20 Affordable Small Apartment Decoration Ideas to Give You a Cozy Living

Having an apartment for some people is more interesting than having a house. They might think that an apartment has simpler to the most luxurious types that can be chosen based on their budget. But, some apartments have limited and small space. On the other hands, we may have lots of furniture to put inside. This problem makes us think twice on how to set our small apartment and get the impression of larger space. Also, we have to consider the available free space we have, so that we can manage chosen useful furniture we really need.

As we want to have more available space, we have to save the space in order to maximize the minimal space. The first thing to think is simplifying the furniture we have. Use some multi functional furniture, like a tablet stand put in the sofa which has two functions, as a tablet stand and a minimalist table. Then a maxwell shelf combining two functions as a bookshelf and a unique floor lamp. From these two examples, we see that there should be two different furniture we have, a book shelf and a floor lamp. But, by choosing the a multi functional furniture, we totally can save our space. The second thing is considering the wall decor. Though we have to maximize the space, it does not mean we let our apartment empty without wall decoration, we can put some paintings or framed photos on one side of the wall in the living room or dining room as a gallery. This idea is interesting since we can show our collection. The last consideration is about lighting aspect. Why is lighting aspect important? Lighting can make our space looks like bigger if we put a right light trick for our space. The idea of installing a hanging lamps in the kitchen and dining room is not a secret any more. It is believed that this trick has two functions, as a primary lighting and aesthetic lamps. Recessed spotlights on the ceiling is considered to be more effective to save the space. Besides, some house owners also like to install a luxurious chandelier for their living room to give elegant touch in welcoming guests. Well, the followings are some examples of tricky furniture ideas we can try to save space in a small apartment.

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Multi functional Furniture Ideas

A tablet stand on the back of the sofa as they are called as well is one of those simple yet highly functional small living innovations
A surprisingly maxwell shelf floor lamp combines with three shelves to give you a bookshelf and floor lamp all in one
An amazing vegetale coffee table in cramped spaces that using for a coffee table, desk and book shelf
Flapps 2 shelves can be combined with other modules to create a bigger wall shelving system
The cortesi convertible chair bed not only looks chic and comfortable it also folds out into a lounge chair style bed
The Multimo Bellezza Wall Bed Table is a twin size bed and a sturdy and convenient table for study desk with shelving
The Steel Modular Stool with a true double and triple function that can be used as a table and rack
The Westminster Convertible Sofa Bed has a sleek design and the perfect size for a small living room
A Lift Top Coffee Table with book storage on below for neat look in the living room
When not in use as a desk the work surface can be folded rendering Flat Frame only 4,5 cm thick making it a minimally invasive mobile equipment terminal

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Wall Décor for Extra Space Impression

An awesome apartment wall decor for apartment with wall galleries to complete your living room decor

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An Apartment wall decor with simple painting to perfect a men bedroom
An Apartment wall decor with wall galleries combined with soft color to beautify your living room
Best style apartment wall decor with wall galleries to perfect your empty wall
Cool apartment wall decor with flowers painting to add your living room decor

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Appropriate Lighting

A unique hanging lamps on the dining table and on the kitchen island to perfect your apartment
Pendant lighting for small apartment kitchen to create rustic design on your kitchen
Recessed spotlights on the ceiling for small apartment to beautify your living room
Track lighting for small apartment to complete your small living room lighting

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Beautiful a chandelier for living room to complete your apartment lighting

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