57 Affordable Garden Redesign Ideas to Welcome The Delight of Summer

The heat of summer makes everyone need something fresh. They will need fresh air and a fresh atmosphere at home. Actually, all can be achieved easily. The way is to redesign your garden. Garden is a small thing that sometimes not noticed, even though the garden has a very important function in one’s life. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with designing your garden to be an affordable garden.

Redesigning a garden can be done if you have the intention and enthusiasm. In redesigning the garden, first, you must determine the design. Make a design that fits the area of ​​your garden. Because summer means the weather will be hot, then you have to choose plants and flowers that are resistant to hot weather. You can plant some plants and flowers directly on the ground or you can also plant them in pots. The advantages of plants planted in the pot are that they can be removed. So, if you are bored with placing pots in that place, you can immediately move it to a new place. After that, you can put the stone element into your garden. Stones can be used anywhere. You can arrange river stones as a marker line from your garden. Not only that, but you can also make a walkway into your house with large stone slabs. Aesthetic elements will come out of a combination of stone and fresh plants. Furthermore, the presence of chairs or sofas in the garden will make the garden prettier. With this sofa, you can sit there to enjoy the fresh drinks and the fresh garden that you make, it will make summer not felt. Even though you have chosen plants and flowers that are heat resistant, you also have to water your plants once a day so that the plants remain fertile and fresh. Like some pictures below, these images are garden designs that you can apply to your garden. Good luck!

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