20 Easy Boho Touch for Your Summer Home Decoration

Decorating a house is something that must be done by everyone. With attractive decorations, everyone who lives in the house will not feel bored and don’t want to go out of the house. For those of you who want to decorate your house, you can start by decorating the living room, family room, dining room, and bedroom.

In decorating parts of the house, first, you have to prepare the concept that you want to apply there. Because it coincides with summer, we recommend choosing the boho concept. Boho or bohemian concept is a concept that reflects freedom and simplicity with a modern and colorful look. Even so, but this style is full of aesthetic elements and far from being expensive. Because this concept is colorful, then to decorate a room into a boho style is an easy thing to do. You only need to collect items or interiors with bright colors like the atmosphere in this summer. You need to know that fabric is an important element in this concept. You can apply this fabric to pillows, curtains, carpets and wall decorations. Choose colorful fabrics and have motifs and don’t forget to combine them with ethnic and natural elements that you can find around you. You can find ethnic elements in unique knick-knacks such as statues or paintings. And for natural elements, you can put plants in pots to become decorations in the room. But don’t forget to always water it to keep it green and fertile. For a boho style to more appear again, you can choose antique or old furniture, but of course it still works. Place the furniture so that it can be seen, make everyone feel amazed. With a mix of free, simple, natural and colorful, a room will become more attractive and will not be boring. So, below we present some pictures of the Boho concept for Summer Home Decoration that you can choose.

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Boho Things To Be Brought for Your Living Room

All Out Eclectic Boho Living Room With Eclectic, Boho Flair Like Shaggy Pillows, Leather Poofs, And Moroccan Inspired Accents
An Amazing Boho Living Room With Colorful Striped Sofa, White Walls, A Floor Lamp, A Wooden Table Beside the Sofa And A Brown Rug
An Industrial Loft Boho Living Room With Houseplants, Brick Walls, A White Sofa And A Round Table To Complete This Summer
Brooklyn Bohemian Living Room With House Plants, White Walls, Round Wooden Table, Light Grey Sofa, A Patterned Rug And Wooden Floor
Simple Boho Living Room For Summer With House Plants, White Walls, Dark Grey Sofa And A Wooden Cabinet
The Neutral Bohemian Living Room With House Plants, White Walls, White Curtains, A Rattan Swing, A Rattan Chandelier, Patterned Carpets And Wooden Floor

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Boho Ornaments for Bedroom

a beautiful Bohemian ornaments bedroom with macrame, houseplants, ancient themed paintings, a hanging lamp to complete your summer style
An amazing Bohemian ornaments bedroom with hanging lamps, ancient painting gallery, a unique table lamp to bring a very boho impression for your bedroom
Bohemian ornaments style for summer bedroom with string lights, a houseplant, star decoration and boho-style hammock
Boho ornaments style bedroom for summer that consist of unique hanging lamps, unique table lamps, a patterned bed cover
Simple Bohemian ornaments bedroom with string lamps to beautify leaf tapestry wall
Boho ornaments bedroom with an elephant decoration on the wall to make a boho theme in your bedroom

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Cozy Boho Bathroom Ideas

The colorful Mediterranean floor tiles to complete your bohemian bathroom style in this summer
The indigo blue walls in combination with a colorful ethnic art print tiles create a lovely and vibrant ambience in this beautiful bohemian bathroom
The style of this bathroom is extremely bold and colorful. The ethnic patterns the colors, the fabrics, everything about this bohemian bathroom is lively and ecstatic.
The minimalist setting of this bohemian bathroom is replenished with the rich colored walls and dark wood floor and a blue clawfoot paint bathtub.
This bohemian bathroom is reflecting sharp, bold and vibrant ambiance due to the amazing arrangement of dynamic colors, distinctive patterns, and vintage elements

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Rug Ideas To Strengthen Boho Style Impression

Bohemian rug living Room with dark grey color and striped white pattern to perfect your boho style

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Bohemian rug living Room with elegant pattern to complete your boho style

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The Bohemian Rug with tribal art patterns and a blend of natural fiber and wool yarns to add your boho living room

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