21 Best Arrangement for Your Small Kitchen

Sometimes having a small kitchen make you feel not satisfied and bring down your mood to make some food there. Whereas, kitchen is like the heart of our home where healthy food come from that will really influence our health and quality of life. That is why no matter how small your kitchen is, you should do something to juggle it into a welcoming design so that you can be happy to spend your time there. Basically there are some things that you can do to redesign your small kitchen but since the problem is on the space, you should concern on how to make it looks more spacious first. You don’t need to be worried because the growth of the decoration can solve your small space problem without rebuild it and add the space, you just need to do some tricks to make it looks wider.

Now, let us talk about the detail on how to create illusion for your small kitchen so that it could have a wider space illusion. The first one is by giving your room sleek color scheme. It is really useful because the sleek looks can make your room looks bright and not crowded so that it could give your room wider illusion. After that, try to focus on the lighting. Proper lighting can give your small room chances to have a wider impression. Don’t make it in faint, and try to install more than one lighting so that you can get the impression that you want. At last, to make sure that all of your appliance is well packed, take an effort to create functional cabinet. Don’t let any space left in your cabinet and utilize it maximally. Check out the pictures below to give you brighter illustration of it!

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Sleek Color Scheme

An awesome all white kitchen with white granite table, kitchen island and decorative lighting to look a cozy in your room
An elegant white and green kitchen scheme with wooden hanging racks, wooden kitchen cabinet, and sleek kitchen island you must try
An interesting fuchsia light neutral kitchen with white wooden kitchen cabinet, granite tile, and rug to look elegant
Clever storage kitchen with orange color to store kitchen equipment you must try
Red Kitchen color scheme with stainless kitchen island and hooks kitchen equipment you can try
Simple monochromatic kitchen color scheme with dark grey kitchen island and decorative lighting
White and orange color kitchen scheme with kitchen cabinet and kitchen island to make your room more beautiful

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Proper Lighting

Modern proper lighting in cooking areas with LED under hanging racks
LED strip lights underneath the shelves to create good lighting to highlight objects on the shelves you must try for your kitchen
Modern classic pendant for your kitchen to create good lighting
Rustic chandelier in jar you must try for your kitchen
Simple chandelier in kitchen island to create good lighting in your kitchen
Simple stainless chandeliers for your kitchen to create good lighting
Simple white kitchen design with simple decorative lighting you must try

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Functional Cabinets

Creative tiered racks in cabinet to store plates and glasses , and iron rack behind the cabinet door you must try
Round stainless rack in cabinet to store coffee

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Clever white storage to store plastic box for trash can
Creative clever storage with tiered rack in cabinet to store herbs
An inspired clever storage to store kitchen equipment at the corner
Rustic wooden drawers for functional cabinets you must try
Vertical dividers to store kitchen equipment you can try

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