21 Easy Ways to Combine Certain Home Styles to Achieve the Desired One

Decorating a room in a house is fun. With good decoration, it will create a stunning display of a room, so you will feel satisfied, comfortable and proud of what you have done. You can decorate almost all parts of the house, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. In decorating the room, the most important thing is to determine the theme to be applied to the room. Choose a theme that suits you personally and your desires. Actually, all the themes will look good, but the most important thing is the comfort of all members at home.

There are many themes that you can choose as the theme of decorating your home. The farmhouse concept, rustic and boho style are concepts that you can try. These three themes are simple, natural, warm but still luxurious. The farmhouse is a decoration that applies a rural atmosphere that is calm, comfortable and blends with nature. The design of the farmhouse usually uses warm colors. Next is rustic, this theme is actually similar to a farmhouse, but rustic is more identical to natural wood and stone elements without finishing. And then for Boho style, this theme is suitable for you who have a free soul and like colorful themes. and this is a cheap concept because you can use items that are around you. The element that is very attached to this theme is fabric, of course, the fabric is colorful and has a certain motif. These motifs are usually ethnic motifs that are then used for decoration in the room. These three themes are good themes, but you should be able to combine with other themes such as modern, classic, or minimalist themes to create a stunning home space decoration. Below we have provided several images of combine certain home styles to achieve the desired style that can inspire you. Let’s see it!

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Warm yet trendy Farmhouse-Modern home styles

a simple farmhouse laundry room with a long wooden hanging rack to put some rattan basket and gallery, wire basket to store towels, and hangers for clothes
a simple farmhouse dining room with a wooden furniture, wooden hanging lamp, wreath decoration that hung on wooden board and wooden floor
a unique farmhouse kitchen deco ideas with pendant lights that look a jars on the wooden ceiling, white storage cabinets, a black kitchen island, and wooden pallet floor
an incridibel farmhouse living room decor ideas with white wooden pallet walls, a plush couch with oversized cushions, wooden cooffe table, a huge painted clock in vintage style, and house plants
This entryway a touch of cottage style with a rustic wooden table to store vases and candles, a big window, and vase on the walls

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a modern farmhouse dining room decor ideas with upholstered furniture with grey colour, a vintage light fixture, a sliding wooden door, and big windows
A modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas with a rustic dinning room, white storage cabinet, big windows and bamboo curtains, a white pendant lamp, and white wooden pallet ceiling

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Cheap but luxurious Rustic-Classic home styles

a luxurious Rustic farmhouse kitchen decor ideas with wooden storage cabinet, wooden kitchen island, a white granite table, industrial chandeliers
a luxurious Rustic Modern Interior design with a modern fireplace, a big Tv on the wooden walls, a luxury beige sofa, vertical rack at the corner to store accessories, and wooden ceiling
an amazing Wooden Rustic Kitchen With a Modern Seats And Cabinets, wooden storage cabinet, big windows, a modern stove, a big grey refrigerator, wooden ceiling
Bright Dining Room In Rustic Modern Style with rustic wooden table, a big wall picture, and Muuto Unfold Pendant Lamp to look luxurious
Cozy Rustic Modern Bedroom Decor with an iron frame bed, wooden drawers, table lamps, and large wallpaper with wood pattern to look luxurious
White Rustic Modern Kitchen With white storage cabinet, a white kitchen island, A Black Backsplash, vertical rack on the walls to store glasses and plates,

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a luxurious rustic living room decor ideas with a wooden vinyl mini bar, large windows to look at good views, wooden vinyl floor, and decorative lighting to create good lighting

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Not excessive but pretty colorful Minimalist-Boho styles

simple modern boho living room decor with white wooden pallet wall, hanging dream catcher, sofa cushions with boho pattern, rattan basket beside on sofa, and white floor lamp
a cozy boho style bedroom ideas with footstools with pattern boho, swing from rattan, and a white small table to store jar

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a creative boho bedroom decor ideas with hanging dream catcher on the walls, pillows with boho pattern, a house plant beside on bed, a wooden drawer
a minimalist boho bedroom decor ideas with a plant at the corner, pillows with boho pattern, a rectangle mirror, and table lamp to create a beauty of your bedroom
cute minimalist boho bedroom with a hanging dream catcher, pillows with pattern boho, a nightstand to store house plant, and Wicker chairs for relaxing
a small bedroom boho style decor ideas with a white valance for bed, white wooden pallet walls, pillows with pattern boho, a rattan nightstand beside on bed, and decorative lighting
cute bohemian style bedroom decor ideas with a rug with pattern boho, pillow and blanket full colour, rattan hanging lamp, and a hat for decoration walls

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