10 DIY Drying Rack Design Ideas That you Can Copy Right Now

When it comes to the laundry room design, it can’t be separated from the drying area and surely it needs a drying rack. It is a mutually needed unit in the laundry room. After you are washing your clothes, surely you need a space to dry your clothes. And install a drying rack is very important that must be done. There are many kinds of drying rack available in the store, in many types and materials. But if you want to save your budget, you can make by own yourself with the DIY project. You will get some benefits if you can make your own drying rack. Besides can save the budget, you can also adjust the design, shape, and size to your needs.

You can start to choose the material that will use. It comes from metal, wood, and even you can repurpose your old ladder for the drying rack idea. To save space and more practical, you can apply a foldable drying rack. It can be folded easily when you want to use it or when you are done using it. You can install it at the corner, near the washing machine or behind the door. And for the repurposed item, hang your old ladders on the ceiling with ropes or chain. To make them look new, you can paint them in your favorite color.

The drying rack design is easy to install for your home. The shape is simple and strong using stainless materials. It is a wrong idea for you to use.
Using iron wire arranged like nets can be a drying rack that provides maximum use. Besides utilizing a small space in the corner of the room is an interesting concept.
The design of a drying rack that you can fold made from wood combination of small pipes brings an interesting idea. This unique shape as well as plenty of dining space.
Installing a drying rack behind the door is a creative idea. DIY wooden drying rack is very easy to give a special impression.
The floating drying rack will work optimally. DIY floating wooden shelves that can be folded can accommodate many of your clothes. Besides that, the design is friendly and more practical.
Utilizing an old ladder turned into a floating shelf is an interesting idea. This DIY drying rack will work well for your clothes. Because clothes will be easier to dry and will be better through a smooth touch of air.
DIY drying rack which can be folded as desired and the material used is wood. Bring one of the concepts that are more friendly and easier to maintain.

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Wood is a good material and easy for you to use. One of them you can use wood as a drying rack. Drying racks can be folded and have a double function giving more traction.
To make it more simple and practical to use. Choosing a stainless steel drying rack is one smart idea. Because drying racks using stainless get the impression of leaner and less complicated.
You can use it according to your needs. In addition, this DIY drying rack can be folded and have more space.

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The DIY laundry drying rack is one of the things you should consider to make. Even though there are plenty of solutions to make it, it isn’t hard to make and you can design it to match your interior. The important thing is the DIY drying rack can be efficient and as practical as you can when washing and hanging clothes. It’s why choosing the proper and right type of laundry rack is mandatory.

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For those reasons, a drying rack is an important item that everyone should have. By following those ideas above, hopefully, it can help you to give some references to the DIY drying rack and you make it by yourself. Let’s try in your home and get a pleasant thing in your washing time.


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