, name lettering, and quote creating a very personal tabletop look. Another amazing desk makeover idea that all home lovers can try. Clear Wood Dining Table from @sammaloofwoodworker

4. Paint A Dining Room Table

This all white dining table is a simple makeover project you can try this weekend. This is a simple idea that you can try to complete the look of this room. All White Dining Table from @ericamuellerhome

Redecorating the dining table using the colors you like will make the room decoration beautiful. The choice of black paint can give a masculine and more stylish appearance. Black Paint from @newleafupcycled

The pink color on this dining table design looks beautiful and adorable. This is a simple idea that you can try to complete this dining room decoration. Pink Dining Table from @sparklesonashoestring

Just paint your dining table with color that you like and suitable with overall theme and your old dining table now is shine bright like the new one. White Washed Paint Dining Table from @positivelypearson

5. DIY Lack Hack Coffee Table Makeover

This DIY Lack Coffee Table has a bright color that will make your room decoration more striking. Having a curved shape has a different appearance. DIY Lack Coffee Table from @bohdan_andreas_art

6. Easy DIY Penny Topped Ikea Lack Coffee Table

Sticking a penny on the counter of this house is a simple project you can try now. This simple design will produce an elegant and stylish home decoration.Penny Topped Coffee Table from @dainty_doris

To make this unique table, the owner used a star pattern penny. This looks attractive and stylish. This unique design gives a stylish home look and creates a charming home decoration. Star Pattern Penny Coffee Table from @yourwreathgirl

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7. DIY Campaign Style Side Tables

This side table navy with campaign style has a beautiful and more stylish room decoration. Having this brass touch will look elegant and make a charming design. Navy Campaign Side Table from @nestofdelray

Vintage is attached to a campaign side table in this room. This sleek and slim design will complete the look and make your room look more minimalist. Vintage Campaign Side Table from @arborandtroy_

This cute and eye-catching side table has a sleek, minimalist design. The touch of brass in this corner table will give it an elegant design that catches the eye. Blue Vinatge Side Table from @authentically_designed_

Give your table a brass corners by tapping them into the very outside corners of the tables. This project is so easy and very inexpensive but give your table a new, elegant look. Campaign Style Side Tables from @_the_domestic

8. DIY Table Using Tape

Just give your table a new look using patterned masking tape and your table will be prettier than ever. Choosing these colors will look attractive and steal the eye. Colorful Tape Table from @kenyasisland


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